Is Roti Good for Dogs – Is wheat Bad for Dogs?

Is roti Good for Dogs

Is roti good for dogs it’s a debatable question because it depends on the size and the ingredients of roti. So we can’t just answer whether Is roti good for dogs or not. What you feed your dog a wheat roti or some other multigrain roti. Ingredients play a major role and people use to … Read more

Newfoundland Dog Price in India – Diet, Lifespan

Newfoundland Dog Price in India

So here you are searching for the Newfoundland puppy in India. Let me tell you about the Newfoundland dog price in India. But before that, I should tell you a little bit about the Newfoundland dog. The Newfoundland dog is a big size huge dog. It looks like a teddy bear with lots of furs. … Read more

Top 12 Lazy Dog Breeds in India – Laziest Dog Breeds In India

Some dogs are lazy, some are active, and some are very active. So today we are focusing on Top 9 lazy Dog breeds in India. And if we talk about lazy dog breeds in India they sleep a lot and obviously they will snore so you have to get used to your dog snoring habits … Read more

Worst dog names in India – Popular 50 Bad Dog Names

worst dog names in India

So now you got a new family member so first thing first .choosing a name for your dog is exciting and challenging at the same time. And keep avoiding these worst dog names in India. So now become a master of someone cute and beautiful puppy and not the challenging part is choosing the best … Read more

9 Budget-friendly Best Treats for Dogs in India

Best Treats for Dogs in India

Treats for dogs are a way to go snack item. Which your dog can consume anytime and every time. And I will show you 9 Budget-friendly best treats for dogs in India. Treats are a way to go option if you don’t have time to cook or don’t have ready-made food either. So treats can … Read more

Is nuts dangerous for dogs – Can Dogs Eat Nut?

Is nut dangerous for dogs

So just think that you ever meet a pet owner or you ever meet a puppy. Suppose if you meet a cute puppy then what is the first reaction you might approach a puppy by saying something cute or sweet like aww or hey but if you approach a dog so what would you do. … Read more

Is peanuts are safe for dogs? Can Dog Eat Peanuts

Is peanuts are safe for dogs

I.s peanuts are safe for dogs all we know that after a good summer season you heard that winter is coming so peanuts are one of the best friends for winter nights. Everyone loves peanuts except exceptional ones. Few people don’t like peanuts at all. Dogs also love peanuts but Are peanuts are really safe … Read more

11 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in India – Aggressive Dog Breeds

Hello friends.. how are you hope you are fine. So some people say that dog is very dangerous, every dog is Dangerous, or Dogs is not Dangerous at all everyone has their own experiences and thoughts, so now lets me show you the top 11 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in India. By the way, all … Read more