French Bulldog is a well-known dog breed which is quite popular across the world now becoming more in demand in India so what is the price of a French bulldog in India.

We have a broad experience of breeding and selling puppies in India and we also have experience in buying and selling dogs in India.

But before that let me tell you something about the breed.

This breed lies on both toy and small dog breeds and is one of the best contributions by Paris. The French Bulldog is one of the popular domestic dog breeds.

The French Bulldog was first recognized in the early nineties. After that, they become more popular around the world. They are great companions and one of the best family dog breed.

They are friendly, easy to train, lovely, loyal, and well mannered. So let’s know about French Bulldog prices in India across all major cities.

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French Bulldog price in India

The price of a French Bulldog in India is around ₹25,000 to ₹45,000 for a pet quality French Bulldog and around ₹70,000 to ₹90,000 for a show quality French Bulldog puppy. The final selling price of French Bulldog depends on factors like location, breeder, age, sex, and quality of French Bulldog puppy.

Although, I suggest you first try to find a home breeder that will cost you less or go for a reputable breeder and the only issue with a reputable breeder is that they charge a little bit more but for a quality puppy that’s acceptable.

Is French Bulldog Popular in India?

Yes, the French Bulldog is popular in India as well as around the world. Because of his behavior and personality, they become recognizable dog breeds and the first choice of every domestic dog owner.

Because they can adapt easily and can adjust even in small apartments and homes and they adore their family.

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Are French Bulldog available in India?

Yes, Fench Bulldog is available almost everywhere in India. They are one of the high in-demand dog breeds. And you can find them in every part of India.

It’s not hard to find a French Bulldog in India and you can find them in pet stores and reputable breeder’s farms.

Now I will show you

  • What is the French Bulldog price in India
  • Total cost of ownership of a French Bulldog in India
  • Grooming and Food cost of French Bulldog
  • French Bulldog price in all major cities in India
  • Characterstics and appereance
  • FAQs related to French Bulldog puppy price in India
  • French Bulldog puppy Buying Guide

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French Bulldog Price list in India
French Bulldog Price list in India

French Bulldog Price list in India

CitiesPet QualityShow QualityGrooming, food,
Vet (Monthly)
Banglore₹38,500 ₹85,500₹8,500
Delhi₹35,500 ₹71,500₹9,500
Ahmedabad₹41,500 ₹75,500₹9,000
Hyderabad₹43,500 ₹77,000₹9,500
Surat₹36,500 ₹78,000₹8,500
Pune₹43,500 ₹71,500₹9,000
Chennai₹48,500 ₹76,000₹9,500
Kolkata₹46,500 ₹76,000₹8,500
Lucknow₹41,500 ₹75,500₹8,500
Nagpur₹33,500 ₹72,000₹9,000
Kanpur₹32,500 ₹73,500₹9,500
Jaipur₹42,500 ₹74,500₹8,500
Indore₹38,500 ₹77,000₹9,000
Visakhapatnam₹36,500 ₹78,000₹8,500
Vadodara₹42,500 ₹69,000₹9,500
Ludhiana₹36,500 ₹76,000₹9,500
Patna₹42,500 ₹77,000₹9,000
Thane₹41,500 ₹78,000₹8,500
Srinagar₹31,500 ₹72,500₹9,500
Agra₹32,500 ₹71,000₹9,000
Gaziabad₹41,500 ₹74,000₹9,500
Bhopal₹36,500 ₹76,000₹9,000
Allahabad₹41,500 ₹77,500₹9,000
Ranchi₹41,500 ₹75,500₹9,500
Meerut₹38,500 ₹78,000₹8,500
Vijayawada₹36,500 ₹72,500₹9,500
Nashik ₹38,500 ₹76,000₹9,000
Coimbatore₹36,500 ₹71,500₹8,500
Kochi₹38,500 ₹71,500₹9,500
Mysore₹41,500 ₹77,500₹8,500
Noida₹33,500 ₹72,500₹9,000
Gurgaon₹38,500 ₹70,500₹9,500
Bhubaneshwar₹43,500 ₹71,500₹9,000
Chandigarh₹41,500 ₹70,500₹8,500
French Bulldog Price list in India

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Monthly maintenance cost

The monthly maintenance cost of the French Bulldog completely depends on its health and its living quality. Like you have to spend more on a Show quality French bulldog than a pet-quality dog.

But the monthly maintenance cost of a French Bulldog in India will be around ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 depending on his living standard and your preference including feeding, Vet, and grooming only.

Apart from the healthcare, toys. bed, and other stuff. Although French Bulldog doesn’t need too much grooming few French Bulldog owners to love to spend lakhs on their dog.

French Bulldog Information and appereance

French Bulldog Features and Specifications
NameFrench Bulldog
Other NamesFrenchie. Bouledogue Francais
OriginFrance, United Kingdom
Popularity4rd Most Popular dog breed in 2017
HeightMales: 11-13 inches
Females: 11-13 inches
ColorBrindle, Fawn, White
Learning RateVery High
TemperamentAffectionate, Loyal
Life span10-12 Years
WeightMales: 9-13 KG
Females: 9-13 KG
CoatSmooth Short Coat
Price of French BulldogRs 25,000 to Rs 45,000 Average
French Bulldog Information and appearance

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Characterstics of French Bulldog
Characteristics of French Bulldog

Characterstics of French Bulldog

  • Affection Level: Yes, they love and connect with their owner completely.
  • Adaptability : Yes, they are great in this task. It’s easy for them to adapt fast.
  • Child Friendly : Yes, they don’t usually harm kids.
  • Dog Friendly : Yes, they are not much in dog friendly concepy. But early training will resolve this issue.
  • Energy Level : Moderate
  • Apartment Friendly: Definately yes, they are one of the most lovely apartment dogs.
  • Grooming : Moderate, like once a week
  • Barking tendency: They bark little much.
  • Tolerates Heat: They can’t tolerate heat at all.
  • Tolerate cold: They can tolerate little bit of high cold weather.
  • Health Issues : Hypoallerginic: No. They don’t have any common health related issues.
  • Intelligence : They are highly intelligent and alert dog breeds
  • Shedding : Not Much shedding, So don’t worry about the sheeding
  • Stranger Friendly : Yes, they are stranger friendly so don’t make a distance.
  • Social Needs : Completely, They needs social attention.
  • Vocalization : Moderate Vocalization, they don’t like to bark unless they observe something strange.
  • Sensitivity level: They are little bit sensitive so keep this in your mind.

History and Popularity

The French Bulldog we know these days is one of the oldest dog breeds that roam around the world. This breed was part of the Molossians. one of the ancient tribes in Greek and was very popular at that time.

Before banning blood sport in England like the bull-baiting in 1835 this bulldog was only bred for sports at that time. But after this, this dog breed becomes more popular in other fields also.

After that their crossbreed become more in-demand and popular in the world and a new crossbreed came into popularity as the toy bulldog in English.

Thereafter these toy bulldogs start bred with the local dogs in France, Paris, and in other places in England. And the new breed was named the French Bulldog.

And just after coming into appearance, this dog breed becomes popular around the world.

Temperament of a French Bulldog
The temperament of a French Bulldog

Temperament of a French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is one of the best family dog breeds and this is one of the reasons why this breed become very popular in the first place. They are lovely, they love their family, and they love to spend and stick with their owner.

But one thing you have to look out for is that they can experience separation anxiety so don’t leave them alone for long like not more than 2 hours straight.

And the issue of Separation anxiety can lead up to behavioral changes and even housebreaking. And as I told you earlier they are adorable dog breeds so they want the same behavior with them also.

They also tend to be stubborn and still they are a great learner and easy to be trained. And the fun fact is the French Bulldog is ranked 109th in the intelligence of dogs record of Stanley Coren’s and that’s quite impressive.

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Average Litter Size

The average litter size of a French Bulldog is 3 to 4 puppies.

Diet and feeding for French Bulldog

So you want to know how much you should feed your French Bulldog puppy and the Adult French Bulldog.

So here it is

A French Bulldog should have a planned and balanced diet plan. The French Bulldog diet should have contained enough amount of protein and minerals as recommended by the experts.

If you are a non-vegetarian then you can introduce them to raw and fresh meat at an early age. But if non-vegetarian is not allowed at your home then you can go for the dog food also.

And one more piece of advice doesn’t try to overfeed them because they are very prone to weight gain and that will lead to other health issues.

Health Issues of French Bulldog

These are the health concerns of a French Bulldog which you should look out for before buying a French Bulldog in India.

  • Birth and Reproduction: Mostly French Bulldog are bred through artificial insemination and of the litters are delivered through Caesarean section. Because there are lots of French Bulldog who are not capable of Breeding naturally.
  • Patella issue: The dislocation of the patella in dogs is called patellar luxation and French Bulldog are prone to this issue. The patella is a disease in which there is a small bone between the stifle joint and the hind legs. The bone is held by ligaments, and it’s slides in the femur when the knee is bent or moved. And this issue can be caused due to injury.
  • Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome: The Fench Bulldog is prone to the breathing difficulty issue and prone to sideeffects like loud breathing and snoring. Because French Bulldog have narrow opening way at their nostrils for breathing. And that’s why they not a aesthetic dog breed.
  • Cherry eye and retinal fold dysplasia: These are the common eye problem in French Bulldog and they are also prone to glaucoma and corneal ulcers.

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Factor that affect the cost of French Bulldog in India?
The factor that affects the cost of French Bulldog in India?

Factor that affect the cost of French Bulldog in India?

French Bulldog is one of the most popular and lovely dog breeds and they are the first choice for every family because they are great family dogs who are also gentle with strangers and children.

Although French Bulldog is a little bit expensive compared to the average dog price in India still they are in-demand dog breeds and most people love them as a companion dog.

Due to being of a bulldog origin, they can be a little bit stubborn and hard to train but a little bit of patience and effect can make everything happen. And if you are a first-time dog owner it can be challenging for you to train a French Bulldog.

things influence French Bulldog puppy cost
things influence the puppy cost

6 things influence French Bulldog puppy cost

The French Bulldog price is a little bit high compared to other dog breeds in India and few other factors affect the cost of French Bulldog puppy in India.

These are the following factors

  • Type of Breeder
  • The Sex of puppy
  • Age of Puppy
  • Location
  • KCI Certification
  • Quailty of puppy

1. Type of Breeder

This is the most important factor that affects the price of French Bulldog puppies directly and there is a significant difference in prices from a reputable breeder to puppy mills. Although in India there are many pet shops and one of the best breeders still you have to take precautions while buying a French Bulldog in India.

The French Bulldog is prone to many health diseases if they are not properly breeding. So choosing the best breeder for the best quality puppy is necessary.

Types of Dog breeders available in India

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1. French Bulldog from Pet Shops

Pet shops can be a good choice or a bad choice if you don’t look out for the quality and pedigree of a puppy and never do window shopping while buying a puppy from pet shops.

Don’t make it quick take your time to be sure before making any purchase like make sure to check the quality of the puppy, meet the parent of the puppy, and look out for the living condition of the puppy.

2. Reputable Breeders

This is the best place to buy a puppy in India if you don’t have the budget issue. Although they charge a little bit more than a pet shop the quality is worth the cost.

They provide the best quality puppy and they have an experienced breeder who knows how to breed a show quality puppy.

3. Broker or the middlemen

Broker is just the middlemen between the breeder who wants to sell their puppy and the buyer. So go for middlemen whom you trust and make sure to check every angle before buying the puppy.

4. Regular home Breeder

These are breeders who breed dogs just as a hobby, they love to care and breed dogs and you can find a regular home breeder near you and you can contact anyone whom you trust.

They are a combination of professional breeders and pet shops. And if you have a strict budget then regular home breeders are just fine for you.

And you can do one more thing just to verify the quality of the French Bulldog puppy by asking them about the KCI registration of their parent dog.

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5. Puppy mills

This is the last place you have to consider while buying a French Bulldog puppy in India. They are not trustworthy and they don’t have proper sanitation also.

All they focus on is the profit that’s all they don’t care about is the quality and health of the puppy. And you can identify a puppy mill by talking to them because they used to say the show quality and champion quality puppy available.

The Sex of the Puppy
The Sex of the Puppy

2. The Sex of the Puppy

This is another factor you can consider while buying French Bulldog in India. Although this doesn’t very important for those who don’t want the puppy for breeding.

But still taking care of a Female French Bulldog is more hard and exhausting than the male one.

3. Age of French Bulldog

Age of the French Bulldog also plays a significant role in the final selling price of a puppy because as you know about the demand and supply factor the more the demand the more the price.

It’s applied to dogs also because the majority of people want a French Bulldog puppy than an older French Bulldog. So the higher the age of the dog the lower the cost will be.

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4. Location of Breeder

There are plenty of breeders available in India and everyone have different breeding conditions and environment. And as you know breeding a dog in a metro city is expensive compared to breeding in rural areas.

So an increase in the price of French Bulldog puppy in tier 1 cities is acceptable than the price in tier 2 or tier 3 cities in India.

5. KCI Registration

KCI registration of the puppy becomes more important when you buy a foreign dog breed because the chances of not getting a purebred are increased.

And registration is the only tool to check whether the French Bulldog is purebred or not and registration takes time, resources, and effort that add up in the final selling price of French Bulldog.

6. Quality of Puppy

Last but not least quality of the puppy a mix French Bulldog puppy is way cheaper than the purebred French Bulldog in India.

So it depends on you which one you want to have. Because a purebred French Bulldog is way more expensive than a mixed breed puppy.

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FAQs’ related to French Bulldog puppy price in India

How much does Frenchie cost in India?

The Frenchie will cost around 40,000 to 85,000 INR in India depending on the breeder, quality of breed, sex of the puppy, age of the puppy, and location of the breeder, and one more thing the cost of Francie will always be higher at reputable breeders.

Do French Bulldog Bite?

Yes, but not in aggressiveness. A franchise is not an aggressive dog breed although, they bite whatever they find when they experience the teething phase. And you can avoid your French Bulldog destroying your stuff and expensive thing by giving them chew toys which you can find easily online.

How do you punish a French Bulldog?

As you know that something bulldogs can be stubborn and can be challenging to train. and the key is firmness and consistency. And I am will not suggest you go too hard because they are sensitive. And the best way to punish them is the “Lay down method”. There are two variations of the laying down method. Kneel in front of your dog then place both hands behind her rib cage just below his shoulders blades or you can place your hand over your mouth then incentivize them into laying down.

Is a Frenchie a good pet?

Yes, definitely. They are one of the most lovely, loyal, and friendly dog breeds and they are perfect for families also. If you want a loyal and family dog breed who loves to spend time with family then this dog breed can change your world

Can Bulldogs bite hard?

There are two kinds of feeling people have for the bulldog is the love and hate one. Some people just adore the bulldog and some don’t like them at all. And yes, they can bite hard only if you hurt them or tease them.

Do Frenchies like to cuddle?

Yes, they love it! As you know they are family dogs so they tend to spend time with others and not to stay alone for long. And you will be happy to know that French Bulldog was originally bred as a companion and to become a lap dog so they need a cuddle and your affection.

Are Frenchies high maintenance?

As you know the French Bulldog is a foreign dog breed so they are not used to Indian living style and climate. And they are high maintenance dog breeds and they are also prone to some diseases like joint disease, eye problems, and spinal disorder and which makes them a high maintenance dog breed and they are also prone to intervertebral disc disorder and elbow dysplasia but good healthcare and grooming can avoid this.

Why does Frenchie stink?

Because of how they are physically they have some beautiful rather smelly facial folds. And stinkiness becomes more when you don’t clean these folds regularly. And without grooming, there is a chance of food, dirt, and moisture get stuck in these folds.

Does the French Bulldog get attached to a single person?

Yes, they are affectionate dog breeds and they love to spend time and space with their owner. They get attached to their owner and wants to spend every single day with them. And leaving them alone can leads to separation anxiety disorder because all they need is a hug and your time.

At what age are french Bulldogs full grown?

French Bulldog gets fully grown at the 12 to 14 months mark and they can be filled till the age of 15 months and then their growth plates close at that time. And they can’t grow physically anymore. But they can still grow their muscle till the age of 2 years.

Why do French Bulldogs sleep under the covers?

They don’t want to sleep alone in the room and they are also drawn to burrowing. and whenever they found themselves far from they come around. And one day if you see your French Bulldog sleeping near you so don’t freak out they tend to stay nearby you.

Does French Bulldog get cold at night?

French Bulldogs are not very used to the cold weather. And the common issue Frenchie faces is the stuffy nose and ears issue. cold weather can infected their respiratory system but thank god there is an easy solution to avoid this. so keep them away from such extreme cold weather.

Are French Bulldogs jealous?

A French Bulldog is a lovely and caring dog breed and sometimes they get aggressive if someone invades the space of their owner and them. Because they are not very good with other dog breeds and no one wants someone to come between the space of the dog and the owner.

What food is best for a French Bulldog?

French bulldogs don’t have a big appetite and they are not into fancy stuff at all like the raw meat and other stuff. They can’t eat much so they need something nutritious and healthy to complete their daily requirements. A healthy mixed-up meal that contains protein and minerals is best for them.

How do I know my Frenchie loves me?

In my experience, I haven’t seen a single Frenchie who doesn’t love their owner. They don’t only love their owner they adore them. But if are still confused then you can notice their body language like whenever you greet them if they jump and try to lick your face or they become excited when you kiss them, they love you.

At what age do French Bulldog calm down?

French Bulldog is energetic dog breeds, they love to play and move around their owner. And at their first 2 years, they are most energetic and as they reach the 4 to 5 years mark they become a little bit lazy and mellow.

Do Frenchies like to be held?

Well, Yes they are into the space of being held. Most people think that French bulldogs don’t like to be held but they are wrong, They love this. And you can be sure only when you experience this.

How often should I wash my French Bulldog?

The recommended wash of your French Bulldog is once every 1 to 2 months because they are fuzzy pets with folds on his face. And most dog owners bathe them whenever they need like 5 to 6 times a year.

Is French Bulldog Loyal?

Yes, the French Bulldog is a loyal dog and they are one of the most loyal dog breeds. They love and adore their owner they go wherever their owner goes. They love family and they love to play with children also. They can be a little bit protective in front of other dog breeds but they are also friendly with strangers. They truly love their owner and want to spend every single second with them.

Which human food is good for French Bulldogs?

They are a little bit nerdy in terms of choosing what to eat and what not to and they have very different likes on foods compared to other dog breeds. They can eat fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and peanut butter if they are vegetarian. And if they are not then you can feed them turkey and chicken But I don’t suggest beef to feed them because Hindus live in India and they all adore and loves cow and buffalo and they have completely prohibited slaughtering cattle.

Is French Bulldog a good family dog?

Yes, the French bulldog is one of the best family dogs and most of the families prefer French Bulldog as their pet. They are also good and friendly with strangers and they love to spend time with family and kids. But sometimes they can be a little bit possessive in front of other dog breeds but otherwise, they are just gentle and lovely dog breeds.

Is French Bulldog Aggressive?

This can be debatable, but as neutral nature, they are lovely and gentle dog breeds who are not into aggression at all. But behavior depends on how you train them and how you raised them. If you don’t socialize your dog and don’t give them training at an early age they can be aggressive in some messy conditions. The signs of an aggressive French Bulldog are growling and snarling as well as stiff postures with ears pinned back against his head.

Can French Bulldog eat bananas?

Yes, feeding a banana to a Frenchie Bulldog is completely healthy and tasty. They don’t just eat bananas they love to eat bananas. But I don’t suggest to feed them banana regularly because banana contains more calorie than other fruits so keeping it occasionally will be great to prevent constipation and obesity issue because banana has enough calorie to fill half of the dog daily maintenance calorie intake.

Does French Bulldog fart a lot?

Yes, they do French Bulldog Fart but not a lot. This is a natural process and every dog, every animal, and also humans do fats so there is nothing to shame about, and it’s completely normal. And I can understand your concern that no one wants to smell farts of their dog and you can prevent this by feeding them healthy and nutritious meals.

Is Chicken bad for Frenchies?

No, Chicken is not bad for French Bulldog at all. But sometimes it can be if they are allergic to some kind of meat and you can replace them with other food choices. Although chicken is a great source of fatty acids and is high in protein and enough to fulfill French Bulldog daily protein requirements but chicken may not be the best option for your dog.

Can french Bulldog Swim?

No, they don’t know how to swim and they sink in water like a rock so don’t dare to get them into the water at all. Because many dog breeds don’t know how to swim and Frenchie is one of them.

How long can French Bulldog hold their bladder?

French Bulldog can hold their pee for almost 8 to 10 hours, but that completely depends on their health and age factor. Like an older Frenchie can hold more than a young dog and they can hold like a whole day, unlike puppies who can’t hold more than 4 hours.

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Conclusion – How much French Bulldog Cost in India

ultimate buying guide
ultimate buying guide

Now you know the cost of French Bulldog in India and other major cities in India. And the factors that affect the price of puppies in India.

The expenses like food, grooming, vet, and more. And after reading the article you will be completely sure about the cost and buying process.

This ultimate guide on French Bulldog prices in India will help you out.

If you have any suggestions and queries related to the post you can comment down below

And please share your thoughts and experience with us.


Hi, I am Sumedha, a veterinarian and a passionate dog lover. I have certificates and experience in dogs care, grooming, health tips, and care. Feel free to ask any queries. Our Team research and update the information every day.


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