The Indian Pariah Dog is one of the oldest and the popular dog breeds which is originally from India. So in this post, you will find out about Indian pariah Dog Price in India and his pictures, buying guide, and Information.

You may be shocked after knowing that the Indian Pariah Dog is one of the few Pure breeds originally from India. No human interference is presented in their breeding process so you can call them nature gifts.

These pure village dogs don’t need much grooming, maintenance, and attention they can take care of themselves without any master. Because they know the true meaning of  ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bano‘.

They can become the perfect family pets and loyal ones if you socialize them at an early age. And the best thing is you don’t have to find more because you can find the perfect Indian Pariah dog puppy in your streets, roads, or nearby colonies.

Urbanization provides a huge boost in the population growth of Indian Pariah puppies in India. That leads to interbreeding. But not all dogs you see on Indian streets is Indian Pariah Dog.

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Indian Pariah Dog price in India – 2021

The average price of an Indian Pariah dog breed is around ₹4,000 to ₹7,000 INR. And can be less in some cities in India also.

And one more thing they are one of the strongest and highly adaptable in Indian weather and climate.

Indian Pariah Puppy cost in major cities in India

CitiesPet QualityGrooming, food,
Vet (Monthly)
Indian Pariah Puppy cost in major cities in India

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Indian Pariah dog Specifications
Indian Pariah dog Specifications

Indian Pariah dog Specifications

Indian Pariah Features and Specifications
NameIndian Pariah
Other NamesDesi Kutta, Indian dog
PopularityPopular dog breed
Height18-25 inches
ColorBlack, Brown, Red, and Tan.
Learning RateHigh
Litter Size6 – 9 Puppies
TemperamentAffectionate, Loyal
Life spanOver 14 Years
Weight15 – 30 Kg
CoatShort Length Dense coat
Price of Indian PariahRs 4,000 to Rs 7,000 Average
Indian Pariah dog Specification and features

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Things need to know about Indian Pariah Dog
Things need to know about Indian Pariah Dog

Things need to know about Indian Pariah Dog

These dogs have a cautious temperament. Indian Pariah Dog can adapt to any Indian weather and that’s the advantage of breeding an Indian Pariah puppy. So you don’t have to think much about the weather in your home.

They are very friendly with kids. Very loyal to masters. And the biggest advantage of having Indian Pariah Dog puppies in India is that they need much grooming and they are very rough and tough.

The Indian dog or the Indian Pariah dog is called by different names some called them pye dog, pie dog, or the pi dog. Different places gave them different names.

These are naturally selected breeds in the Indian sub-continent. They are also referred to as INDog by some dog lovers and dog experts.

Whatever name they used to call, they are one of the oldest and the smartest breeds to belong to India and Indians.

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Indian Pariah Temperament

Under Coat Yes
Colour Various combinations
Coat Type Short
Hair LengthShort Flowing
Hair DensitySparse
Guide DogYes
Affinity to water Medium
Compatibility with other dogsBest Buddies
Activity RequirementModerate
Therapy DogYes
Temperament with childrenGreat
Aloof, Best Buddy
Guarding PotentialPoor
Other traitsHeadstrong, Obedient
Playfulness, Moody
Always Ready, Noisy
Indian Pariah Temperament

The interesting fact is that the Indian Pariah dog was named so in the British era. It draws its inspiration from the Pariah tribe of Tamil Nadu, India.

They were considered an outcast, in the oldest times this word had wrong connotations and in some cases was even considered derogatory but not in the canine world.

Unique abilities of Indian Pariah Puppy
Unique abilities of Indian Pariah Puppy

Unique abilities of Indian Pariah Puppy

The unique aspect of Indian Pariah Dog is that they are presented in the sub-continent for a long time that making them one of the most versatile and adaptable to any if weather and conditions.

They were bred through natural behavior without any human contact and that makes them different from other dog breeds in India.

The Pariah dog is one of the fittest and strongest breeds around they are not prone to any specific medical conditions.

So getting this breed will allow your pocket to be happy as they will be free of all allergies of most skin issues that some pedigree dogs are used to.

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Do Indian pariah/desi dogs make good pets

The best and the smartest, hardiest, and least maintenance pets you could get.

With the right diet, these dogs do not smell at all, unlike several pedigreed ones that have a distinct dog smell and the homes too.

My dogs are also vegetarian and with the right diet and home-cooked food. They will be completely fine and healthy.

Although the vet once offered them non-vegetarian biscuit treats and before I could tell him that our dog is vegetarian, they turned their heads away and refused to eat the non-veg stuff themself. They did eat the vegetarian biscuits though.

The point I am making is that vegetarian food is cooked right and with the right precautions, dogs can have good digestion and be odorless.

And vegetarian is mostly filled with nutrients and lots of fiber even more than non-veg food. My home has no doggie smell – they are in our room at night and no smell there either.

Look at the anticipation and the happiness at the prospect of an imminent ride.

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Experience with Indian Pariah dog

See those laugh lines…

She hates a bath and kind of knows that any day Papa has mentioned the b word to mummy is a day to hide under the staircase.

I don’t know why am I going on and on about mine…these are the ones people should adopt. They are sweet, kind, loving, gentle, and oh so intelligent!

Training them is a play and if you talk to them enough, they get to understand all that you say and will follow your commands if you do get most of what they say as well.

This is a one-off day she is on a leash just so that she doesn’t run over the rangoli otherwise the lady is leashless.

Factors that affect the cost of Indian Pariah dog in India

These are the various and most important factors that decide and influence the final cost of Indian Pariah puppy in India.

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Age & Gender

Like other dog breeds, the Indian Pariah price also depends on age and gender basis. Like breeders sell younger dogs and puppies at a higher price compared to the older Indian pariah dog.

And they also sell male ones more expensive than female ones.

Characteristics and Physical Attributes

Physical Attributes means the color and coat pattern can influence the price of an Indian Pariah puppy and sometimes can rise to double the price.

And if you are fond of rare and beautiful colors then Indian Pariah comes in more than 8 different colors and patterns.

And remember the basic price rule the rare the color the rare the price will be.

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Type of Breeder

The breeder also affects the cost of the Indian Pariah puppy. I suggest you go for a reputable breeder because they are the best although they will charge more than the normal breeder the cost is acceptable for the best-quality puppy.

Pure or Mix breed

The cost of a Pure breed Indian Pariah Puppy will be more than the mixed breed because their demand is less and they are very prone to many health issues and diseases.

And no one wants to lose their lovely family member so early.

Location and Availability

Availability affects the Indian Pariah puppy price. Like the Indian Pariah, the puppy is much cheaper where they are easily available and much expensive where they are hard to get.

Although Indian Pariah is mostly available everywhere so this factor won’t be affected much.

Miscellaneous Factors

Other additional stuff if you won’t like the Microchip in dogs. That is used to provide a permanent Identity to your dog. This will increase the final price of the Indian Pariah dog.

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Indian Pariah Dog History
Indian Pariah Dog History

Indian Pariah Dog History

The history of the Indian Pariah Dog is quite wiped no one knows when and exactly from where this breed came into existence they have been always present in rural India and cities since time immemorial.

Historical references show that the Indian Pariah dog has been present in the country since the Neolithic times and it is way longer than other dog breeds we know.

No one knows for certain as to when did the domestication and recognition of dogs started there has been a growing debate between Asia and China.

This dog breed has been a part of old In Indian Stories and Tales which your grandparents used to tell us.

Everyone knows about this dog breed but no one differentiates them from other street dogs.

Indian Pariah in Movies and Bollywood

Indian Pariah Dog was also featured in various movies or something in a lead role that makes them way more popular.

They are amazing and lovely dogs who will thank you every day for having them in your life.

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Appearance in Movies

There have been a lot of movies with these dogs in Bollywood, there have various been shots where they have made a short appearance on camera.

Though here is a list of movies that feature them. This includes Rani Mukherjee starred Aiyya and the popular one Chillar Party.

Celebrity owners

The Indian Pariah dog has found admirers amongst celebrities as well. Tushar Kapoor and Abhay Deol are famous owners of the Indian Pariah dog breed.

And recently Akshay Kumar also got a stray Indian Pariah female dog in their family.

This is a good move toward the Indian Pariah dog breed because they are one of the worst treated pets and have a very hard life in the streets.

And adopted by the Celebs encourage others to do the same which is great.

Pros of Indian Pariah Puppy
Pros of Indian Pariah Puppy

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Pros of Indian Pariah Puppy

  • Easily adjustable in Indian weather.
  • Can adapt almost any weather.
  • Very Easy to train.
  • Have a sense of humour.
  • Cost effective and pocket friendly.
  • Grooming is a breeze.
  • Rarely need of a non-veterinarian foods.
  • Loyal, caring, Understanding, and happy.

Grooming of Indian Pariah dog

Indian Pariah dogs need a little maintenance almost less than your bike when it comes to their grooming or care.

Hair Shredding

They shed almost every single day equally so you will used to it and it doesn’t bother you because they shed very little. But the absence of an undercoat ensures that you do not see hair everywhere you go.

Brushing Regularly once or twice a week will make your work more efficient and this problem minimal and it can effectively remove all dead hairs for a coat.

They have a short and rough coat and grooming them does not take much of your effort or time. And I am sure you will happy to spend time with your dog.

Just take a hound mitt or a brush and brush them all over to prevent further shedding. They have fewer oil glands on the coat, which does help to prevent all odor and helps them to stay clean at all times.

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Teeth & Nails

You should brush your pet’s teeth regularly to prevent the formation of all plaque and ensure fresh breath at all times. And you have to trim your dog’s nails regularly to avoid any harm to you and your dog unintentionally.

Doing this grooming will strengthen the bond between you and your dog and trust me they will repay you all love and affection.

Common Health Issues in Indian Pariah dog

When it comes to health and diseases Indian Pariah Dog is one of the healthiest and diseases free dogs in the world.

Because experience a lot of struggle and suffering extreme climate or conditions make them the toughest and least susceptible to any of the diseases.

But in the end, we all are living creatures and all of us are prone to diseases and sometimes they can also fall sick because they are not immortal.

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Traits and habits of Indian Pariah dog

Firstly behavior is mostly dependent on how you treated the dog and your behavior with the dog and how you raised them.

Indian Pariah Dog becomes an excellent member of the family and very friendly with kids and adults but they need to be socialized at the early age of life to experience the feeling and become comfortable.

That will help them to socialize with other pets. Indian Pariah is very active and energetic but still, they need regular exercise to maintain that health and energy.

They make appropriate pets for people who love to run or just go for a long walk regularly.

They make excellent watchdogs with their energy and alertness. So if anyone is at the door then your dog will immediately sense that and Your Pariah will inform of you with some loud bark at times.

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Indian Pariah Training

Indian Pariah Dogs are one of the easily trainable dogs in the world because they listen to their trainer and they are very intelligent you just have to identify the behavior of the puppy.

Sometimes they took a little while to start but after they started then they never look back and be relaxed because you can’t train a dog forcefully so have patience.

You should always start with some basic and easy training commands such as stay, sit, and down. This is an intelligent breed and learns to adapt quickly and fast.

The best way to train them will be with the help of treats because this breed will love to be acknowledged for its behavior. 

Indian Pariah Cross Breeds

There are no modern cross-breeds that have utilized the INDog, also known as the Indian Pariah Dog.

But still, you can find some of the crossbreeds in many places in India. Related to Indian Pariah Dog Price in India.

Indian Pariah Dog other common names

  1. Indian Pariah
  2. Indian Pariah dog
  3. Desi Dog
  4. Pye-Dog
  5. InDog

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Indian Pariah Dog Price in India
Indian Pariah Dog Price in India

Interesting facts about Indian Pariah Dog

  • The Indian Pariah is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Archaeological evidence dates them to 4500 years ago or even more.
  • This dog is a hunter and scavenger, living as outcasts of human society.
  • This dog is cheerful and eager to please its master.
  • They are excellent guard dogs, packs of them can guard an entire village.
  • This dog is a landrace, through natural adaption and not through humans interfereance and selective breeding.
  • They are a dog that everyone loves, but none one wants to have them.
  • The Pariah dog from South India is taller than its northern relatives.

For how long this Indian Pariah Dog lives?

The average life span of this dog is between 12 to 15 years. Unlike modern dog breeds, These dogs remain throughout their life.

This dog is a landrace and has excellent immunity against most canine diseases.

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Conclusion – Price of Indian Pariah dog in India

Now I have talked in detail about Indian Pariah Dog Price in India and many other major cities in India.

And also shared the buying guide and factors that affect the price of puppies in India.

The features, pros of getting an Indian Pariah dog, traits, characteristics, and many more.

Now, it’s your time to make move and get a beautiful Indian Pariah puppy today.

If you have any queries related to the post then you can comment down below and if you like the post then you can support us by leaving your comment and sharing the post with your friends who are into dogs.


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