Want to buy a beagle puppy in India but before that, you should know Beagle Price in India.

Beagle is not like other dog breeds they are different, versatile, and unique of their own kind.

If you have a small apartment or don’t have much space to play on then beagle will be your perfect choice. You should get a beagle puppy in your house as soon as you can without any second thoughts.

So without wasting time let’s get dive into the beagle puppy price in India.

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Beagle Puppy Price in India

The Average Beagle Puppy price in India is between ₹15,000 to ₹25,000. And the total cost of having a Beagle is should be around ₹60,000 in India.

Owning Beagle is a great experience it’s like having a baby who never Grows big.

In this post, we will tell you how much the beagle cost you and in-depth expenses.

And If you want to buy a beagle puppy in India then we will give you a full guide on beagle Upbringing and Care.

And this post also includes tips for buying a beagle puppy in India.

Beagle Puppy Price list in India

CitiesBeagle Price
1. Mumbai₹19000-₹22000 INR
2. Delhi₹18000-₹20000 INR
3. Hyderabad₹18000-₹24000 INR
4. Chennai₹18000-₹22000 INR
5. Lucknow₹15000-₹18000 INR
6. Gaziabad₹15000-₹20000 INR
7. Kolkata₹18000-₹22000 INR
8. Surat₹16000-₹19000 INR
9. Pune₹15000-₹19000 INR
10. Jaipur₹15500-₹20000 INR
11. Kanpur₹15000-₹18000 INR
12. Ahmedabad₹18000-₹22000 INR
13. Ludhiana₹15000-₹19000 INR
14. Haryana₹15500-₹17000 INR
15. Srinagar₹15000-₹17500 INR
Beagle Puppy Price list in India

Also, the price of a Beagle puppy varies from city to city in India. Owning a Beagle in metro areas can be more expensive than having them in rural areas of India.

Our post, the Beagle price in India in all major Indian cities, considers all Scenarios of having a Beagle dog in India including food expenses, vet & medical expenses, travel costs, and extra.

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Beagle price in India
Beagle price in India

Beagle Specifications

Beagle Specifications
Other NameEnglish Beagle
HeightMales 14 – 16 inches (36 – 41cm)
Females 13 – 15 inches (33 – 38cm)
WeightMales 22 – 25 pounds (10 – 11 kg)
Females 20 – 23 pounds (9 – 10 kg)
Life ExpectancyAbout 12-15 years
Litter Size2 – 14 puppies, average 7
GroupHound, AKC Hound
TemperamentLoving, sweet, and gentle
Beagle Specifications in India

The Beagle is one of the most popular small dog breeds in India. So Beagle is a shepherd Or pit bull and it’s like the beta version of the large Foxhound from England.

This dog breed is also one of the best dog breeds in India and is loved across the country.

Beagle is the best companion for those who don’t have a big house to play with, who want a cute and calm dog.

And beagle is best for Indian weather also and can live happily in an apartment.

If you are looking to buy a Beagle in India and want to know how much it costs to own a Beagle in India?

Then I will give you all details about how much a beagle costs in India.

How much a Beagle puppy cost in India

Owning a dog can be costly and if you don’t have any experience in dog upbringing then It can be difficult too. And the Beagle Puppy cost in India is around ₹15000 to ₹25000 INR.

But don’t worry we are here to solve every problem related to Beagle Price and Beagle Care.

And small dog breeds have their own kind of expenses so reading this post help you not to surprise while having a beagle in India.

Factors affect Beagle Puppy Price in India

Beagle price in India
Beagle price in India

The following are the important factors that influence the price of a Beagle in India.

Pet quality Beagle VS Show Quality Beagle

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Every dog price depends on the quality of the breed like Is it pure or not, is it healthy or not?

So it’s applied on beagle also. The quality of beagle defines the price of beagle in India.

No one is perfect and Noa single Beagle is perfect. Everyone has their own pros and cons, everyone has their own flaws.

And if I say honestly and frankly you don’t need a show-quality beagle. 99% of people need the pet quality beagle.

Pet quality puppies have minor unnoticeable faults and are excellent family pets. And if you go with our advice of having a Pet quality beagle, you won’t regret your decision.

Types of Breeder / Breeder Reputation

The reputation of a beagle breeder is as important as the quality of a beagle puppy in India.

And plays a major role in the price of a beagle in India

If you want to buy the best beagle in India then you should go for the show kennels and show homes. Although you have to pay a little bit more than usual.

The main advantage of buying a beagle from a reputable breeder is that you won’t have to take any tension about the quality of the beagle in India.

Location And Demand

Location and demand play a major role in the price if beagle and price can be different from Cities to rural areas.

Like beagle price in metro cities will be high as compared to the rural areas of India.

Because the demand for quality breeds is high in Urban metro cities and that influences the price of high-quality breeds.

And things are way more expensive in metro cities like the area you acquire for breeding, foods, vaccines, and many more.

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Owning a Beagle Puppy Cost In India

Before having a beagle puppy firstly you have to understand the cost of a beagle puppy in India.

Few things you need to know like

  • The lifespan of a beagle
  • Food your Beagle need
  • Exercises your dog have to do
  • Vaccination
  • Basic Toys your beagle need

Because as a beagle parent it’s your responsibility to know and plan the expenses and other stuff.

Like most of you think the only expenses you have to make are when buying the beagle but that’s not true.

You have to plan your dog food, vaccination, and necessary stuff like basic toys, harness, collar, and bed.

And keep this thing in your mind that your beagle will spend their whole life with you like almost 12 to 14 years so don’t think that expenses will stop after buying the beagle puppy.

Where to Buy a Beagle Puppy in India

price of beagle in India
Price of beagle in India

Beagle is an adorable dog breed in India. Beagle is like a small package and big explosive dog breed. They are cute, loyal, and lovely pets.

And they are not guarding dogs and if you thinking of a guard dog then count them out.

Indians love dogs like beagles because they are small and adaptive to the Indian temperature

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The only thing you can deny is that the beagle is a great, charming, loving, and caring dog breed.cBeagle is a loyal and lovely nature dog breed.

Indians love beagle because beagle is small and can adjust in small apartments and most of the Indians have not much space so this is one of the perfect breeds for Indians.

And If you looking for a guard dog or a gun dog then count the beagle out of your list beagle is not a guard dog at all.

In this list, I will share the factors that influence the price of beagle puppies in India, And it’s our kind request to do proper research before getting a cute beagle.

1. Pure Breed Beagle Puppy in India

You have to make the first expense when you buy a beagle puppy in India but don’t take decisions frequently. Because most of the new pet owners do this mistake.

Most first-time beagle owners forget to research before buying a puppy because of excitement and they go to the pet store near them and came out with a beagle puppy.

The thing you shouldn’t forget is that the dog will spend their whole life with you and you have to spend at least 12 years with them so don’t take decisions in excitement.

Our advice for you is only going for a pure-breed beagle puppy and you can only find them at a reputable breeder in India although they are a little bit expensive it is worth buying.

So only go for a pedigree beagle in India, not for a mixed breed beagle.

The following factors influence the Beagle puppy price in India

  • Types of Breeder
  • Quality of Beagle
  • Sex of a Beagle

Types of Breeders

Beagle puppy in India
Beagle puppy in India

This is the place where you can get a puppy in India. These are in the Buyer to consumer chain and they are responsible for the price of beagle puppies in India.

Some breeders have the best pure breeds in India and some breeders have mixed breeds also. Some breeders take their dogs into dog shows also.

A reputable breeder will sell you a top-quality beagle at a little high price but you can buy a beagle from puppy mills and pet stores also at a low price but you have to compromise with the quality of the beagle.

You can buy a beagle puppy from these places in India

  • Puppy mill
  • Pet store
  • Broker
  • Reputable breeders
  • Regular home breeders

1. Puppy mill

As you can guess from the name they are mills that sell puppies in bulk quantities. Their maintenance is poor, their management is poor.

Their main focus is making a profit and not focusing on customer satisfaction and the worst part is they don’t tell customers that this is a puppy mill.

Don’t fall for the low price trap because it can be your huge mistake of buying a beagle from puppy mills because there is no guarantee that the puppy is a healthy and pure breed.

And the solution to recognizing a puppy mill is that most of the time they don’t show you the puppy parents.

We don’t suggest you buy a puppy from a puppy mill and suggest you stay away from this kind of breeder.

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2. Pet store

We don’t recommend you to buy a beagle from a pet store also. Because this is also not a good place to buy a beagle puppy.

They are also similar to the puppy mill with a little bit different like you can’t differ a pure breed and a mixed beagle puppy because they buy entire litter.

So it’s become hard to find whether these are the pedigree puppy or not. So we don’t recommend buying a beagle puppy from this place also.

And most of the time they try to fool us with the KCI registration but there is fraud in this registration. What they do is they show you the other pure breed puppy registration of a different litter.

And if you want to buy a beagle puppy from this kind of breeder then take some important steps like

  • Double check the KCI Registration
  • Meet the parents of puppy
  • Consult the people who in pets and Dogs
  • Take feedback from his previous customers

3. Broker

Beagle puppy in India
Beagle puppy in India

Brokers are just the middle man between the breeder and the consumer or beagle buyer. And there are all kinds of brokers available in the marker like some are great who is reputable and also work with reputable breeders and clients.

But on the other side there are also some cheap and fraud brokers and how can you know that your broker is good or not, all you have to do is talk to his previous clients or know about the broker history and record.

There are few pros of dealing with the broker: they will give you huge access to breeds to choose from and be responsible for the deal if something goes wrong.

But always insist your broker meet the puppy breeder to ensure quality and most of the brokers will do this for you but before that, you have to offer them a fair commission.

And if you are ready to agree to all these terms while buying a beagle puppy in India then you should really make a deal with a broker and get your lovely pooch as soon as possible.

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4. Reputable Dog Breeders

If you have a good budget and you won’t afraid of spending a little much then you should always go for reputable dog breeders. If you want a purebred, healthy, mentally fit, a pedigree beagle in India without any worry then a reputable breeder is for you.

They have available the best breeds in the market and they have show dogs also, and the best part is they don’t compromise in the quality of dog breeds at all.

The benefit of buying a beagle from a reputable breeder is

  • Pedigree Puppy
  • Great Genetics
  • Healthy and Mentally fit
  • KCI registration

5. Regular Home Breeders

Regular home breeders are just like you and me, suppose you bought a female or pair of beagles from a breeder and after few months the beagle got pregnant and gave birth to 6 puppies.

And 90% chance is that you sold out the 6 puppies because you don’t have much space and time to do breeding and you become a home breeder, this is as simple as this.

Most of the home breeders are passionate people who love beagle and who loves breeding as a hobby, and getting a puppy from these breeders will be best for you.

All you have to find a home breeder near the locality and ask them to sell their puppy and the one thing you have to keep in your mind the person who is selling puppies has to be reliable.

The benefit of buying a beagle from a Home breeder is

  • Great Beagle quality
  • Low Price
  • Healthy and Mentally fit

And the last thing you have to keep in mind is that always ask for the KCI registration and won’t purchase a beagle without a KCI registration because there is a high chance of mixed breed if they don’t have the KCI registration.

Quality of a beagle

The quality of a beagle is also mattered a lot in the price of a beagle in India and the difference can be more than ₹20000 INR.

So don’t compromise on the quality of a beagle in India.

Sex of a Beagle

This is also a huge factor in the price difference of beagle in India and the difference can be more than ₹5000 to ₹6000 INR.

And most of the time we have seen that there is a high demand for a male beagle puppy as compared to a female beagle puppy in India. And that’s the reason for a huge difference in price because of the demand and supply concept.

The Expenses of having a Beagle in India

So now you know the beagle price in India, where to buy a beagle in India, which is the best place for buying a beagle in India, and now it’s time to show you the monthly expenses you have to make of having a beagle puppy in India.

This will help you to plan the expenses easily and safely. And help you not to freak out while making the payments because at that time it’s too late for stepping back.

Food Cost of Beagle in India

Beagle is a small, energetic dog breed in India and they need high-quality food to stay active and healthy. Because of their small size, they need quality in food, not quantity.

Their stomach is small so they need less food but high-quality food.

And I am not saying to feed them the expensive stuff from the luxury pet store all I am saying is to feed them the food which has high protein, fiber, and nutrients.

And food will be the highest expensive thing for your beagle every month. So choose something healthy, safe, budget-friendly food for the beagle in India.

Please don’t go for rice-based dog foods because that will make your beagle obese.

The expense would be almost ₹3000 to ₹5000 INR on your beagle food in a month in India. It depends on the food brand which you choose.

Vet Expenses of Beagle

You should also consider the vet factor before buying a beagle puppy in India and keep in touch with your vet. Because your vet will help you to keep your beagle healthy and provide you all medical requirements.

And having a vet in touch will help you to figure out the expense of vet and medicines.

The average amount of money spent on vets and medicines is around ₹4000 INR per year.


  • Vaccination cost
  • Neutering/Spaying cost
  • Deworming cost and Others

1. Vaccination Cost

You need to vaccinate your beagle puppy against common dog diseases in India like the Parvovirus.

Parvovirus is a deadly disease in India and you should vaccinate your beagle puppy before taking them out for a walk. Because this Parvovirus spread through dirt and soil very easily.

Most of the breeders vaccinate the puppies before selling them but if you are taking from a home breeder then you should vaccinate the beagle puppy.

And if you are buying from a breeder then conform with the breeder about all remaining vaccination recommended by the vet.

The vaccination cost will be around ₹500-₹1500 INR and it depends on the type of vaccine and the age of the beagle. And you will get the vaccination schedule card from the vet to keep tracking the remaining vaccine.

2. Neutering/Spaying cost of Beagle

Spraying your beagle is a necessary and healthy thing to do but most beagle breeders avoid this task or take things lightly.

And you should know that breeding is not an easy task, this is an expensive and time-consuming process.

Spraying has many health benefits and if you have proper knowledge on how to spay a dog then you should do this yourself because spaying is a surgical procedure.

And the cost of neutering a dog is around ₹4000 in rural areas and ₹10000 INR in urban or metro cities and it depends on the city to the city.


Dogs are curious pets and they move around you and smell everything they can and sometimes try to eat them also. So some basic things have to be on your list.

Like antiseptic sprays and some basic medicine for dogs. Deworming is a healthy process and you should consult your vet about the process and your vet will guide you.

The cost of Deworming process is around ₹500 INR in India.

Beagle Grooming Cost

Beagle has a short coat so don’t worry about the grooming you won’t find the beagle fur all around. All you need to do is groom your beagle once a week.

The following things you need for grooming a beagle

  • Grooming brush
  • Tick and flea shampoos
  • Towels
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Dog nail clippers

Beagle Accessories cost in India

  • Bed
  • Small collar and leash
  • Food and water bowls
  • Toys

You can expect the annual accessories cost to be approx ₹4,000 INR In India

Conclusion- Beagle Price in India

Beagle is an excellent family dog and you will be blessed if you have it. They are loving, happy, and loyal dogs. Small size, caring nature, cute looks, and ease of maintenance make a Beagle the perfect dog breed in India.

If you have any queries related to beagle puppy and cost then you can comment down below we will look out for it as soon as we can.


Hi, I am Sumedha, a veterinarian and a passionate dog lover. I have certificates and experience in dogs care, grooming, health tips, and care. Feel free to ask any queries. Our Team research and update the information every day.


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