Is it better to get a male or female Pug? It’s a very big concern which one is suitable for you male or female. it depends on many factors like you want a family dog or guard dog or you are good at breeding etc.

Advantages of the male pug puppy – Is it better to get a male or female Pug?

  • A male pug puppy will be more energetic.
  • The male will not get heat.
  • He will not get periods.
  • The male pug puppy is more active.
  • The male puppy is more powerful.

Disadvantages of the male pug puppy – Is it better to get a male or female Pug?

  • The male puppy will pee everywhere they see.
  • Like in your bedroom, in your kitchen, in your lobby.
  • But when you are not there or nearby.
  • Or when you do not see it there.
  • The male puppy is more aggressive.
  • The male puppy needs more food supply.
A male or female puppy which one buys?

Advantages of the female pug puppy.

  • The female puppy would be calmer.
  • She will never pee everywhere.
  • The female puppy will be more attached to you.
  • And the most important thing is she will give birth more puppy-like her.
  • You can get a profit while breeding your female pup.

Disadvantages of a female pug puppy.

  • The female puppy will get heat thrice a year.
  • She will get periods and a heavy blood ejection.
  • She will get more health problems.
  • The female puppy will get hormone imbalanced.

Which one is a good male or female pug? Is it better to get a male or female Pug?

so if you are in confusion and not able to decide to which one buy a male or female puppy then you came to the right place this blog will clear your all doubts and you will choose which gender you want to buy male or female.

When it comes to gender, most people want female dogs. they have a reputation for being easier to handle and cleaner as far as not marking in the house pugs can have differences between the sexes, however, so don’t automatically rule over the other male tend to be cuddlier.

While females can be aloof and tend to make better watchdogs. males also have a tendency to be calmer although there are always exceptions. A pug of either sex is cheerful, amusing, mischievous, and sensitive.

Naturally, there are physical differences as well .unless a female is spayed she will go into seasons (heat) for about three weeks, twice a year. this usually occurs every five to seven months.

About the female puppy and choose Is it better to get a male or female Pug?

A bitch (female) in the season has swollen genitals, which she licks frequently, and a bloody discharge that can be light or heavy. During this hormone-driven period.

Your pug may enthusiastically hump anything or anyone she can find. without careful supervision, she will become an escape artist in search of any male pug or not satisfy her urges or heat.

Male and females have different elimination habits males will lift their legs on almost anything, from your freshly painted fence to a wall or sofa. Females generally squat neatly, although it’s not unheard of for a dominant female to lift her leg.

In both sexes Is it better to get a male or female Pug?

You have to choose which one you want to buy male or female spaying or neutering can reduce or eliminate these unpleasant behaviors. Spay/neuter surgery also has health advantages. Spaying prevents uterine infections.

If a bitch is spayed before her first heat, her risk of developing breast cancer later in life is reduced significantly. Spayed females are also spared the hormonal disruptions of a false.


Which the uterus swells and the nipples engorge with milk. This can be disturbing to the dog both emotionally and physically Neutered males are protected from testicular cancer, prostate disease, and perianal adenomas, growths around the anus that are testosterone-dependent.

Neutered males are also less likely to lick their genitals, lift their legs, or hump guests. Nor do they have any reason to roam in search of a willing and able female. Because neutered animals of both sexes have no desire to reproduce, they can focus all their love and attention on their people.

Pugs are like potato chips it’s hard to have just one.

Like most breeds, pugs recognize and enjoy the company of other pugs. They can spot another pug two blocks away, and both dogs will be straining at their leashes to reach each other.

Having a second pug gives your dog a like-minded playmate and you choose your favorite gender male or female with a similar energy level. A pair of pugs will enjoy grooming each other. so A male or female pug which one buys?

Are Female Dogs Moodier Than Males?

Over at, they believe that as a general rule, male dogs are more emotionally secure than females:

Male dogs tend to be more stable in mood than female dogs – less prone to emotional swings.

Male dogs are often bolder and more aggressive than females, although in some breeds it is the female who is ‘sharper’ and more aggressive while the males might be described as ‘goofy,’ ‘klutzy,’ or ‘big softies.

They believe female dogs are a bit, shall we say, temperamental:

Female dogs are more prone to mood swings. They can be sweet and loving when they’re happy – but a bit on the grumpy side if something isn’t to their liking.

Because they’re opinionated, female dogs can be manipulative when they’re trying to convince you that they really, really don’t want to do something. Female dogs are experts at The Dirty Look and The Sulk.

Female dogs are often less pushy and ‘in your face than male dogs are. Yes, females are affectionate, definitely, but often it’s on their own terms. They may request lots of petting, then assert their independence by walking away when they’ve had enough.

Unspayed females are generally moodier than unneutered males. Although males tend to be more constant in temperament,

They can be annoying in their constant pursuit of such male-dog activities as sex, leg-lifting, and territory protection.

Some would say constancy isn’t a positive trait in these cases and argue that

some males aren’t just constant, but constantly annoying.

Spadafori also points out that while they may be more compliant than females most of the time,

Unneutered male dogs are often less attentive to their owners, even

challenging their leadership when there’s an unspayed female in heat within sniffing distance.

Breed Also Plays a Role in Male Vs. Female Behavior

Is it better to get a male or female Pug?

Breed characteristics can also account for certain behavioral tendencies and turn widely held beliefs about males vs. females upside down. Spadafori cites these examples.

  • In dominant breeds like the Rottweiler, females are often sweeter and more biddable than males
  • In breeds that tend to be a little skittish, such as the Shetland
  • Sheepdog, males may tend to be more extroverted and approachable
  • And in some breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, there can be almost no noticeable distinction between the sexes —
  • especially in Goldens that have been spayed or neutered

Spadafori offers this advice for prospective dog guardians:

“When deciding on a type of dog, concentrate on the breed or breed type rather than the gender,

since the toughest male of an easy-going breed is probably a bigger cupcake than

the mildest female of a breed with dominant tendencies.

Talking to reputable breeders gives you a clear picture of how the sexes

differ, not only in the breed as a whole but also in particular breeding lines.

Small Study Tests Cognitive Abilities of Male Vs. Female Dogs

In 2011, researchers at the University of Vienna conducted an experiment to see

if gender plays a role in canine cognitive abilities.

The researchers wanted to find out if, like humans, dogs have the ability to understand the concept of object permanence,

which is the physical law that says objects continue to exist in the same form even when they cannot be seen, heard, or touched.

Exercising Your Pug on A male or female pug which one buys?

A male or female puppy which one buys?
A male or female puppy which one buys?

Moderate exercise for about 15-20 minutes twice a day

The best way to assure your dog is healthy and happy is to provide it with enough exercise time. Exercise is not only necessary to keep your pug fit, but it is also one of the essential steps for having a calm and satisfied pet that won’t develop any of the common behavioral issues.

An adult pug will need about two 15-20 minute moderate exercise sessions per day. They also love to play, so providing your pug with enough toys to play with inside the home will keep them engaged both physically and mentally.

Ideally, you would also spend any time on a daily basis playing with your pug. You can chase each other in the home, or play fetch, whatever you prefer your pug will surely play along. and a male or female pug which one buys?

How much exercise is important for all dogs, with brachycephalic breeds exercise, can get a little tricky. Because of their flat noses, it may be hard for them to cool down after straining exercise which poses them at the risk of getting a heat stroke.

Also, walking them on a very humid and hot day may result in breathing difficulties and potentially in overheating too. Therefore you need to know when you should keep exercise intensity a bit lower than usual.

Walking Equipment A male or female pug which one buys?

Unlike bigger dogs, a pug will need a harness instead of a collar when taken out. Collars would limit a pug’s already aggravated breathing, leading to further breathing difficulties that you would rather prefer to avoid.

Make sure to get a good leash that will enable you to walk your pug on a busy, narrow sidewalk, but also on the wide fields in the park. A male or female pug which one buys?

Getting the right kind of leash and harness will also enable more effective training with your pug. A male or female puppy which one buys?

Training Your Pug

As with any other dog, you have to be kind, patient, and consistent in your training lessons in order to make sure your dog really learns what you intended him to.

Pugs usually respond well to basic training. They might not be excessively interested in more complex training, but teaching them basic commands should cause no problems as these dogs love to please their owners.

Also, the best approach that all modern dog behaviorists suggest is positive reinforcement. You can easily apply this procedure by using treats as rewards whenever your pug performs a command well.

A male or female pug which one buys? But since you have to make sure not to overfill your dog with treats, you should know that simply praising your dog after he has been a good lad also works as an efficient bonus.

If you’re a first-time pug owner and have difficulties in controlling your dog’s bad behavior or disciplining him commands, you might have to consider enrolling your pug in a submission class. This way you will learn the right way to lead your dog and will have some extra time to bond with your dog.

Grooming A Pug

A male or female puppy which one buys?
A male or female pug which one buys?

As you may already know, pugs are known to be big shedders. Although their hair is short and almost completely skin-like, pugs lose a lot of hair and they shed significantly more than their cousin brachycephalic breeds Boston Terriers or French Bulldogs.

However, this usually won’t create any health problems to a pug. On the other hand, what requires more attention and can be a source of a potential health issue in pugs is their skin folds. Let’s see what is the correct way to groom your pug.

Bathing A Pug

Bathe your pug at least once a month

Typically, bathing your pug once per month should be more than fine. However, some owners prefer to bathe their Pugs on a more consistent basis.

If your pug got extremely dirty somewhere, you would definitely give it an extra bath. Although bathing them shouldn’t be a very difficult task to do, there is one thing that requires more of your awareness after you bathe your pug.

When bathing is completed, make sure you clean, rinse and dry your pug’s facial wrinkles well. Leaving their facial folds damp might lead to skin or yeast infections that will make your dog’s skin itchy and lying to other irritations.

Clean Your Pug’s Facial Folds

Clean your Pug’s wrinkles at least once a week

In order to ensure your pug smells nice to make sure you clean the wrinkles with a cotton swab or cotton pads dipped in warm water at least once a week.

A male or female pug which one buys? Pay a lot of attention to wrinkles around the eyes and nose, and be very gentle and careful. While cleaning the folds, the cotton pads shouldn’t make contact with your pug’s eyes, nose, or mouth.

Although bathing your pug once a month might be perfectly enough, your pug’s facial folds will need more frequent care. Because a pug’s wrinkles might hold onto food, saliva, dirt, and other debris, your pug’s skin can become irritated. Not only, but this might eventually make your pug smell really bad.

If your pug already suffers from a yeast infection or other form of skin irritation, you should get antiseptic canine wipes and use them to clean your dog’s folds two to three times a day.

And, just like we mentioned earlier, make sure you don’t leave the fold damp by drying them gently with a towel or a dry cotton pad.


Hi, I am Sumedha, a veterinarian and a passionate dog lover. I have certificates and experience in dogs care, grooming, health tips, and care. Feel free to ask any queries. Our Team research and update the information every day.

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