So here you are searching for the Newfoundland puppy in India. Let me tell you about the Newfoundland dog price in India.

But before that, I should tell you a little bit about the Newfoundland dog.

The Newfoundland dog is a big size huge dog. It looks like a teddy bear with lots of furs. His appearance looks like a Scent Bernard and Tibetan Mastiff.

Usually, the dog comes in a black, brown, and in black and white shade and I tell you that Newfoundland Dog price in India will shock you a little bit so be ready.

firstly they were bred as working dogs on farms. And the place where they first bred in Newfoundland. From there this dog breed is named Newfoundland dog breed.

They are popular for their intelligence, strength, loyalty, and muscularity. If you are looking for these features then this is the perfect breed for you in India.

If you need a watch dog then this can be a good choice for you.

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Newfoundland Dog Price in India
Newfoundland Dog Price in India

Newfoundland Dog Price in India

The price of Newfoundland Dog in India is around ₹65,000 to ₹ 1,70,000. And the price of Newfoundland puppy in India depends on my thing and there are the 3 criteria of puppy cost in India.

Different Price of Newfoundland for Different Specifications

Newfoundland Puppy price (Basic):

₹65,000 to ₹80,000

Newfoundland Puppy price (KCI registered):

₹90,000 to ₹1,20,000

Newfoundland Puppy price (Show Quality):

₹1,20,000 to ₹1,70,000

Newfoundland Dog Characteristics

Newfoundland DogCharacteristics
Breed NameNewfoundland
Height 25-29 Inches
Weight 45-70 KG
Coat colorsBlack, Grey, Brown,
 White and Black
Life Span 09-11 Years
Litter Size4-12 puppies
Size Large
Newfoundland dog Characteristics in India

These are the characteristics of Newfoundland puppy and these are quite Impressive. His Characteristics can easily beat up many popular dog breeds in India.

These prices are not fixed they can vary differently in each state. The prices of Newfoundland dogs in the States can fluctuate around 10%. And the prices can be flexible because of the quality of dog breed in India.

Newfoundland Dog Price in India

Is Newfoundland Dog Popular in India

Yes, the Newfoundland dog is much popular in India. and not only in India, but this dog breed also gained huge popularity around the world

Because of its strength, working capacity, and loyalty. You can say they a power-packed dog breed and that’s reflected in Newfoundland Puppy cost in India

They are great swimmers and watchdogs. And because of its massive size, they gained quite a different personality.

And everyone knows that Indians are a little bit different and they want things to be different maybe that’s why Indians love Newfoundland dog breeds.

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Availability of Newfoundland puppy in India

Although the Newfoundland dog breed is quite popular among dog lovers but not much between normal people like those who don’t have much interest in dogs and dog shows.

And that’s why compared to his popularity Newfoundland dog breed demand is quite low in the dogs market.

This Causes low breeding of Newfoundland puppy because every breeder wants to demand and pre-booking of puppy and they don’t want a puppy to be unsold.

Because 80% of the dog lovers want to adopt popular dog breeds like Labrador, pug, German shepherd, and others.

Newfoundland Monthly Maintenance Cost

Newfoundland dog monthly expenses are quite high as compared to other dog breeds maintenance costs and add up in Newfoundland Dog Price in India.

And most of your money will be spent on his daily food requirements and in grooming.

Newfoundland Monthly Maintenance Cost will be around 20’000 to 30’000 INR. And it could be more if you add manpower like for caretaking or in grooming.

Because of its huge size, this dog breed needs much more food than average dog breeds. Including vaccination, medicine, food, dog food, treats, grooming products, and toys.

And there is no straight line or full stop on Maintenance cost because, in the end, it all depends on you and your budget.

Newfoundland puppy Price in India
Newfoundland puppy cost in India

History of Newfoundland Dog

As you can guess from his name Newfoundland dog you can predict that from where this breed came from.

Yes, Newfoundland dog breed origin’s from Newfoundland. This is the crossbreed of Canadian dog breeds with Labradors.

Initially, they were bred for heavy work like hunting, pulling carts, etc. Newfoundland dog breed is one of the oldest dog breeds with a long history.

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Characteristics of Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a huge muscular dog breed popular for his broad chest and leveled back that makes him aesthetic.

This dog breed has a curved tail and small little eyes. His ears have set back and small in size.

And his weight can vary between 55kg – 70kg while the female Newfoundland weight varies between 45kg – 55kg generally.

Newfoundland has double-coated fur with water resistance and that makes him a great swimmer.

With this ability, this dog breed can save a drowning man from deep water. And his dense undercoat helps him in water.

And another ability is that this dog breed has a soft jaw that helps him to grab people for rescuing without hurting them.

Temperament and Behaviour

Newfoundland dog breed temperament and Behaviour is chill and calm. They are extremely strong, muscular, and loyal dog breed.

If you wanted to get a dog for your family where you wanted a dog who is gentle with kids also. then Newfoundland dog is for you.

But I am not recommending you to leave your baby with the Newfoundland dog for a long period of time although the dog won’t harm the baby this dog is huge and you don’t have to take risks.

The lifespan of the Newfoundland Dog breed

The average lifespan of Newfoundland dog breed is around 8 to 10 years but exceptionally there are some cases where this dog breed can live up to 15 years.

Newfoundland puppy Price in India
Newfoundland puppy Price in India

Newfoundland Dog Litter Size

The average litter size of Newfoundland dog breed is somewhere around 4-12 puppies.

Things to do at his puppy age.

This dog breed is huge in size and needs lots of food to keep growing. Although they also like to play very much.

They like to spend time with children and love’s their company. You have to start your training at an early age because they grow rapidly.

Training like socialization and some basic day to day dog training.

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Newfoundland dog Diet

The recommended diet for the Newfoundland dog breed is 4-5 cups of food a day and the food should be high in quality and macros.

You have to divide your dog meals half-half and feed them that meal two times a day.

The recommended percentage of protein for a Newfoundland puppy is around 20. And the fat percentage should be less than 15.

Is Newfoundland good for Indians?

Besides being popular among dog lovers there is very few Newfoundland dog in India. It’s very rare to found Newfoundland Dog in India.

1. Temperature

And the most common reason is similar to Siberian husky problems. High temperature and weather. And the other reason is high maintenance.

2. Expensive – Newfoundland Dog Price in India

This dog is a beast and they need a diet similar to a beast and because of the coat, it becomes, even more, harder to maintain his fur physically and financially.

And the puppy of Newfoundland dog is quite expensive. A breeder sold a pure Newfoundland puppy with KCI registration around 2 to 3 lakhs INR in India

3. Manpower

“Great power comes with Great Responsibility”. Have you heard about that because that’s true and this applies to almost everything?

You are buying a huge teddy bear-like expensive dog. So you have to give more time and energy to keep them as royal as they are.

You need to give extra care and attention especially if the weather conditions are hot which is very much in India, hence, their low resistance to hot weather and enormous price tag justifies their low demand and availability of Newfoundland in India.

Newfoundland Dog Health Issues

So Newfoundland dog breed faces various health issues. But these are the most common health issues with this dog breed in India.

1. Dysplasia

Newfoundland most of the time faces dysplasia issues as well as elbow dysplasia. This dog breed also faces hereditary defects with increase formation of calculi stones in the bladder.

Newfoundland dog also faces heart problems.

2. Cherry eye

As you can guess from his name this is the eye problem found in the third eyelid glands. If you neglect this health issue in the first place then it will lead to surgery.

3. Cataracts

Cataracts are the most common issues faced by elders in Newfoundland as they grow old. But sometimes it can be found in younger dogs and that’s will be cured only by surgery.

4. Cystinuria

This is the autosomal recessive disease. And the reason for this disease is a high concentration of amino acid cystine in the urine.

And it can be leads to cystine stones in kidneys, bladder and ureter.

5. Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis / SAS

SAS is an abnormal congenital heart murmur that is caused by subaortic stenosis. It is similar to a heart attack and can lead to death especially in puppies.

This health concern is found in a lot of other large and giant dog breeds like Golden Retriever, English Bulldog, Rottweiler, German Shorthaired Pointer, and others.

The abnormality obstructs the heart to pump blood to the body, and the pumping speed tends to become higher, which further causes pressure in the aorta.

6. Addison’s Disease

Addison’s Disease, also popular as hypoadrenocorticism, is a condition where a dog is insufficient for the production of adrenal hormones. Due to this condition, the Newfoundland dog may have the common symptoms of vomiting and lethargy

Conclusion – Newfoundland Puppy Price in India

If you are a dog lover who loves big size but gentle and calm dog breed then this dog is for you. All you need a big space, money, and time. If budget is not a issue for you at all then go for it.

But if you don’t have much money to spend on your Newfoundland or don’t have a big space then I suggest you drop the idea of Newfoundland and go for some other dog breeds

Are newfoundland dog friendly with kids and children

Yes! Newfoundland are excellent with small children. These dogs always remain very gentle and careful whenever they are around a small children and they have fairly decent protective instincts for kids as well.

Are Newfoundland dogs friendly with other dogs?

yes, they are completely fine with other dogs and I have told you before they are big gentle dog breeds. These dogs from Newfoundland have great social skills and they are always happy to meet with other dogs.

Are Newfoundland dogs friendly with cats?

Yes! these dogs are great with other canines, but they are quite warm and friendly with most of the other household pets including cats. These dogs are a great option for those people who want to raise a dog and a cat at the same time happily.

Are Newfoundland are good guard dogs?

Yes! Newfoundland are great guard dogs. They are highly loyal and protective of their family members and loved ones and they are known to defend their close ones against any kind of harm or danger.

How much do Newfoundland dogs shed?

The Newfoundland dogs are heavy shedders. These dogs constantly shed their fur in decent quantities all around the year, they are one of the most dogs who shed alotvbut the amount and frequency of shedding can be further increased during the shedding season which comes at least twice every year and during that time.

Do Newfoundland dogs barks alot?

Usually, Newfoundland is not the kind of dog that barks a lot, but sometimes, they bark just to grab its owner’s attention. And sometimes when they hear or feel something suspicious. otherwise, they are one of the calmest and chilled dogs in India.

Is Newfoundland is a Intelligent dog breed?

Yes, without any doubt they are Intelligent dog breed. You can say that with their big size they also got big mind.

Are Newfoundland dogs expensive and high maintenance dogs?

Yes! Newfoundlands are extremely expensive dogs in India. which are mostly fancied as a pet by the members of the Lower section of the society. This is a pretty high-maintenance breed as well. They require high-quality feeding, their grooming needs are fairly high and they need a lot of care and attention from their owners regularly to live comfortably and happily. 

Are Newfoundland Dogs easily available in India?

No! Newfoundlands have a low availability in India. You can rarely found them in tier second cities in India. They can be found in the bigger cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi. but when it comes to their availability in India’s smaller regions, then it is still on the lower side.


Hi, I am Sumedha, a veterinarian and a passionate dog lover. I have certificates and experience in dogs care, grooming, health tips, and care. Feel free to ask any queries. Our Team research and update the information every day.


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