So now you got a new family member so first thing first .choosing a name for your dog is exciting and challenging at the same time. And keep avoiding these worst dog names in India.

So now become a master of someone cute and beautiful puppy and not the challenging part is choosing the best dog name and avoid the worst dog names.

Choosing the best dog name is not that important than avoiding bad Indian dog names.

I have seen many times people choose their dog name randomly and after some time they realize that they made a huge mistake after knowing the name’s meaning or difficulty in speaking.

Everyone talk about the beat name to choose but no one talks about avoiding worst dog names.

The top 50 worst names for dogs in India

Worst indian dog names
Worst indian dog names

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Some worst dog names‘ meaning can be very disturbing and difficult to read and we will explain how to avoid the worst dog names also.

After some research and digging the veterinarian blogs and social media, we found the most used bad dog names in India.

  1. Cuddle
  2. Sizzle
  3. Smach
  4. Bae
  5. Fleek
  6. Yolo
  7. Zozo
  8. Xoxo
  9. Suruman
  10. Miechel
  11. Slettern
  12. Killer
  13. Timber
  14. Ok
  15. Ceiling
  16. War
  17. Harding
  18. Patriarchy
  19. Fore
  20. Incoming
  21. Pio pio
  22. Justin Bieber
  23. Finger
  24. Hardy
  25. boe
  26. chaster
  27. Riley
  28. shadow
  29. easter
  30. oreo
  31. buster
  32. gizmo
  33. moose
  34. Miley
  35. Marley
  36. Tyson
  37. Romeo
  38. henry
  39. milo
  40. Bentley
  41. toby
  42. Robby
  43. beo
  44. oscar
  45. tobby
  46. Leo
  47. Loki
  48. Harley
  49. Abbie
  50. Xena

So now you are clear about which dog name you don’t need to take and keep away from your dog name lists.

And now you are thinking that why these dog names is bad they sounds quite good but in reality they are not actually they are the worst Indian Dog names.

But want to know how to avoid these bad dog names and choose the perfect name for your dog. and why these dog names is not good at all.

So there is a process of choosing the best name and eliminating the worst dog name which you never wanted to choose.

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10 worst Dog names to avoid in India

worst dogs names in India
worst dogs names in India
  • Chubby
  • Cuddle
  • Baby
  • Mini
  • Sweety
  • Doli
  • Diwali
  • june
  • Romeo
  • Bently

Weirdest Dog Names in India – Worst Dogs names in India

Nobody wanted to give their pet the worst name and your dog won’t like that name also. That’s why they are the weirdest Indian dog names

Let’s see the top 10 weirdest Indian Dog Names list

1. Peanut Wigglebutt
2. Waffle Dabba
3. Sasha gracy
4. Hamburger Patty
5. Zippity Do Dawg
6. McMuffin madd
8. Brackencrack
9. Buddy Pickles
10. Sheruwa
Worst dog names in India

How to avoid bad dog names

worst dogs names in India
worst dogs names in India

So how you can identify that this is a good name or this is a worst name for your dog.

“Choosing a good name and avoiding bad dog names is an art”

If someone says that to you then they are wrong this is not a hard thing.

There are few steps you need to consider while choosing a dog name.

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1. Avoid Long Names – worst Dog names

Choosing very long names like Tirupati or samdeveshkar sounds quite good but in reality, they are not supposed to be good.

You get my point. Let’s suppose you in a public place and you shouted your dog name then you will realize your fault.

In your initial days you will manage that name but after some time it becomes harder and irritating.

You don’t want to play the tongue-twisting games every day and that’s why humans introduce the concept of nicknames.

And long names got the problem of mispronunciation and you will use it unless you change the name of your dog from worse to best.

2. Opposite Dog Names

Most people want to choose their dog names differently.

And they thought they made a cleaver move and nobody can think that way.

So they choose their dig name very different like if they have a big dog like scent Bernard and they named him mini.

At first you will think that you made a great move but after some time it will become irrigating and you will started embarrassed from his name.

And most of the time when you explain their name to someone else they thought you are so dumb.

3. Aggressive Dog Names – worst Indian dog names

Most of the people want to give their dog a name which is sweet and calm but some thinks differently.

Some people who are aggressive in nature and thought they are tough. They choose their dog name sounds aggressive and harsh.

Dog owners think that this name will suits its personality and make his image more aggressive.

And as I told earlier dog behaviour does not depend only on breed it’s more dependent on how you raised your dog and how you treat them.

I have seen some Labrador who is too aggressive and I have also saw some Pitbull who are too sweet and calm.

So giving your dog aggressive name will change his personality and the thoughts and opinion of society about your dog.

4. Offensive Dog Names

Some pet owners don’t take this task of choosing name fro dog and don’t remember to avoid bad names.

And by chance they choose some bad names and don’t really know the meaning of that dog name.

And sometimes it pop out with really bad meaning. And you don’t want to have that kind of names for your dog.

Something people choose offensive names and consider them as a funny and humorous dog name but sometimes these dog names hurts someone feeling.

Choose name Which doesn’t hurt someone feeling, gender, class, religion, and sentiments.

5. Dog name came with expectations

Some people try of being more intelligent and think name which is quite different and attractive.

But sometimes their intelligence and sharpness take them into some bad situations.

Like if you named your dog liger or thunder that’s will be okay at home.

But suppose you take your dog for a walk and suddenly a man came in front of you and the man try to harm you and you said thunder or liger save me.

And you dog ran away then that will be your biggest insult than before.

6. Christmas related dog names

Jingles, merry, Xmas is common dog names.

When a puppy born near Christmas or on Christmas then dog owner named their dig related to Christmas to remember their birth day.

It’s not about Christmas only it can be Diwali, Holi, Or Eid. The point is don’t try to choose a unique name.

Suppose on Diwali you and your family is celebrating diwali and suddenly you called your dog named Holi, holi come fast that’s will be really irritating and awkward.

7. Overly Descriptive Dog Names

Choosing dog names descriptive is not a good thing to do and i am sure you will regret about this later.

So you choose you Labrador name Labrador that don’t sound good.

People pick some descriptive names like cuddle and people assume that dog will like cuddle but they don’t like cuddle at all.

Or choosing dog name baby that gives someone assumption which is wrong and if you heard that baby is not in his cage and you found out that baby is a aggressive rottweiler.

8. Names That Rhyme With Rude or bad Words

You don’t want that when you say your pup name someone will feel bad.

Suppose you are going for a walk with you dog in park and you yelling out your dog’s name and after few times you realised that it sounds like a cuss word or bad word.

And you think if someone heard that wrong then this will create a big mess.

It is that awful moment when you wonder how you are ever going to call your dog’s name again without feeling embarrassed and fearing someone will upbraid you for it. And it can be innocently done

Sometimes, the realization comes too late, and then all you can do is aim to adjust your dog’s name to something less risky and hope for the best.

9. Dog Names That Are Difficult to Pronounce

I know of a dog with a royal name, and when I first saw the name spelled out, I had no idea how to pronounce it. I feel a little bit embarrassed. I have heard it spoken, but it was certainly not obvious.

Sometimes, those unique names we think sound amazing and mean something poetic in another language, are simply impossible for most people to get them right the first time.

You end up with people pausing or struggling over the dog name. They may even get it muddled up. I knew someone who called their dog Albus, after Albus Dumbledore. However, hearing them call their dog sounded like Elvis.

Since more people know who Elvis was than Albus Dumbledore, she spent a lot of time explaining her dog’s name.

If the name you chose for your dog is unusual and difficult to pronounce, you need to be prepared to hear it spoken incorrectly a lot of the time.

Conclusion – Worst Dog names in India

So now you know how to choose the dog name and hoe to avoid these bad Indian dog names.

I suppose Now you have an ironic name, which could be fun in itself unless you are not great at being laughed at when Bullet proves less of a speedy, dynamic force and more of a couch potato. Just remember, names with expectations can have a sting in their tail!


Hi, I am Sumedha, a veterinarian and a passionate dog lover. I have certificates and experience in dogs care, grooming, health tips, and care. Feel free to ask any queries. Our Team research and update the information every day.


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