So if you want to know about Rare Dog Breed in India. So you are Interested in Dogs like rare dog breeds in India and the best Dog breeds in India so in this post, I will show you the 11 rare dog breeds in India.

What defines a dog as a rare or not rare dog breed in India so few things that determine that this dog breed is rare or not so I will show you things that define a dog lies in a rare breed of dogs.

3 Things Defines a Rare Dog Breed

  • Availability
  • Popularity
  • Adaptive Requirements

1. Availability – Rare dog breed in India

Availability plays a significant role in dogs like is it available in India so there can be many reasons why this dog breed is rare or not available in India
Like their price, living requirements, the ban in India, and some other reasons.

2. Popularity of Rare Dog Breed

So you can find more than 100+ dog breeds in India but only a couple of dog breeds is on-demand so the remaining dog breeds will be abandoned and breeds stop breeding these dogs because of less or no demand. So popular dog breeds will be always on rising.

3. Adaptive Requirements – Rare dog breeds in India

Adaptation is the most important requirement of someone to survive like most people will start living on Mars if people will adapt the mars atmosphere so that’s applied on Dogs also.

Some dog breeds only live in extremely cold weather or hot weather and sometimes Indian weather is not suitable for them to live so most of the breeders avoid having them in India.

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Top 14 Rare Dog breeds in India. Rarest Dogs in India

So this is the list of the top 14 dog breeds in India in terms of availability, popularity, and adaptive Requirements so enjoy the list of rarest Dogs in India and choose your perfect living companion.

14. Shih Tzu

shih tzu rare dog breed in India
shih tzu rare dog breed in India

Rare Dog Shih Tzu originates from Tibet, China. And its name means a little Lion and a little lion is rare in India. Just kidding.

However, Shih Tzu is not a wild dog breed and this is one of the oldest dog breeds almost 1000 years old.

The Shih Tzu is an affectionate, happy, outgoing housedog. They love to play and are good with children. And one of the rarest dog breeds in India.

The Shih Tzu has a thick double coat that consists of a harder outer coat and soft inner coat.

13. Dachshund – Rare Dog breed in India

Dachshund rare dog breed in India
Dachshund rare dog breed in India

Here is Dachshund. The Dachshund is a small dog with short legs and a long body.

The Dachshund originates from Germany. Its name means Badger Dog, as they were bred to hunt badgers and other animals such as rabbits or foxes.

They are courageous and lively dogs, who love to chase anything that moves. These rare dog breeds popular in India because of their appearance and height.

12. Shiba Inu

Here are Shiba Inu puppies. The Shiba Inu originates from Japan. They have a fox-like face and pointed ears.

The Shibu Inu dogs were originally bred to hunt large animals, but today they usually help to hunt smaller game. And this rare dog breed in India is quite expensive also.

Its name means “brushwood dog”, as they tend to run through the brush while hunting. They are alert, loyal, and good-natured dogs.

11. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer rarest dog breed in India
Miniature Schnauzer rare dog in India

Here are Miniature Schnauzer puppies. One of the rarest dog breeds in India and I am sure that you haven’t seen them most.

The intelligent, affectionate, and extroverted Miniature Schnauzer is the tenth most popular dog breed in the world.

Their bushy beards and eyebrows give them a human-like expression. Miniature Schnauzers love to have fun and can make you laugh every day.

Although they are small dogs, they need daily exercise.

10. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog  rare dog breed in India
Shetland Sheepdog dog in India

Here are Shetland Sheepdog puppies. And this dog breed makes its appearance in the top 11 rare dog breeds in India.

Shetland sheepdogs come from the Shetland Islands in Scotland. They are used as a herding dog as well to stand guard for farmers.

Shetland sheepdogs are strong and agile. They have long hair and a thick mane.

This provides them protection from bad weather. Shetland sheepdogs are also known as shelties. Shelties are friendly, loyal, and obedient dogs.

9. Boston Terrier – Rare Dog breed in India.

boston terrier most rare dog breed in India
Boston terrier most rare dog breeds in India

Here are Boston Terrier puppies. Boston Terriers were the first dog breed developed in America.

They were originally bred for pit fighting. Boston Terriers are affectionate, intelligent, and playful dogs.

Their nickname is the “American Gentlemen” because their hair colors look like a tuxedo.

Boston Terriers are excellent guard dogs despite their small size. They are very protective of their family.

8. German Shorthaired Pointer

rare German Shorthaired Pointer in India

Here are German Shorthaired Pointer puppies. German shorthaired pointers are originally bred as hunting dogs.

They have a thick and rough-textured coat, which can keep them warm and is resistant to water.

German shorthaired pointers are an excellent family dog and very good with children. However, they have a lot of energy and need daily exercise.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rare dog breed in India
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rare in India

Here are Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s puppies. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gets their name from King Charles II, who was very fond of this dog breed.

They are great lap dogs, who are ideal for families.

This dog breed comes in multiple colors. They are affectionate, cheerful, and intelligent dogs.

6. Maltese – Rare Dog breed in India

Maltese  rare dog breed in India
rare Maltese breed in India

Here are Maltese puppies. The Maltese dog breed comes from Malta, an island on the Mediterranean sea.

They are one of the oldest-known dog breeds. Maltese dogs are friendly, confident, and intelligent. They make great therapy dogs.

Maltese have been very popular among royalty, they were even bred by Roman emperors.

Their white coat is a result of the Romans, to whom white color was sacred.

5. Cairn Terrier – rare Dog Breeds in India

rare Cairn Terrier  in India
rare Cairn Terrier in India

Here are Cairn Terrier puppies. The Cairn Terrier dog breed comes from the isle of Skye in Scotland. Cairn terriers have a compact body, short legs, and a naturally high tail.

Cairn terriers are courageous, energetic, intelligent, and assertive dogs. They were originally bred by farmers to get rid of vermin.

However, they can be loyal family dogs as well. Cairn terriers can be playful and happy dogs.

4. Dalmatian

Dalmatians big rare dog in India
Dalmatians rare dog breed in India

Dalmatians are the only dog breed with a spotted coat. They are versatile dogs with a long history.

They were used in wars in sentinel dogs. Additionally, they were used as coaching dogs and in fire stations.

Dalmatians have spots everywhere including their mouth. However, they do not have spots when they are born.

Dalmatians are intelligent, willful, and independent dogs. and you can say this is one of the best rare Dog breeds in India.

3. Belgian Malinaux

Belgian Malinaux rare dog in India

The Belgian Malinaux is a medium-sized, working dog breed. They are one of the most loyal and hardworking dog breeds and not very popular in India.

They make excellent police dogs. Belgian Malinaux has a lot of energy and needs regular exercise and some kind of sport to stay active and healthy.

They often get confused with German Shepherd dogs they look quite similar but they are way different and make them the rarest dog breed in India.

The Belgian Malinaux are smaller and faster than German Shepherds. and makes them very rare dog breed in India.

2. Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier  rarest dog in India
Welsh Terrier rare dog in India

Here are Welsh Terrier puppies. Welsh Terrier dog breed comes from Wales.

They were originally bred for hunting. Welsh Terriers are intelligent, alert, and independent dogs. They are as well friendly and social.

Welsh Terriers are good with children and make great family dogs. and welsh terrier is the rarest dog in India.

Welsh Terriers have a mind of their own. As spirited and independent dogs, they need to be trained well to obey commands.

1. Jack Russell Terrier

Ja ck Russell Terrier rare dog in India
Jack Russell Terrier rarest dog in India

Here are Jack Russell Terrier puppies. The Jack Russell Terrier is a lively, independent, and clever little dog.

They come from England, where they were bred to hunt foxes. or you can say them jack Russell terrier rare dog in India.

Jack Russell Terriers have a lot of energy. They have the instinct to hunt and need structured training early in their life.

Jack Russell Terriers love to run, explore and be outside. They bark a lot, therefore are not ideal for apartment life.

Which is the rarest Dog breed who originally from India

So in this post, I will lose some of the rarest dog breeds in India who are not originally from other countries or imported one they are originally rare Indian Dogs.

Rare Dog Breeds in India (originated from India)

So Should they don’t need to be addressed as the mainline Dog breeds in India or appreciate what they are like they are one of the rare dog breeds in India and originated from India?

7. The Taji Or Tazi

The Taji or Tazi many people recognized them by these two names and they are quite popular as the aesthetic and very fast dog breeds. And before they used as a pet dog they used to hunt foxes, wildcats, and bear also. Now they are quite popular in Russia with their Russian breeds.

Now it’s quite very hard near to impossible to find the Pure Indian Tazi dog breed in India. And these Indian Tazi are shorter than the Russian Tazi dog breed and they can be a very good household dog.

6. Himalayan Mastiff – Rarest Dog Breed From India

Himalayan Mastiff - Rare Dog Breed From India
Himalayan Mastiff – Rare Dog Breed From India

The Himalayan Mastiff is mostly used as a guard Dogs in the Himalayan region and their body is fully adaptive for the extreme weather like in the Himalayas and that’s why you won’t see them in hot regions.

And they are quite similar to scent Bernard and Tibetan Mastiff but aesthetically they are taller than these dog breeds and bigger than them.

Himalayans are calm and loving dogs and aim to please their owner; they like to be around people. They don’t like the company of other dogs, however. It is said that a full-grown male Himalayan Mastiff is capable of taking down two wolves. This dog has been introduced to the endangered dog breed category.

5. Soriala Greyhound (Bengal Hound)

soriala Greyhound rarest dog in India
soriala Greyhound rare dog breed in India

The soriala Greyhound belongs to the hound family and one of the rarest Indian Dog breeds and usually seen in west Bengal. And In Bangladesh, they recognized as the Sarail Hounds.

And you can see they look quite similar to a popular dog breed named Rampur Hound. because they both are related to each other.

Soria Hounds were created by combining the bloodlines of very athletic dogs that had strong jaws; they also inherited a broad and strong skull. A powerful Soriala can bring down a large bull, but they also hunt vermin, deer, and jackals. They are at risk of extinction, and very few Sorialas are left.

4. The Kaikedi – Rare Dog breed in India

Kaikedi - Rare Dog breed in India
Kaikedi – Rare Dog breed in India

Kaikadi dogs indirectly belong to the terrier family and his name had a reference from Maharashtra India; the Rare Kaikadi dog breeds are raised to hunt hare and other small animals. The original Kaikadi is hard to find because the breed has mixed with stray dogs and the pariah dogs of India over many generations.

3. Kashmiri Sheepdog – Rare Dog breed from India

Bakharawal Rare Dog breed from India
Bakharawal Rare Dog breed from India

The Kashmiri Sheepdog is one of the endangered dog breeds in India and you can guess from his name they are from Kashmir Himalayas and they mainly bred by the Muslims and they used as guard dogs to save their owner Livestock from Animals.

And they are quite popular as the Bakharawal and the name it originates from Bakri means Goat because they used as a protector of sheep.

Its common name, Bakharawal, is taken from the word Bakri (which means goat) because the dog was bred to protect goats and sheep from Himalayan wolves and bears. This breed is also known as the Bakharwal Mastiff, Kashmiri Bakharwal Dog, Gujjar Watchdog, Bakharwal, Gujjar Dog, and Kashmiri Mastiff.

2. Mudi – Rare Dog breed in India

Mudi - Raresst Dog breed in India
Mudi – Rare Dog breed in India

This healthy. the hairy and cute-looking breed is native to Hungry and has an expected life of 13-14 years. It comes in different variations of colors and all seem so adorable.

1. Dhole or Indian Wild Dogs

Dhole or Indian wild rare dog
Dhole or Indian wild rare dog

The Dhole or Indian wild dog is also known as the red dog or red fox dog because it looks like a red fox. This dog has a very similar physical structure to the Australian Border Collie, but Dholes are most similar to African wild dogs and can kill prey up to ten times their size.

Why Indian Rare Dog Breeds is in extinction

So if you think a little bit more you will see that most of the Indian dog breeds are going to extinct and others are becoming endangered and although India has a vast variety of Dog Breeds then why these Rare dog breeds are going to extinct.

This rapid decline in native Indian dog breeds is caused by a culture that has never fully embraced domestic breeds. Meanwhile, accepting foreign breeds with open arms. Through many years, the popularity of Indian dogs has severely declined.

An article by Quartz titled ‘The Indian dogs that are dying out because everyone wants a Labrador‘ explains just how bad this problem is. In the past few decades, the people of India have fallen in love with western dog breeds for various reasons.

Plus, the fact that they continue to shun indigenous dog breeds doesn’t help. When foreign dog breeds arrived, there was a ton of cross-breeding. In addition, the government had no interest in preserving pure-bred indigenous dogs.

To make matters even worse, Indian rulers with pet dogs actually preferred foreign breeds. The only attempt at preservation came from British dog enthusiasts. And although many groups in India are working to repopulate these dogs, it’s simply too late for many.

FAQ about rarest dog breed in the world

What is the most rare type of dog?

Those dog which is hard to find and going to be Extinct

Rarest Dog breeds in the world

Norwegian Lundehund. Dating back to the Ice Age, the Norwegian Lundehund is recognised as one of the rarest dogs on the planet due to its unique characteristics which aren’t shared by any other breed.
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