Maltipoo price in India or Maltipoo puppy price in India is based on many factors like place, type of breeder, and last but not least the quality of puppy in India.

If you want to know the detailed price of Maltipoo puppy in India and in other major cities in India. Also, the factors that affect the price of a puppy then you are at the right place.

The Maltipoo is a crossbreed of two popular toy dog breeds is Maltese and Poodle. And the outcome is quite impressive.

This is also one of the most in-demand small dog breeds in India.

But they are rarely available in India but they are quite very popular in the US. And if you want to have the Maltipoo in India probably you have to import the puppy.

So if you still want to have the Maltipoo puppy in India then scroll down further to know.

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Maltipoo Puppy Price in India

A Maltipoo puppy costs you in the range of ₹60,000-₹1,50,000 in India. Yes, Maltipoo is an expensive dog breed.

And the reason for being that expensive is that this is a foreign dog breed and the cost of importing a Maltipoo is quite high.

And they are so rarely available in India and if you can find someone breeding Maltipoo in India then the price can be a little less.

Maltipoo Puppy Price in India across all Major Cities
Maltipoo Puppy Price in India across all Major Cities

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Maltipoo Puppy Price in Mumbai in India

So Maltipoo is a hybrid dog breed of Maltese and Poodle. So if you import Maltipoo in Mumbai the cost will be around ₹70,000 to ₹90,000.

Maltipoo Puppy Price in Delhi in India

Maltipoo Price in Delhi is around ₹65,000 to ₹90,000 and can be little bit high also depending on the importing taxes and fee.

Maltipoo Puppy Price in Banglore in India

Maltipoo Dog Price in Banglore is around ₹80,000 to ₹1,10,000. I know it’s little bit high but this is a expensive dog breed and you can’t expect cheap prices.

Maltipoo Puppy Price in UttarPradesh in India

Maltipoo Puppy Price in UP is around ₹65,000 to ₹1,00,000. And the price will not be that different from other nearby cities.

Maltipoo Puppy Price in Hyderabad in India

Maltipoo Puppy Price in Hyderabad is around ₹80,000 to ₹90,000. And I suggest to check nearby cities prices before buying them maybe you can get better deal nearby you.

Maltipoo Puppy Price in Chennai in India

Maltipoo Dog Price in Chennai is between ₹75,000 to ₹1,00,000 and can be more than this depending on the market status.

Maltipoo Puppy Price in India
Maltipoo Puppy Price in India

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Maltipoo Features And Specifications

Maltipoo FeaturesSpecifications
Height8-14 inches
Weight5-20 Pounds
Lifespan10-13 years
TemperamentActive, Playful, and Intelligent
Colorsblack gray red blue cream white fawn brown / chocolate
Puppy Price60,000-1,50,000
PopularityNot Much
Maintenance LevelModerate
Common Health IssuesRare
Behavioral IssueSmall Dog Syndrome
Maltipoo Features And Specifications

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Factors That Affect the price of Maltipoo in India

Maltipoo dog
Maltipoo dog

The price of Matlipoo puppy in India depends on may major factors which I am gonna tell you to get better idea before buying a Maltipoo in India.

1. Place

Different places will offer you different price of the same quality of puppy. But you can avoid the place factor if you import the Puppy in India but you have to pay premium price of the puppy.

But if you are price conscious then buying the puppy from India is a better choice and also beneficial for your pocket.

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2. Breeder

Now comes to the second part or the most important factor the breeder.

I suggest you to only go for a reputable breeder because I am sure if you buying a Maltipoo then budget is not your issue.

A reputable breeder charge you little bit more than the other cheap breeders. And for a premium quality puppy you have to pay premium price also.

3. Quality of a Puppy

Quality of puppy also plays a important role in the price of a puppy and price can be way different for a show quality dog to a cheap quality dog.

Always prefer having a best quality and healthy puppy with all vaccination and tests.

4. Certified

KCI certified dog breed price is higher than the non KCI registered dog breed. Because KCI registration ensures the quality, purity, and health of the puppy

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Difference Between Maltipoo and Maltese

Maltipoo vs maltese
maltipoo vs maltese

Many people who don’t know much about or know a little about the maltipoo get confused between the same looking different dog breed name Maltese and Maltipoo.

Because they look quite similar and their size is almost same and the are also genetically related to each other.

As you know that Maltipoo is a hybrid of Maltese and Poodle but they look more like a Maltese.

They both are non shedding dog breeds and both of them are toy dog breeds.

so now you know the similarities between the Maltipoo and Maltese now I will tell you about the differences between the 2 dog breeds.

To get a better idea to differentiate both the dog breeds

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6 Things to know about a Maltipoo dog

Maltipoo dog in India
Maltipoo dog in India

These 6 things you need to know about the Maltipoo dog before buying to get a better idea on what you are getting.

1. High Maintenance Dog

You know that Maltipoo is one of the most expensive dog breed in India and their maintenance is also quite high despite of being a non shedding dog breed.

But still they need High maintenance service. Although they need moderate grooming but to keep their fur beautiful and healthy you need to spend little bit more time on maintenance.

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2. Separation Anxiety

You might don’t know about this much but this is a common issue in the Maltipoo dog breed. They have separation anxiety. Because they are a social dog breed and they depend of social activity very much.

So don’t left them alone at home and I suggest you to not to buy this dog breed if you live alone and also travel much.

3. Can’t tolerate Extreme weather

As you know all of the toy or small dog breed is not good for the extreme weather places. Because their body is not made for extreme weather.

So make sure you live in a place where weather is quite present.

4. Small Dog Syndrome

If you ever had an Small dog breed or a toy dog breed then you probably know about the small dog syndrome.

This dog breed Maltipoo also prone to the small dog syndrome which means they can misbehave with other dogs but their behavior is totally depends on their environment and training.

5. Maltipoo Behavior

Maltipoo is a charming dog breed. They are small and have tendency of bark. The best thing about Maltipoo is that they don’t shed much.

Their maintenance cost will be around 6,000 to 8,000 INR in India including food, vet, and other expenses.

They are friendly and love to spend time with family and children. Easy to train, easy to groom are other benefits of having a Maltipoo puppy in India.

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6. Maltipoo origin

Maltipoo is originated from United States Of America. But now they are popular all over the world. If we have to define Maltipoo in 2 words then your statement will be Active & Charming dog breed.

FAQ’s About Maltipoo

What is the average cost of a Maltipoo?

Maltipoo is a expensive dog breed and the average cost of maltipoo in India is around 60,000 to 1,50,000.

Is Maltipoo available in India?

They are rare and hard to find a reputable Maltipoo breeder in India yet Maltipoo is available in India. But most of the people prefer to import them instead of buying from nearby.

Do Maltipoos shed a lot?

No, Maltipoo don’t shed. And that the best part of having a breed like Maltipoo who don’t shed. And this is the best dog breed for those who have issues like allergies from dogs.

How big do Maltipoos get?

They are toy dog breed that means they don’t get that big like the average dogs in India but their height will range between 20 to 35 cm.

What is the Maltipoo Behavior?

Maltipoo is a active, caring, and loving dog breed and one of the best toy dog breed in India.

How does Maltipoo hair look?

Their hair can be curly like a poodle or a mixture of curly and straight like maltese and poodle.

Is Maltipoo is a family dog breed?

Yes, definitely Maltipoo is a family dog breed and they are great family dogs. They love to spend time with family and children.

Can Maltipoo be left alone at home?

No, you can’t leave them alone at home because they are social dog breeds. They are social and love to being around people.

Is Maltipoo Available in India?

Yes, Maltipoo is available in India. Their are also plenty of good reputable Maltipoo breeder in India.

How much does a Maltipoo cost in India?

Maltipoo cost in India around 60,000 to 1,50,000 INR. And price depends on many factors like place, type of breeder, and quality of breed.

How Long do Maltipoos live in human years?

Maltipoo can live up to 15 Years, and their life span is around 8-12 years generally.

What age is Maltipoo full grown?

A Maltipoo can grown fully around in 9-13 months. Although they are toy dog breeds but their behavior changed alot.

Is a black Maltipoo rare?

Yes, a fully black Maltipoo is rare because for a black Maltipoo puppy you need a black Maltese and a black Poodle which is quite rare.

Are Maltipoo healthy dogs?

Yes, Maltipoo is a healthy dog breed with no health issues. They are a great combination of Maltese and Poodle.

Do Maltipoo dogs Smell?

No, definitely not. They don’t smell usually but if you don’t gave them regular baths and grooming then they will smell.

Are Maltipoo is easy to Potty train?

Yes, they are easy to potty train although they are smart and intelligent dog breed.

How smart are Maltipoo?

They are very smart and they also adapt training very fast. You can expect that they are one of the smartest dog breed.

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Conclusion- Maltipoo Puppy Price in India

Now you have clear idea of Maltipoo dog price in India now we can come to the last step.

If you have budget to spend on dogs and have passion for dogs then you can go for Maltipoo definitely.

They are smart, happy, charming, beautiful, and great family dogs in India.

So there is no reason of not having a Maltipoo in India.

They need attention and don’t want to be alone. In short this is a best dog breed.

If you have any queries or suggestion related to the post you can comment down below and can share your thoughts.


Hi, I am Sumedha, a veterinarian and a passionate dog lover. I have certificates and experience in dogs care, grooming, health tips, and care. Feel free to ask any queries. Our Team research and update the information every day.


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