Can Huskies survive in India – Husky Price in India

Can Huskies survive in India? Huskies is not like the other Imported breeds. They are quite different from other breeds. They are Intelligent, active, and family-friendly.

So if you know about Saint Bernard so they have one thing similar both of them like to live in cold places.

They don’t like to live in a hot climate at all. But some are stubborn No offense but it’s true. So they get what they want at any cost.

So the main question is Can Huskies survive in India?

The answer is Yes and no. Huskies can’t survive in India. But if they born in India then they can adapt to the Indian weather.

They belong to Siberia where the temperature goes down to more than -60 degrees Celsius. They have a double coat which helps them to survive in the cold.

So, if you take them to a hot country like India where the temperature is about between 25 to 45 degrees Celsius. It’s like a jail for them.

Can Huskies survive in India
Can Huskies survive in India
HeightFemale: 50–56 cm, Male: 54–60 cm
WeightFemale: 16–23 kg, Male: 20–27 kg
Life expectancy12 – 15 Years
TemperatureIntelligent, Alert, Friendly, Gentle
ColorWhite, Black, Agouti, Piebald, Black & Tan,
Splash, Sable, Copper, Black & White,
Grey, Silver, Brown, Red
Origin Siberia
Can Huskies survive in India?

Husky price in India

Female Husky is more expensive than a male Husky. The price of a female Husky is depended on the eye color and the coat color of the female Husky.

Male Husky’s price in India about 25,000 INR or more depending on the eye color coat color of male Husky in India.

A female husky price in India about 35,000 INR or more depending on the eye color coat color of the female Husky in India.

But the price is not constant it’s will changes from time to time or depending on the eye color, availability of husky in India, and many more.

If you want to choose a breed for breeding to make some money or to engage yourself in something fun and reproductive. Then Husky is one of the breeds which will give you financially benefit in the long run.

Why Huskies can’t survive in India

Can Huskies survive in India
Can Huskies survive in India

Can siberian husky live in India. Huskies is that type of breed who is fully energetic all the time. Huskies don’t bark very much they are strangers friendly dogs so so they bark rarely.

But because they belong to wolfs. So the main bad thing about Huskies in India is that they howl a lot. Most of the Indian says that if a dog cry is bad for their owners or people near them. But that’s not true Howling is in his behavior.

I don’t think this is bad because everyone has his own different opinion. Huskies howls both in the morning and the night but most of the time Huskies howl in night.

So most of the people ask that why Huskies can’t survive in India. If you see the majority of the cities in India have high Humidity which is directly opposite to huskies survival in India.

Huskies in India or Indian Huskies

Huskies in India is different from Imported huskies. Breeders breed Huskies more than one generation and force them to adapt Indian climate but that’s not good for them at all.

finally, they adapted Indian temperature very hard but they need cold places to sit. It’s very important that you have AC in your house because your Huskies in India need AC a lot.

They are super quick, very playful, very helpful even with visitors. They look a little serious & like a wolf to people who don’t know them.

Husky is always energetic they always ready to run. Indian huskies can Survive in India for you there is no problem but your dog will face many issues.

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Things to care for while adopting a husky in India

Husky price in India
Husky price in India

Husky has a thick coat which helps them to survive from extreme climate. Thick coat helps them in both hot and cold conditions but their body prefers cold conditions.

Huskies in India shed a lot. But it’s not a huge problem because most of the dog breeds shed more than huskies. Because of their big hairs, they get many complaints.

Food – Huskies in India

Food plays a major role in Dog’s health and you don’t want to bargain with your Husky health so you can give your Indian Husky any type of dog’s food or foods like Chappati, Rice, and many more. But the main Problem came in summer.

In summer you need to more focus on your Husky diet. Try to give them food which has cold temper don’t give your dog foods which are hot or have a high temper. This will disturb your husky overall health.


Temperature is very important to be maintained. Siberian husky in India needs cold temperature areas. Because their origin from Siberia and we all know Siberia temperature will drop more than -50 degrees.

Keep your Husky room temperature maintained less than 20 degrees if possible. If not then don’t buy Husky in India this will harm both of you mainly your Husky.


Grooming your dog when needed is an important part of general pet care. For huskies with healthy skin and a healthy coat, the most common reason for grooming is to remove an unpleasant odor or dirt.

The benefits of grooming can include cleaning the skin and coat which helps to remove loose hair and improve the hair coat’s shine. like Bathing, Brushing, Nails cutting, Ear cleaning

For dogs like Huskies with specific skin conditions, grooming may be part of their medical treatment plan as recommended by their vet.

Husky price in India
Husky price in India

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Siberian husky facts

Are Huskies available in India?

Yes huskies are available in India but the pure Siberian husky who previously live in Siberia can’t survive in India. They are native to Siberia where the temperature goes down to even -60 degree Celsius

How much is a Siberian husky in India?

Siberian Husky puppy can cost you for Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 60,000 in India. The price can go higher depending upon the quality of Husky breed or eye color.

Can Huskies live in Delhi?

At the clinic of a popular veterinarian in New Delhi, all eyes were on Sunny, a Siberian Husky. … Once a rare sight in Delhi, Siberian Huskies now routinely show up at veterinary clinics and dog shows in the Capital.

Are Huskies dangerous?

Siberian huskies are not one of the most dangerous breeds and can cause serious injury to people.

Siberian husky in India
Siberian husky in India
  • Husky looks like a wolf but they don’t belong to the wolf.
  • Huskies belong to Spits breed.
  • Huskies look like aggressive but they didn’t aggressive at all.
  • Their behavior is loving even they didn’t want to hurt strangers
  • They are not good guard dogs so don’t buy them as a guard dog.
  • They are family-friendly dogs
  • Huskies are very good at hiding.
  • And very flexible if you leave them in the house they will find a way to out.
  • Siberian huskies are the breed for hard and intense work.
  • Siberian huskies need constant training.
  • Huskies shed a lot in shedding season.
  • A team of 2 Huskies done a job of delivering serum in 1925.
  • After traveling more than 1100 km and then save many people’s lives.
  • When Huskies born their eye color is only blue.
  • But after some time eye color may be changed.
  • And the eye color changing process is all-natural.
  • Huskies can survive in more than -70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Huskies howls a lot
  • If Huskies howl in an open area then you can hear a howl from more than 10 km away.
  • All of you know that Huskies belongs to Siberia but did you know.
  • The people who breed Siberian huskies are from Siberia and they are the first owner of this breed.

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