As you know, there are plenty of dog breeds available in India, more than you can count. However, a few breeds are still not allowed in India, also known as the Banned Dog breeds in India.

So Which dog breed is Banned in India? Here I am going to show you the top dog breeds which are not allowed in India, and if anyone is found keeping them Illegally, they will face serious issues.

Although the main reason they are banned is mostly that they are too dangerous and aggressive, I have seen some calmest dog breeds who claimed as the most dangerous breed.

Because the behavior of dogs also depends on how you raised them and their environment. And some people don’t even know, and they used to say that Is dogs banned in India.

And that’s why I am here to tell you the dog breeds banned in India that you shouldn’t have.

But at last, we all have to follow the govt. Rules and regulations if we want to live in the country happily.

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11 Banned Dog Breeds in India

These are the top and most popular Banned Indian dog breeds that you should avoid adopting if you live in India or are not an experienced breeder.

Because I never suggest breeding any of these breeds if you are getting your first puppy.

1. Presa Canario

Banned Dog Breed in India
Banned Dog Breed in India
Presa Canario Detail
Height:22 – 27 Inches
Weight:84 – 110 pounds
Coat and Colour:Brown, fawn
Temperament:Aggressive, Silent
Life Expectancy:9 – 11 Years
Banned dogs in India

He was a big and robust fighting dog in the first place, and they were specially bred for fighting, and their weight was around 100 pounds.

Originated from Spain back in 2001, Presa Canario, where a pair of Presa Canario named “Bane” and “Hera” attacked a 33-year-old to death.

They are naturally aggressive, and they can attack someone at any movement they smell something odd.

2. Bandog

Indian Ban dog
Indian Ban dog
Bandog Detail
Height:63 – 73 Inches
Weight:45 – 63 kg
Coat and Colour:Black, Brindle, Fawn, Red
Temperament:Aggressive, Intelligent
Life Expectancy:9 – 12 Years

Not a well-known dog breed, but gain popularity and is known as the ban dog breed. And they got their name the Bandog in the first place because people describe a dog who is too dangerous and set up in big chains.

They are huge, strong, and fearless, and they can risk their lives to save their owner.

And these days, Bandog, which we see, are not purebred because various breeds are mixed up, including the Pitbull terriers and Mastiffs.

The goal was to create a more muscular dog breed like a Pitbull and, more significant like a Mastiff. And they successfully succeed in this initiative.

And they are Banned in most countries, including India.

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3. American Bulldog

Indian Dog Banned
Indian Dog Banned
American Bulldog Detail
Height:25 – 27 Inches
Weight:75 – 100 Pounds
Coat and Colour:Black, Brindle,
Temperament:Aggressive, fearless
Life Expectancy:10 – 12 Years
Banned dogs India

A popular and very known dog breed worldwide is the American Bulldog. American Bulldog is muscular, strong, heavy, and aesthetic than the English Bulldog.

They are known for their excellent strength and Biteforce. They are very protective, have strong instincts, and don’t fear anything.

And they can do anything to protect their owner if they sense something odd. And early socialization is essential for this dog breed.

To know the difference between a friend and an actual threat.

This dog breed was banned in India for many years, and you should also avoid having this breed.

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4. Neapolitan Mastiff

 Neapolitan Mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiff Detail
Height:26 – 31 Inches
Weight:100 – 150 Pounds
Coat and Colour:Black, Grey
Temperament:Aggressive, Silent
Life Expectancy:9 – 12 Years
Indian Banned dog

Originated from Romania, the Neapolitan Mastiff is one of India’s most recognizable Banned dogs.

They came into recognization in the Roman era. They are huge, strong, fearless, and their weight can be up to 200 pounds.

Firstly they were Banned in Singapore, but then they were started Banned from other Countries, including India.

And suppose you still want to have one. In that case, you have to go to Romania to clear the psychological evaluation test, and then you can have one in India.

But still, they are proved to be potentially dangerous as they grow.

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5. Fila Brasileiro

Big banned dogs
Big banned dogs
Fila BrasileiroDetail
Height:24 – 30 Inches
Weight:90 – 180 Pounds
Coat and Colour:Brown, Reddish Brown
Temperament:Aggressive, Sensitive
Life Expectancy:9 – 12 Years
Banned Indian Dog

Fila Brasileiro is a powerful and athletic dog breed that is very intelligent and fearless.

They are very aggressive, and they can attack someone if they sense a little bit odd.

They are so aggressive that even the dog show judges avoid going near and touching the dog breed.

And even you should keep the distance from the dog if you see this dog breed.

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6. Pitbull

Popular  Banned  dog in India
Popular Banned dog in India
Height:45 – 53 Inches
Weight:40 – 61 kg
Coat and Colour:Black, Brindle, brown
Temperament:Aggressive, Intelligent
Life Expectancy:8 – 15 Years
Is Pitbull banned in India

Before telling more about the Pitbull, firstly, I want to clarify that there are many types of Pitbull available, and one of the Pitbull is Banned in most countries.

And as I said before, a dog’s behavior mainly depends on their environment and how you raised them.

And a recent study shows that 40% to 45% of the attacks done by Pitbulls on Humans, out of which 70% of the target were kids.

Whether you consider them the calmest dog or the Banned dog, they are still banned in many countries.

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7. Wolf Dog

Wolf Dog Detail
Height:25 – 34 Inches
Weight:60 – 120 Pounds
Coat and Colour:Brown, Grey, Black
Temperament:Aggressive, Obedient
Life Expectancy:12 – 14 Years
Wolf Dog

The deadly combination of the Wold and the dog known as the Wolf dog mostly has traits of Wolf-like the strength, behavior, skills, appearance, and size of a dog.

They mostly behave like the Wolf and sometimes like dogs in certain situations. But lastly, they are unpredictable.

So if you ask Is a Wolf dog is banned in India, then my answer will be Yes.

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8. Tosa Inu

Indian Banned Dogs
Indian Banned Dogs
Tosa InuDetail
Height:62 – 82 cm
Weight:6 – 61 kg (Adult, Japan population)
Coat and Colour:Black, Brindle, Fawn, Red
Temperament:Aggressive, Intelligent
Life Expectancy:10 – 12 Years
Banned Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu is also a Banned dog in India who is vast, strong, intelligent, and very aggressive.

Their weight is around 200 pounds or even more and they don’t much like to socialize.

They are silent dog breeds, making them even more dangerous because no one can predict their next.

And primarily in the first place, they were bred as fighting dogs.

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9. Boerboel

Indian Banned Dogs
Indian Banned Dogs
Boerboel Detail
Height:25 – 27 Inches
Weight:150 – 200 Pounds
Coat and Colour:Black, Brown
Temperament:Aggressive, Sensitive
Life Expectancy:9 – 11 Years
Is Boerboel Banned

The Boerboel is also an Indian Banned dog breed that originated from South Africa. They are very athletic, like a Bullmastiff.

They are strong, quick, and they have very strong willpower.

The name “Boerboel” means the farm dog, which is used as the protector of farms from dangerous animals like lions, big cats, and hyenas.

They are very intelligent and considered a great watchdog also. And they can be very destructive if they are not properly Socialized and trained at an early age.

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10. Cane Corso

Banned dog list India
Banned dog list India
Cane CorsoDetail
Height:25 – 27 Inches
Weight:6 – 61 kg
Coat and Colour:Black, Brindle, Fawn, Red
Temperament:Aggressive, Intelligent
Life Expectancy:9 – 12 Years

A strong, intelligent, and very dangerous Cane Corso is one of the deadliest dog breeds globally and banned in most countries, including India.

Because many people ask if Cana Corso is banned in India so now you will know about that.

They are very muscular, and their tail is also trimmed like the Doberman tail.

And their Bite force is too strong, and they can easily break someone’s bones.

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11. Dogo Argentino

Banned dog list India
Banned dog list India
Dogo Argentino Detail
Height:24 – 27 Inches
Weight:80 – 100 Pounds
Coat and Colour:white
Temperament:Aggressive, Energetic
Life Expectancy:9 – 15 Years
Is Dogo Argentino Banned

A very known dog breed that is also Banned in India, and if you ask, the answer is Yes, Yes, Dogo Argentino is banned in India.

This breed was firstly bred in the early 1900′ and originated from the extinct breed known as the Cordoba Fighting dog.

It was created after breeding various other dog breeds, including Irish Wolfhounds, Dogue-de-Bordeaux, and Great Dane.

Firstly they were bred for Dangerous games and for hunting dangerous animals like mountain lions.

And Now they are Banned in more than 12 countries.

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Conclusion – Banned Dogs list India

These are the top 11 Banned Dogs in India, which you shouldn’t have and always avoid going nearby any of these dog breeds.

Thank you for reading this post on Banned dog breeds in India and if you want to share your thoughts then you can comment down below.

And if you have any query related to the post then comment section is open for you and we will answer your query as soon as we can.

FAQ’s related to Banned Indian dogs

Which pet types are Banned in India?

1. American Bulldog
2. Boerboel
3. Bandog
4. Neapolitan Mastiff
5. Dogo Argentino
6. American Pit Bull Terrier
7. Wolfdog
8. Presa Canario
9. Fila Brasileiro
10. Japanese Tosa Inu

Who is the most harmful pet in India?

Himalayan Mastiffs or Himalayan Watchdog are native to the Mountain ranges. Originally from the Himalayas, mastiffs are known as Himalayan mastiffs. – Bully Kutta or Indian Mastiff. – A version of the Sindh Mastiff, the Anangu. – Gaddi Kutta’s are likewise referred to as Leopard Dogs in India. – Kombai, or the Combai Pet dog.

Which pet breed is unlawful?

There are 2 types of limited dogs: American Pitbulls and also pit bull terriers. Tosas in Japanese. The Argentine battling canine (Dogo Argentino).

What are the 10 dogs that fight lions?

Types understood for capturing as well as killing wild animals include Rottweiler, Wolf dogs, Neopolitan mastiffs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Bloodhounds, Fila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino, as well as Kangals.


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