Finding the best dry dog food brand in India is not that hard, there are plenty of big and great brands that make the best quality dry dog food.

All you have to choose is which dry dog food brand is best for your canine and why?

Because few dry foods brands make particular dog food for a particular dog breed like Royal Canin German Shepherd dog food and many more.

Now brands are focusing on making dry dog food based on the breed performance and needs.

And providing your canine best quality dog food possible should be your main focus, although some dog owners want to feed them home cook food but if your dog lives in a vegetarian house.

Then completing their daily protein and nutrients intake might get a little hard and dry dog foods are a great option.

In a couple of years, dog foods companies got a boom because now people are much educated on dogs’ feeding and diet.

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We have divided our 15 best dry dog food lists into 2 categories.

  • Most Recommended
  • Not Recommended

These dog food products provide up-to-the-mark quality dog food and we haven’t taken any money from these brands to do their favor.

This is a genuine and unbiased article about which dry dog food is best for your dog and which is not.

15 best dry dog food brands in India

1. Arden Grange

One of the reputable and old dog food brands who is serving the best quality dry dog foods for years. And this is a European dog food brand so their ingredients are up-to-the-mark.

Their dog food is rich in high-quality fresh meat and usually, they composite around 30% grains and rice in the food.

The nutritional value of Arden Grange dog food is also very high they add high-quality meat, egg, fish, and other healthy sources of nutrition.

Pros of Arden Grange dry dog food

  • Good for delicate digestive system.
  • Recommended for all breed sizes.
  • Fresh Scottish salmon as the primary ingredient.
  • Higher level of omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Moderately energy dense ideal adult maintenance feed for pet dogs.

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2. Royal Canin

First choice of every dog breeder and a professional dog owner. Royal Canin is very popular for show dog breeds favorite food.

India’s one of the oldest dog food brands India makes high-quality dog food with zero side effects.

Recommended for dogs who do high-intensity training or some daily physical activity.

Pros of Royal Canin dog Food

  • Best of sensitive or low apitite stomach.
  • Paraben Free.
  • Affordable and high quality dog food.
  • India based dog food brand.

3. Farmina’s N & D dry dog food

Another good dog food brand is recommended by most dog owners. This dog food brand working on making their dog food the best in the market. They are improving again and again.

Focusing on people’s feedback and one of the best food companies around the world.

This is an Italian brand and their food profile is filled with high-quality ingredients like fresh meat, chicken, eggs, rice, grain, and fish.

Pros of Farmina Pet foods N&D

  • New Grain Free line born in Italy.
  • Unique nutritional characteristics.
  • N&D Pumpkin uses genuine and balanced ingredients.
  • 0% artificial preservatives, 0% Corns.
  • With healthy fatty acids.

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4. Pedigree Pro

Pedigree is a well-known dog food brand who is working in the dog food market for many years and now they are a stable company in the Indian dog food market.

They focused on making budget-friendly dog food but they also have high-quality dog food. This is a value for money brand.

The normal Pedigree dog food’s main ingredients are meat, meat by-products, vegetables, and corn. But the Pedigree pro serves high-quality dog food for your canine.

Pros of Pedigree pro dry dog food

  • Food for highly active dogs.
  • Proteins and Omega fatty acids provide alertness and agility to adult dog.
  • Natural antioxidants & quality proteins provide healthy muscles.
  • Suitable for Golden Retriever, German Shephard, Labrador, Doberman, St.Bernard, and other dog breeds.

5. Himalaya dog food

Popular for serving high-quality natural ingredients containing dog food. Himalaya dog food is one of the best options for those who want to serve natural and best quality Indian dog food to their pooch.

They add natural herbs and high nutritional ingredients to their food to make it a completely healthy meal for your dog.

And if you want to try an Indian dry dog food brand then Himalaya dry dog food is best for your dog.

Pros of Himalaya dry dog food

  • Best for all breeds of dogs such as Toy, Small, Medium, large, Giant Breeds..
  • Filled with natural herbs and minerals.
  • India based natural dog food brand.
  • Healthy fatty acids for a healthy gut.

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6. Purina dry dog food

Another India-based dry dog food brand we suggest you try because we focused on “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat”.

Purina is also a great option for those who need budget-friendly and best-quality dog food for their pooch.

The best nutritional food for a dog’s whole body health in a budget.

Pros of Purina dog food

  • PURINA SUPERCOAT Adult dog food from Nestlé.
  • Australia’s #1 dry dog food brand now in India.
  • Enhances his immune protection with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Builds his strong muscle with protein-rich diet
  • Develops his shiny coat & healthy skin with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

7. Chappi

A budget-friendly dog food brand who serving the dog food industry for years, with its high-quality dog food.

Chappi dog food is developed by vets and nutritionists at WALTHAM Centre who is the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition.

Created an optimal balance nutrition dog food to keep dogs healthy and active.

Pros of Chappi dry dog food

  • 100% Complete and balanced food for dogs.
  • Contains a special blend of low fat and dietary fibre.
  • Easily digestible for even the most sensitive dogs.
  • A good source of protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • Made without eggs, soya, dairy and red meat.
  • Suitable for Pugs, Beagle to Labrador, Golden Retriever & German shepherd.

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8. Orijen

If you need the best and highest quality dog food then Orijen is for you.

Although Orijen dry dog food is a little bit expensive compared to other options in the market this is worth money investment and there are no brands who can beat up their food quality.

If you have the budget then only choose Orijen for your pooch.

Pros of Orijen dog food

  • Premium dog food.
  • Best quality ingredients used in Orijen dog food.
  • Fresh high-quality chicken is used.

9. Grain Zero

Grain Zero as you can guess from the name, Grain Zero is focusing on making no grain, corn, or wheat dog food.

They serve budget-friendly dog food without compromising the food quality.

Pros of Grain zero dog food

  • Formulated in USA under Expert Supervision.
  • Ideal Formula for All Breeds of Adult Dogs.
  • Made with No Corn, No Wheat, No Soya.
  • Vitamin and chelated minerals for healthy immune system.
  • Calcium and Phosphorus Support Healthy Bone Growth & Joint Health
  • Crunchy Kibbles help to Reduce Plaque and Tartar Build up.
  • Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids for Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat.

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10. Arden Grange Sensitive

Last but not least Arden Grange is Sensitive for those dogs who are sensitive to most of the dog foods brands in India.

Specially made for those dogs who don’t like or want to eat regular dog foods. Although Arden Grange has a variety of dry dog foods for every breeds to help you out.

Pros of Arden Grange sensitive dry dog food

  • Specially made for sensitive stomach.
  • Best for dogs who have digestion issues.
  • Helps dogs to improve low apitite.

Non Recommended dry dog foods brands in India

These are the few dry dog foods brands which you should keep in the last of your dog foods choices. They spend and work more on marketing and promotion than the quality of dry dog food.

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1. Pedigree (Normal)

Pedigree is a known dog food brand and serving around the world but still, their dog food is not the best quality. They don’t use high-quality meat and chicken, instead of that, they use meat by-products and fish by-products.

I suggest checking the ingredient list of the dog food before buying them.

2. Drools

Another dog food brand drools who works more on promotion and advertisement than working on the quality of their food.

They use unknown meat and meat by-products in their food like their nails, fur, and many disgusting ingredients which you never wanted to feed your dog intentionally.

And your dog could get allergic or digestion issues from the drools dog food and consuming drools dog food regularly can restrict the healthy growth of your dog.

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3. Eukanuba

Another brand claims that they use high-quality meat as their first ingredient but that’s not the full truth. They use low-quality ingredients in their dry food like corn, rice, and other by-products which is very hard for your dog to digest.

And some by-products of Eukanuba dog food can also cause allergies to your dog.

4. Nutra Nuggets

The company claims that their dog food ingredients are high quality and provide full nutrition which is required to dog but that’s not true.

Their food is not enough to fulfill dogs their daily nutritional requirements so avoid using Nutra Nuggets.

5. Happy dog food

This is an average dog food brand that’s why we are putting them in the last of our not-recommended dry dog food brand list.

And the reason why Happy dog food is not ideal for your dog is that they haven’t disclosed the ingredients and the type of meat they are using in their dry dog food.

And they use most of the cheap quality ingredients to fulfill minimum nutritional value.

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Now you know the best dry dog foods brands in India and their pros and cons to help you to decide which dry dog food is best for your canine.

And we have also shown the non-recommended dry dog foods in India which are very popular in the Indian market but not so good in terms of quality and ingredients.

These brands use cheap and low-grade protein sources to fulfill the requirements and work and spend more on advertisements than the quality of food.

I hope this post helped you to find your perfect dog food for your pooch.

If you have any queries related to the list you can comment down below and if you want to share your experience with these dog food brands you can comment down below.

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