Pedigree dog food VS Royal Canin which dog food is the best. Firstly they are the most trusted and reputable brands in India and both of them doing well in the Indian market.

And still, there are plenty of dog food brands available in the market but still, Pedigree dog food and Royal Canin Dog food are dominating the Indian dog food market.

but which dog food is best for your dog. So we know both of them are the best dog food but still Like you, all of us want the best dog food for our pooch.

We want them to live their best life and always eat well and healthily.

So choosing which dog food will be hard for you from these 2 leading dog food brands.

But here we are to help you out to choose which dog food is best for your dog, Pedigree dog food or Royal Canin dog food.

Pedigree dog food VS Royal Canin dog food – Which is best

This is the comparison of the two leading dog food brands, And I will show you the detailed comparison of Pedigree and Royal Canin.

Howitstart Rating: Royal Canin dog food

Overall Rating9/10
Howitstart Rating: Royal Canin dog food

Howitstart Rating: Pedigree dog food

Overall Rating6/10
Howitstart Rating: Pedigree dog food

Who Wins – Royal Canin

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Quality – Pedigree dog food vs Royal Canin

To know the real quality and the type of raw material used in both of these products we need to go beyond the packaging and the marketing of the dog food brands.

Because every brand says that they are the best and the leading dog food brands in India, many of them use low-quality dog food.

So to know that we need to look more deeply at the nutrient analysis that dog foods manufacturers in Indian legally have to provide on the label of the pack.

Checking things like protein levels, raw material, and the amount of fiber and crude fats used by a particular dog food brand vs another brand.

To know the exact standing of these brands named Royal canin dog food vs Pedigree dog food, we have compared two bags of adult dog food from each of the brands.

Pedigree dog food VS Royal Canin dog food

These are the overall comparison of both of these dog food brands.

Royal Canin provides 4% more protein in their dry dog food as compared to the Pedigree dog food.

Dry Dog FoodRoyal CaninPedigree
Crude Fat16.2%11.7%
Crude Fiber4.7%4.5%
Crude Protein27.8%25.8%
Dry dog food macros
Wet Dog FoodRoyal CaninPedigree
Crude Fat20%22.3%
Crude Fiber12.1%6.1%
Crude Protein36.8%41%
Wet dog food macros

Who Wins – Royal Canin

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Protein Comparison

Protein is the most and essential nutrient of dog food. And without a sufficient amount of protein dogs can’t develop and grow. And if the dog food lacks the protein quantity then dogs can face serious health issues.

As I said earlier Royal Canin dry dog food provides more protein than the Pedigree dry dog food but the difference is relatively small and doesn’t affect the dog’s health.

But the scenario in the wet dog food is completely different, Pedigree provides more protein in their wet dog food.

But I don’t recommend feeding the wet dog food to your dog daily because that contains fats in high amounts and many preservatives.

Protein in Royal Canin9/10
Protein in Pedigree7/10
protein comparison

Who Wins – Royal Canin

Fats comparison – Royal Canin VS Pedigree

Fats play a vital role in the overall growth of the dog and development the dog. Helps the body to do proper functioning and growth.

Benefits of having healthy fats in dog food

  • Aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.
  • Improve skin and coat health.
  • Improve the palatially of dog’s food.

Royal Canin also wins in the competition of the crude fats in their dog foods. Yes, Royal Canin contains 4.49% more crude fats than Pedigree dry dog food.

Crude Fats in Royal Canin7/10
Crude Fats in Pedigree9/10
Crude Fats comparison

Who Wins – Pedigree

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Fiber Comparison

Both Provide roughly the same amount of crude Fiber in their dry dog food, but for Wet dog foods, Royal Canin provides 5.59% more fiber than the Pedigree wet dog food.

Crude Fiber in Royal Canin9/10
Crude Fiber in Pedigree7/10
Crude Fiber comparison

Who Wins – Royal Canin

Ingredients – Royal Canin pet food VS Pedigree Pet food

Most of the ingredients in dog food are good and healthy for dogs, And most of their ingredients come from high-quality sources.

But being in the money-focused market, both of these brands use some controversial ingredients and nutrient sources.

These are the controversial ingredients used by Royal Canin and Pedigree.

Corn FlourVegetable Oil
Brewers RiceChicken By-Product meal
Wheat GlutenDried Tomato Pomace
Tomato PomaceCorn Gluten Meal
Chicken By-ProductPowdered Cellulose

Controversial Ingredients used only by Pedigree dog food

Garlic Powder High Fructose Corn Syrup
Ground Whole Grain WheatMeat By-Products
Iron OxidePoultry By-Product Meal
Meat And Bone MealGround Whole Grain Corn
Wheat MiddlingsDried Corn
Dried Meat By-ProductsAnimal Plasma
Beet PulpAnimal Liver
LiverCaramel Color

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Controversial Ingredients used only by Royal Canin dog food

Canola MealPea Protein
Soybean Protein IsolateCorn Meal
Pork PlasmaCorn Syrup
WheatRice Hulls
Brewers Rice FlourHydrolyzed Poultry By-Products
CaramelCorn Grits
Venison By-ProductsPork By-Products
CornBeef Plasma
Propyl GallateDuck By-Product Meal

These controversial ingredients are not ideal for dogs’ health and they are a cheap source of nutrients and these ingredients are linked to adverse health effects.

Harmful ingredients uses by Royal canin and Pedigree dog food

These are the harmful ingredients used by both of these brands and these all are related to serious health diseases.

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Harmful Ingredients used only by Royal Canin

Harmful Ingredients used only by Pedigree

  • Red 3
  • Blue 2
  • Red 40
  • Yellow 5
  • Yellow 6
  • Added Color
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Animal Fat (Preserved With Bha/Bht)

Who Wins – Royal Canin

Types of Pet Foods Available

ProductRoyal CaninPedigree
Dry Dog Food89 Recipes9 Recipes
Wet Dog Food50 Recipes32 Recipes
Dog Treats2 Treats
Dry Cat Food31 Recipes
Wet Cat Food31 Recipes
Cat Treats1 Treat
Types of Pet Foods Available

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Final Verdict – Is Royal Canin better than Pedigree

Royal Canin

Yes, Royal Canin is best in the majority of the fields and comparison and best in all important factors to think about.

It is clear that if you look at quality over quantity then Royal Canin dog food is the best dog food for your dog.

That’s why most of the experienced dog breeders recommend the Royal Canin Dog food instead of Pedigree dog food.

pedigree vs royal canin
pedigree vs royal canin

Why is protein important for dogs?

Protein is the main source of many amino acids that helps your dog’s body to grow and keep healthy and active, Amino acids help to keep the dog coat healthy, shiny, and smooth.

And protein helps to keep dogs’ bodies healthy, muscle strength, and these are the few benefits of taking protein in moderate amounts.

Dogs Experts recommend that dogs need around 18%-25% protein in their daily diet from foods.

Although Pedigree has more protein in their wet or canned dog food that doesn’t mean that the food provides high-quality protein because you don’t know much about the protein sources.

From Where the meat content come from?

Royal Canin dog food claims that its protein comes from concentrated, dehydrated poultry protein. These are fresh and good-quality meat with no excess water. These ingredients make the overall food healthy and of high quality.

Keeping the meat with no excess water makes the dog food more rich protein food because there is no water to fill up the pack.

That proves that Royal Canin dog food is high-quality dog food.

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Value for Money

So if you track only based on pricing and the market selling price then undoubtfully Pedigree wins the race, but if you think in terms of Value for Money product Royal Canin Wins.

Yes, Royal Canin is more expensive than Pedigree and not only this if you go for a specific breed of dog food then Royal Canin is even more expensive but if you focused on quality over quantity then choose Royal Canin.

But if the price is a bigger factor for you than the quality only then Choose Pedigree.

royal canin vs pedigree
royal canin vs pedigree

Packaging – Pedigree pro vs Royal Canin pro

These are the packaging comparisons of both of these brands in terms of keeping food fresh, easy to carry, easy to store, and many other things.

Royal Canin – Great Range of size and stay fresh bags

Royal Canin provides more range in packaging and their packaging is eye-catching and with their appealing trademark. The brand focus on keeping and food fresh and handy and the material of the packaging is strong also.

So don’t worry about the packaging tearing up, breaking up, or leaking at all.

All of the sizes come with the zipper strong lock so you can easily open and close the pack with only one hand.

And the zip lock keeps fresh and creates a protective atmosphere inside the pack.

And that’s the most important thing to look at because if you are paying a premium price for premium quality food then you don’t want the food to become stale.

Pedigree – Good packaging and pouches

Pedigree also provides a decent packaging of their dog food. The packaging is thin, strong, and good but a little less sturdy.

The Pedigree dog food also comes with the zip air-tight lock to keep the food fresh and tasty.

Choose one of them

Conclusion – Is Royal Canin better or pedigree

Royal Canin and personally I also suggest you choose the Royal Canin dog food.

If you have any other queries related to the post you can comment down below.

And if you want to share your experience with any of these food brands, the comment section is always open for you.

I hope you like the post, Thank You.

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FAQ- Which is better royal canin or pedigree

Is Pedigree as good as Royal Canin?

In terms of crude protein yes, Pedigree is good, Pedigree has more protein than the royal canin dog food but they have less quality protein in their food.

Do vets recommend Pedigree dog food?

No, usually vets don’t recommend the Pedigree dog food, because they know that Royal Canin uses more high-quality ingredients.

  • Royal canin or pedigree which is better?
  • Overall, Royal Canin is better than the Pedigree dog food but if you took the price factor then the Pedigree dog food wins.

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