Finding the Best dog collar for a German shepherd is not a big deal all you have to choose which collar is best for your German shepherd in India.

Today I think we should talk about what dog collars you can use for your German shepherd. And the benefits and drawbacks of other collars for a German shepherd.

The main priority for you while choosing the best German shepherd dog collar is Safety.

So which collar do I use or prefer? So I mainly use a collar called the choke chain or a choke type collar.

The reason I use this is that it’s very hard for your dog to slip out of it and on accident run away.

Because everyone knows that German shepherd is the police’s first choice and sometimes they can be very violent and protective. And you never wanted anybody to get harm.

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Note: These dog collars might be a little bit Expensive around 1000 to 1500 INR but This is a one-time Investment.

5 Best Collar For German Shepherd

German Shepherd CollarBest for Check Latest Price
1. Buckle-Down Dog CollarWell built, durable Adjustable,
Dries quickly and does not hold odor
2. Dazzber Unique Geometric
Pattern Martingale Dog Collar
Strong and Padded on
the inside for comfort
3. Max and Neo Stainless Steel
Chain Martingale Collar
Strong, comfortable, and
Space for Grip
4. HUFT Wag N Walk Dog Collar
& Leash Set 
Best for Powerful DogsAmazon
5. Petlicious & More Strong Nylon
Pet Dog Collar
Strong and comfortableAmazon

There are many different options for these types of collars but I want you to choose the best one for a German Shepherd.

You need a collar for a German Shepherd which gives a strong pull and they all have to be badass German shepherd collars

There is a likelihood that those Cheap Collar for German Shepherd links will come apart or that the ring will split and that you’ll lose your dog.

All I want to say choose the best dog collar for German Shepherd.

5 Best Collar for German Shepherd Dogs in India

These are the top picks by the professionals and the amateurs who have good experience in dog breeding.

They love these dog collars for German Shepherd and suggest others try them out and you will never regret it.

From searching for the best dog collar for German Shepherd from +1000 choices to find the best pick for your German Shepherd whom you can trust to try them out.

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1. Buckle-Down Dog Collar

Buckle-Down Flowers with Filigree Pink Dog Collar is for those who want their dog should be stand out and look different from others.

If you need a collar which is versatile and appealing and makes your dog even more beautiful although they are people best friend at least they need some attention. and you can say that this is one of the best dog collars for German Shepherd in India.

Key Features

  • Beautiful
  • Easy to adjust
  • Somewhat odor resistant
  • Appealing
  • High Quality

2. Dazzber Unique Geometric Pattern Martingale Dog Collar

Dazzber Fashion Print and Unique Geometric Pattern Martingale Dog Collar, Silky Soft Safety Training Collars for Small to Large Dogs. And this is the best training collar for a german shepherd.

This is a perfect choice for you if you need a strong and safe collar for German Shepherd. This is Comfortable, strong, reliable and it won’t slip out at all.

Key Features

  • Silky soft polyester with aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Prevents slippage
  • Martingale style collars **WITHOUT THE BUCKLE**.
  • High quality,safe and comfortable pet collar
  • If you don’t like money back or new item exchanged 100% guaranteed!

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3. Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar

Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar – They Donate a Collar to a Dog Rescue for Every Collar Sold. And that’s a great initiative.

So they donate an identical collar to a dog rescue because these dogs don’t have someone to look out so we need to stand with them and it’s not always possible to help dogs physically but you can do this by buying this dog collar for German Shepherd.

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel
  • Strong and Reliable
  • Available in many sizes, colors, and designs
  • Easy to adjust

4. HUFT Wag N Walk Dog Collar & Leash Set 

HUFT Wag N Walk Dog Collar & Leash Set. So this is not a collar only Because they are offering a collar and leash set.

A strong, comfortable, and reliable collar for a German Shepherd and I think that’s all you need in the best dog collars in India. And this is one of the best collars which can solve all issues of dog collars and leashes.

Key Features

  • Leash and collar set for dogs
  • Conventional flat collar
  • Both leash and collar made with polyester
  • Plastic cover over the handle
  • Adjustable collar

5. Petlicious & More Strong Nylon Pet Dog Collar

Petlicious & More Strong Nylon Pet Choke Martingale Collar Leash Splitter Coupler with Clip with Extra Strong Brass Snap Hook for Maxi and Large Dogs.

If you ask me What collar is best for a German shepherd then This is one of the lightest and the most comfortable collar for German Shepherd in India.

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Key Features

  • It is A Very Strong Dog Control collar
  • Made Of Nylon.
  • Best For Tracking, Patrolling, Walking, Training And Just For Daily Use.
  • Best For Rainy Weather
  • It Doesn’t Lose Its Shape So If Your Dog Pulls It Too Much
  • It Doesn’t Lose Its Color.

What To Look For When Buying a Collar for a German Shepherd?

Here’s what to consider when buying a collar for your German Shepherd in India. And you have to look out for and if you are buying a collar for the first time then you should really consider them.


You need to make sure that you are getting the correct collar size for your German Shepherd as you don’t want that one day the collar will suddenly wipe away from your dog neck.

You can measure your dog’s neck. The easiest way to do this is you can use either a measuring tape or your old dog collar. the German shepherd’s neck size is between 18” to 24”.

Once you the idea of your German Shepherd collar size then you should check the buying chart in the product description and test the ideal size of the collar by putting your 2 fingers between the collar and neck easily.

If you have a puppy, you should go for an adjustable collar so that your puppy has enough chance to grow into it.

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Collar Material

Looking for quality material is really necessary because choosing a cheap material can cause you many issues like allergies, uncomfortably, and many more.

You should always consider a great quality material in a dog collar without worrying about the few bucks as I said earlier buying the best collar for a German Shepherd is a one-time investment.

1. Nylon

Nylon is the most commonly used material to make a dog collar because of the benefits. This is affordable, durable, and water-resistant.

And nylon allows more color combination and variety as compared to leather or metal collar for German Shepherd

2. Leather

The leather collar is the most used collar for German shepherd dogs because they are durable and strong and lasts longer than other types of dog collars like nylon and polyester.

And everyone knows that there is a fake and cheap leather collar available in the dog market. And you should avoid them.

Because most of the fake leather collar is made by harmful and toxic chemicals. which is not good for your dog skin at all.

3. Metal or Chain

Metal is often used to make a training collar. Even though this training collar is useful for training German shepherd dogs, it’s best to avoid them as you run the risk of getting your canine injured if you don’t know about these metal collars properly.

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5 Types of German Shepherd Collars you should Buy

There are many different types of collars, each has its own pros and cons. So it’s essential to look for the one that matches your needs. Here are some of the most common dog collars options available on the market:

1. Standard Collar

best collar for german shepherd in india
best collar for german shepherd in India

A standard collar is the most commonly used collar. It has a simple buckle lock with a D-ring for attaching the leash, and it can be made of nylon, leather, or any other materials. 

They have two types of buckle the first one is a metal human belt buckle and the other is an easy snap buckle.

And these collars are mainly used to attach a dog ID, tags, and name and that makes this collar more useful.

2. Martingale Collar

best collar for german shepherd in India
best collar for german shepherd in India

If you have the fear of losing your German shepherd in some intense scenario or fear of slipping fog neck from collar then a martingale collar is for you.

It gives you more control and support to keep your dog in safe zone. And the main difference between the normal and martingale collar is.

Martingale collar uses two loops instead of one. One loop is for adjusting size around your dog’s neck while the other is for control when the leash is attached.

If your German shepherd starts to pull or the handler pulls on the leash, the collar will tighten around his neck, and unlike a prong or choke collar,

A martingale collar does not actually choke them. Once he stops pulling, the tension is released, and the collar will become normal again.

3. Training Collar

Best dog collar for German Shepherd in India
Best dog collar for German Shepherd in India

A training collar is a metal chain collar that becomes narrow if the dog or handler pulls. This metal collar is mainly used by trainers while teaching dogs.

But you should not consider them if you are not a professional dog trainer. A handler who doesn’t know how to properly use a training collar could injure the dog’s neck bones or muscles.

It must not be used on a dog that is less than 6 months old. Their neck is not yet fully developed and is not enough strong to withstand corrections by a training collar.

4. Gentle Leather Collar

Best dog collar for German Shepherd in India
Best dog collar for German Shepherd in India

Gentle leather collar for German Shepherd is a good choice if you don’t want to take any chance.

A gentle leader is a halter-type muzzle that wraps around the dog’s muzzle, under their ears, and behind the head. And the leash attaches to the leader under the muzzle and makes it fully secure.

It’s designed for a dog who pulls on the leash by turning the dog’s head back towards the handler as he pulls.

5. Vibrating E – collar

German shepherd collar
German shepherd collar

A vibrating e-collar contains a mechanical box that vibrates when pressing the button on the remote control. The vibration gets the dog’s attention so the trainer is able to correct the dog or to give him instructions.

Be careful when shopping for a vibrating collar. Some also have electrical shock capabilities. Electrical shock is abusive to dogs. Shock collars should not be purchased at all.

3 Types of Dog Collars to AVOID

1. Prong or Pinch Collar

avoid these German shepherd collar
avoid these German shepherd collar

A prong and pinch collar is a metal collar that has chain links that are connected to each other and each link has sharp and harmful ends at the top of the dog neck.

It works like if you pull the leash then the collar becomes narrow and tighten and the prongs will pinch the dog neck and causes excessive pain.

Only professional trainers use this collar for training and behavior correction. While some trainers say they have found success with a prong collar, but for the most part,

The use of a prong collar is harmful and discouraged because it causes pain, discomfort, and injury to a dog’s neck and head.

The use of a prong collar in dogs causes fear, aggression, and Behavior changes in dogs, and accessive use of a prong collar cause dog’s mental issues.

2. Choke Collar

worst collar for German Shepherd

A Choke collar is pretty much the same as a prong collar, but without the prong part and just like a prong collar, I don’t recommend this collar for your German shepherd at all.

This collar should only be used by professional trainers who know what they are doing; otherwise, it could damage your dog’s throat, neck, and spinal cord.

3. E-Collar

Bad collar for German shepherd
Bad collar for German shepherd

An E-collar has a device attached to the collar that delivers stimulation to correct the dog or deter unpleasant behaviors such as excessive barking.

Modern E-collars are equipped with different types of stimuli—electric, sound, and vibration—and varying levels of stimulation.

E-collar can be the best training tool if you’re dealing with a stubborn dog that can be challenging to train.

Conclusion – Best collar for German Shepherd in India

All you need to choose a safe and comfortable collar for a German Shepherd. Collar has to keep others safe from your dog and have to comfortable for your dog.

If you have any query related to the top collars for German Shepherd in India then comment below and if you have any suggestions then do comment below.


Hi, I am Sumedha, a veterinarian and a passionate dog lover. I have certificates and experience in dogs care, grooming, health tips, and care. Feel free to ask any queries. Our Team research and update the information every day.

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