Most of the people ask about Pug price in India or How much Pug dog maintenance cost in India. Like if you want to adopt a pug dog in India and you are not very rich. Because no one wants to spend his whole income in Pug care in India. So how much Pug maintenance cost in India or are pugs high maintenance

When someone says something about pug the first image created in your mind is “small or Royal”. Most of the people think that pug needs high maintenance or How much pug cost in India.

So It’s lies with all dogs. every dog needs some basic things or every dog breed has its necessities. The difference is some need high maintenance or some need low.
is pug need high maintenance

Pug maintenance cost in India

Pug maintenance cost in India varies between 2000 – 3000 INR. Sometimes they need more or sometimes less. It depends on many things like the season, Health, Pregnancy time, or any disease or health issue.

Are pugs High Maintenence

So, are Pugs high maintenance? This ultimately depends on your lifestyle and your experience of owning Pugs. Aside from the need for proper grooming, pugs can be Moody eaters and can be difficult to train. Another factor would be their exercise requirements, which, if you’re a very active person, will not be an issue.

Why Pug maintenance cost in India High
is pug need high maintenance in India

So why pugs need high maintenance. There are many factors like demand, disease, or health problems. So these are the 5 reasons why pug is high maintenance?

5 Reasons why Pug maintenance cost in India high

Availability of pug in India

Availability plays a huge role in pug price but not only pug Availability of pug in India plays a huge role in every dog breeds price in the whole dog markets. Every one of you heard this line ” High demand = high price” The higher the demand of pug is the Higher in pug price.

If there were limited dogs then the bidders bid more to buy them. Most of the companies use this tactic of saying “Limited Edition” or “Few pieces left” to encourage people to take action and buy the product.

Diseases and Health Problems In Pugs

Because of the high demand, a lot of breeders started breeding pugs in bulk without any cautions and skills to handle that amount to work. That attracts health problems in pugs.

The High breeding of pugs in India attracts Diseases like Skin disease in Pugs, Hearing disease in Pugs, Sight disease in pugs, and many more. and the most popular pug health issue is pugs anal glands issue or pugs sars.

And most of the pug breeders promote and stand with the process of bulk breeding in pugs because the high maintenance of pugs and the high price of pugs will profit them.

Litter size of Pugs – Pug maintenance cost in India

Like most of you know that pug litter size is from 2 to 5 puppies. But you don’t know that pugs puppy survive ratio is very less. Pugs is one of the fragile dog breeds in India.

Pug is one of the very fragile and sensitive breeds. Pug don’t have stamina like German Shepherd and pugs don’t have strength like Roatwhiller. Pugs are like an expensive and one of the cutest pets no one can disagree with it.

Cost of breeding of Pug

The cost of breeding a pug is quite a lot and this isn’t just relating to money. Although breeders have to spend a lot on food, housing, and medical health measuring to set up a litter, they also have to spend a lot of time, energy, attention, care, and supplies into producing strong, healthy Pug pups.

Sensitive Breed – Pug maintenance cost in India

Pug is a very sensitive breed. Pug is one of the most fragile dog breed. They are that much sense if you give them a few more bites of food their stomach will become upset or if you feed them something wrong then they will become sick very easily.

If your pug spends a few minutes in cold places then they become sick easily so pugs need much care than other dog breeds. so you need to visit your veterinarian every month for a checkup. so are Pugs High Maintenance.

know about How to take care of pugs

5 things about Pugs high maintenance

Pug maintenance cost in India
are pugs need high maintenance

Pugs grooming Requirements

Let’s start this section by saying pugs are hairy dogs! The more hair on their body, the more hair on your floors too.

pugs require a regular brushing routine consisting of around once or twice per week. While establishing a brushing routine like this shouldn’t be considered high maintenance, hoovering white dog hair all year could be a pain.

pugs, like all dogs, usually need to shed twice per year, and when shedding season happens, you will know about it by seeing at your floor. so what is the Pug maintenance cost in India?

Pugs Exercise Requirements

The best type of exercise for Pugs include:

  • Running
  • Agility Training
  • Jumping
  • Chasing

Exercise doesn’t cure-all!

Exercise is one of the ways to keep your pug happy and healthy, but it’s common to hear from other pug owners that Pugs are lazy or they don’t need exercise.

If your pug does not have proper training, chew toys, and are left alone for hours per day while your work, their energy will likely be channeled into destructive behavior.

To summarise this section, if you live a very active lifestyle where exercise is something that you enjoy and engage in, then having a pug is perfect. so are Pugs High Maintenance

On the other hand, If you are a very busy person, with little time at home or for care, a Pug likely is not the ideal breed for you because they need a ton of attention

And remember you are not getting a dog just so because he or she is a glamour breed. Do some research on the points I have mentioned above. Once you have finalized go and talk to a vet. They would be very happy to help. Once you finish try to adopt a puppy from a shelter. And there you go.

Are pugs Hard to train

This is another one of the most asked questions about pugs, and there’s a good reason for this type of question.

Pugs are known for being independent thinkers and this can prove difficult even for experienced dog owners. Their Childish ways can make them difficult to train matched to other breeds and they usually want to do only what they want, when they want.

The training phase of any Pug could be called a difficult task and will require a lot of your focus, and time. The early stages of owning a pug will be high maintenance due to this. Although this could be said for many other breeds.

Pugs eating habits

Pugs are unlike labradors, where a labrador will eat every time even if they are full up, a pug will happily leave their food without even sniffing it.

The main issue is pugs stomach will become upset if you give them something wrong or something more.

Figuring out the perfect diet for your pug may take longer than you think, so you have to be prepared to spend your time, focus, and money for your new family member.

On top of this, pugs have a very sensitive stomach and make finding the perfect diet even harder.

Are Pugs Really high maintenance?

Considering the above, it would be safe to say that the pug would be slightly more work than the average breed, but not by much…

If you are thinking of getting a dog, you still need to apply a lot of attention, focus, and time to your pug.

If you are ready to give your time, attention, and commitment to your pug, as well as give sufficient exercise per day, a pug will not be too much to handle for you.


Hi, I am Sumedha, a veterinarian and a passionate dog lover. I have certificates and experience in dogs care, grooming, health tips, and care. Feel free to ask any queries. Our Team research and update the information every day.


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