If you are thinking to buy a pug puppy and confusing about many things like how much a Pug dog will cost in India? how much money it takes, how much money is required to do take care of a pug, and many more in India. So How much is the Pug price in India?

How much does Pug dog price in India? 8’000 or 20’000 And How to identify a pure pug breed in India. Things you need to check while paying the pug puppy price.

Pug dog price in India

The price of a pug puppy in India is around 10,000Rs to 12,000Rs. And can go up to 20,000Rs in India. Location, quality of puppy, age, sex, and type of breeder can change the cost of Pug dog in India.

Pug Puppy price in Different States in India

CitiesPet QualityShow QualityGrooming, food,
Vet (Monthly)
Banglore₹8,500 ₹25,000 ₹8,500
Delhi ₹9,500 ₹25,000 ₹9,500
Ahmedabad ₹9,500 ₹22,500 ₹9,000
Hyderabad ₹8,500 ₹19,500 ₹9,500
Surat ₹9,000 ₹25,000 ₹8,500
Pune ₹8,500 ₹24,500 ₹9,000
Chennai ₹8,500 ₹22,500 ₹9,500
Kolkata ₹8,500 ₹19,500 ₹8,500
Lucknow ₹9,000 ₹24,500 ₹8,500
Nagpur ₹9,500 ₹25,000 ₹9,000
Kanpur ₹8,500 ₹19,500 ₹9,500
Jaipur ₹9,500 ₹22,500 ₹8,500
Indore ₹9,000 ₹25,000 ₹9,000
Visakhapatnam ₹9,500 ₹19,500 ₹8,500
Vadodara ₹8,500 ₹22,500 ₹9,500
Ludhiana ₹9,500 ₹25,000 ₹9,500
Patna ₹9,000 ₹19,500 ₹9,000
Thane ₹8,500 ₹24,500 ₹8,500
Srinagar ₹8,000 ₹22,500 ₹9,500
Agra ₹9,000 ₹25,000 ₹9,000
Gaziabad ₹9,500 ₹19,500 ₹9,500
Bhopal ₹9,000 ₹24,500 ₹9,000
Allahabad ₹8,000 ₹19,500 ₹9,000
Ranchi ₹9,000 ₹22,500 ₹9,500
Meerut ₹8,000 ₹25,000 ₹8,500
Vijayawada ₹8,500 ₹19,500 ₹9,500
Howrah ₹8,000 ₹22,500 ₹8,500
Nashik ₹9,500 ₹24,500 ₹9,000
Coimbatore ₹9,000 ₹19,500 ₹8,500
Kochi ₹8,500 ₹25,000 ₹9,500
Mysore ₹8,000 ₹22,500 ₹8,500
Noida ₹9,000 ₹19,500 ₹9,000
Bhubaneshwar ₹9,500 ₹24,500 ₹9,000
Chandigarh ₹9,000 ₹19,500₹8,500
Pug dog price list of every state

Do you have a pug ?

Pug price in India?

Before knowing the Pug dog price in India? Do you really want to buy a pug puppy?

Firstly you need to know that you need to own a pug baby because you have to be sure that you are not only own a pug you are going to get a new family member in your family and you have to take care of your pug more than you.

I prefer you to buy a pug if you are truly passionate about adopting a pug baby so you need to know basic knowledge about a pug like Pug price in India? or how much effort needs to take care of a pug dog.

How much does a Pug Puppy price in India? – It depends from place to place?

The price of a pug in India depends on many factors. firstly you have to choose where you live or from where you want to buy a pug puppy in India because every place has different prices for a pug.

It depends on different things like the availability, health of a pug, age of a pug, and the purity of a pug breed in India.

One of the confusing things you will see when you have settled on the choice to get a pug dog in India. First of all, pugs aren’t shabby!

In the era of the last 3-4 years, the fame of pugs has expanded and you’ll discover how much a pug stock in numerous garments and mold outlets, and may have affected pug price in India.

Pug dog price in India
Pug dog price in India

5 Things that affect a pug’s price

Pug puppy price in India
Pug puppy price in India

1. Depending on different regions.

If you see in the Uttar Pradesh pug it will cost from 5k up to 10k at those times. Here is a rough estimate of costs from around the region for Pug Puppy price in India

India: 8000 to 20,000 Rupees.

Delhi: Between 7000 to 15000 Rupees

Uttar Pradesh: Between 8000 to 12000 Rupees

Pune, Bombay, Hyderabad, Shimla, and Himachal Pradesh vary between 8000 to 20000 rupees.

if you want to know which one you buy male or female pug

2. Quality – Plays a major role in Pug dog price in India

You have all observed the pugs with the ball eyes, the substantial breathing, the quality of fur, and most important the health of a pug dog in India or baby pug dog price in India.

The nature of the reproducer is fundamental for a sound pug and this is the place you will see the greatest variance in cost. You have to make sure that his father and mother are also pure breeds and if that can happen then check his grandparents also.

Always ask for a registration card? And always go for the registered puppy. while paying the price of a pug in India

3. Supply and demand

Plays a major role in the price of a pug in India

Pug dog Prices in India change consistently yet are normally higher between pre-summer and mid-winter occasions but most of the time it’s cost maintenance lover.

like this, a more typical circumstance to buy a pug as the new proprietor will have an occasion or get-away. But sometimes when demand is becoming high then the price of pugs grows very rapidly.

4. The age of a pug puppy for Pug price in India?

The owner will begin to sell the puppies from around 5 a month and a half and mean to discover homes for them when of 8-9 weeks of pugs.

After this time, their esteem will gradually diminish as new potential proprietors are in a perfect world hoping to take him or her home around two months – when it is prepared to be far from its mom.

On the off chance that those Pugs are not sold and achieve the age of 3-4 months old, the raiser will probably either promote them at a ‘deal cost’ or choose to keep them and incorporate the following reproducing plan.

5. Type of Breeder

As the pet market rule, for a premium quality puppy you have to pay a premium price. So for a reputable and experienced breeder service, you have to pay extra.

A reputable breeder charges little more than a pet shop or puppy mill, which I don’t recommend choosing. A Reputable breeder is trustworthy and experienced.

And they know how to breed the best quality puppy.

Price of Pug puppy in India
Price of Pug puppy in India
PugFeatures and Specifications
Other NamesPuggy, Vodafone dog
Popularity28th Most Popular dog breed
HeightMales: 30 – 36 cm
Females: 25 – 30 cm
ColorBlack, Fawn, apricot
Learning RateModerate
TemperamentAffectionate, Loyal
Life span12-15 Years
Weight14-18 pounds
CoatSmooth Short Coat
Price of French BulldogRs 10,000 to Rs 12,000 Average
Pug specifications

Why are Pugs so popular in India? And how that will affect the Pug price in India?

Pugs have grown in reputation in India, and it seems that in much higher proportions than other dog breeds. No one knows the exact reason why pugs become so popular but after a few days of research, we get to know something about this.

There are two reasons pugs have grown so popular and that’s affecting pug dog prices in India?

1. Wanting a Pug as a Fashion Statement

Being blasted with ads introducing the cutest dogs running, playing with children, and just being adorable is not only effective to sell whatever you were advertising but also the dog itself.

Just like a famous actor/ actress or a fashion model/ celebrity, will grow in popularity, the more they are in commercials. Speaking of actors and celebrities, they have also contributed to the growing demand for Pugs.

The list includes Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Robin Williams, Gerard Butler, Hugh Laurie, and many more. Add some Indian celebs such as Akshay Kumar, and Arjun Rampal.

2. Choosing a Pug for its traits on Pug dog price in India?

Pugs have been bred for over two centuries to be lap dogs and companions. They have a wonderful personality and love to be and interact with people just as much, if not more than other dogs. Pug dog price in India?

Pugs love their owners and will get along swimmingly with children, babies, and other pets as well. Any family who brings a Pug into their home will surely appreciate the funny antics and quirks, the cuddling, and even the funny noises.


If you just want a Pug because your favorite celebrity or your friend has one, so don’t. A baby Pug is not an accessory. Sure, they are cute, and a great way to draw attention, but that should not be a reason to get one. First, you have to find another one.

Pugs are sweet and lovely animals and will require care and attention. Puppies need to be given a warm caring home, they need to be potty trained and house trained.

Too many people who have brought dogs into their house for the wrong reasons, or we’re just not prepared ended up giving them away, or worse, discarding them away. These are the dogs that end up in shelters and rescues, and in India, the situation is no better.

Do you get a Pug from a reputable breeder?

Breeding dogs in general and baby Pugs, in particular, is not as simple as playing ludo or doing the delivery of the female and waiting for the puppies to pop out.

Pugs have an odd body shape, with tight hips and wide shoulders, this makes birth often difficult and may even require a veterinarian.

The welfare of both moms and Puppies is not something to be taken lightly and will affect their health directly.

A responsible breeder will make sure that both parents come from a healthy bloodline and are clean of a genetic disease that may be typical of Pugs.

A good breeder will also not exhaust the moms to death with back-to-back pregnancies, and will also take the time and care to raise the Puppies till they can be weaned off their mother’s milk before they are sold.

If you are looking for a Pug with Pedigree or one to be a show dog, that is something only a registered breeder with the appropriate background and paperwork will be able to provide.

How do I recognize a good breeder?

A breeder should be registered with the Kennel Club of India (KCI). According to the recommendations of the KCI, a breeder should have a copy of his registration and show it upon request. Every puppy should be registered at the KCI and should be microchipped and it’s all mandatory.

It only takes 30 days, so every puppy should have one by the time they are sold. Both parents should be registered and microchipped, by law. Insist on NOT paying cash and getting proper documents with the transaction.

In any case, do not commit to any payment before seeing the puppy itself and the documents because you are paying the baby pug dog price in India.

If the breeder does not comply with any or all of these recommendations, there is a good chance he is not a registered breeder and may just be trying to make a quick profit at you and the dog’s expense. If you suspect someone of fraud, don’t hesitate to contact the KCI

Different things to consider while purchasing a grown-up pug puppy

Baby pug dog price in India On the off chance that you need to avoid the puppy preparing period, you will locate that grown-up pugs are ordinarily impressively less expensive than pug puppies.

For reasons unknown, the canine proprietors can never again keep their pug you would hope to pay a large portion of the price of a pug dog in India.

What should we learn from this? Like a lot of things, the costs of pug owners are unpredictable. As much as we can estimate the cost for one year, it’s better to have a safety net in case of a major illness or other emergencies.

You never want to be in a situation where you have to choose between saving your pug life and putting yourself into serious debt.

pug puppy
pug puppy

Here are a few tips for making sure you can afford to own a pug because a pug is genuinely costly.

1. Firstly estimate how many monthly expenses will affect your monthly budget.

If you are spending too much money on unrequired things like regularly eating at a restaurant Then stop wasting your money on these things.

2. Set aside between 5000rs to 7000rs as a portion of your emergency fund for the unexpected bill.

Don’t think that it would ever happen to me we didn’t want to happen this but you need to keep backup because we didn’t know what would happen tomorrow

Price of pug puppy in India
Price of pug puppy in India

3. Put Your Vet in Your Contacts

Pugs are prone to a variety of different health issues. Their big eyes can lead to corneal ulcers or dry eye, their smushed face can lead to breathing issues, and their wrinkles must be cleaned.

Trips to the vet for general check-ups are a must, along with regular grooming (nail trims, wrinkle wipes, and ear cleanings).

4. They’re Never Full

If you are what you eat, then pugs are anything and everything! They live to eat and are prone to obesity. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are super important, as is watching their weight.

Don’t overdo it on the treats, and make sure your pug stays at a healthy weight to avoid health issues.

At the risk of sounding like my mom when we begged for a pug as kids, owning a pug is financial and mental responsibility. It’s not a decision to be made on an action.

Be sure to do the math before you take home your new family member. And take decisions wisely and carefully because after things happen then no one can change that.

About the author

Hi, I am Sudhanshu Sharma. And I am a professional blogger and a full-time dog veterinarian, especially for pugs.

Things you need while growing a pug puppy in India

Now if you choose to adopt a pug puppy in India. So it’s time to get some basic things for your pug puppy in India

1. Food for a pug puppy

Do you remember what I said in previous topics about food? Food plays a major role in your pug’s health, behavior, and age. your food preference for your pug can change your pug puppy’s whole life.

So remember to add vitamins and minerals to your pug puppy diet and choose a diet that can fulfill your pug’s daily calorie requirements.

Humans food dogs can eat or can’t eat

People love their dogs as much as they love humans. pug owners share food, space, and home, and some of the top dog lovers share their beds also.

Most of the time there is nothing wrong with sharing our favorite foods with them right? Not necessarily. Many of the foods, such as fruits and vegetables, that humans digest just fine can upset your dog’s stomach, causing severe health problems.

On the other hand, some of the foods people eat can be introduced to a dog’s diet just fine, and even provide health benefits such as joint strength, better breath, and allergy immunity.

If you want to more about Humans food dogs can eat or can’t eat then you can check this out in baby pug dog price in India

2. Treats for a pug puppy

Treats play a major role in dog-like. Dogs without treats are like those without drunker beer. Not a single dog can be happy without treats. so these are the 3 treats that are good for your pug puppy.

1. Peanut Butter for a pug puppy

A tasty spoon of unsalted peanut butter can work as a healthy and nutritious dog treat. As well as being a great source of protein, it’s also packed with vitamins and nutrients.
No unsalted peanut butter in the cupboard? For all the taste in biscuit-sized pug dog treats.

2. Apple for a pug puppy

Without seed apple slices are a natural treat for dogs and even help to clean residue off doggy teeth and freshen breath on baby pug dog price in India

3. Eggs for a pug puppy

Scramble up some eggs for a source of very digestible protein, also enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, and serve the smashed eggs with some rice or Stay clear of raw egg whites though, as they come with a risk of salmonella.

3. Health supplies

Health contains more than 100 things and you will not willing to buy them so these are the few things you can buy from any online website and these will not harm your pocket as well.

Dental Care, Digestive Remedies, DNA Tests, Ear Care, Eye Care, Hip & Joint Care, Itch Remedies, Medications, Milk Replacers, Recovery Collars & Cones, Relaxants, Supplements & Vitamins, Thermometers, and Wormers

4. Pug dog toys

 You’ll find we carry a variety of appropriately-sized toys for your pug, from soft plush toys for snuggling, a rope toy for tugging, or a simple tennis ball for fetching. If your pet is destructive, we carry a wide selection of nearly indestructible, durable dog toys for aggressive chewers.

Food dispensing toys can be filled with kibble, peanut butter, or specially designed treat fillings for each toy. To help build your relationship, the best toy for your pup may be an activity you share, a cuddly crate companion, a durable chew to relieve boredom, a treat-dispensing ball for puzzle solving, or all of the above.

How much does a pug cost?

A pug will cost around 10,000 to 12,000 INR in India and can go up to 20,000 INR depending on the breeder, quality of the puppy, and many other factors.

Is a pug is a good dog in India?

Yes, definitely pug is a good dog in India and one of the most popular dogs in India. They live great in Indian weather, lifestyle, and climate.


Now you know the price of pug puppies in India and other major states and cities in India. The cost of having a pug and other things needs to consider before getting a canine.

If you have any queries related to the post you can comment down below.

I hope this post helps you to find out your answer and leave a comment to inspire us.


Hi, I am Sumedha, a veterinarian and a passionate dog lover. I have certificates and experience in dogs care, grooming, health tips, and care. Feel free to ask any queries. Our Team research and update the information every day.


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