Home Dog Breeds Golden Retriever Price In India – How Much would it cost in India

Golden Retriever Price In India – How Much would it cost in India

Golden Retriever Price In India – How Much would it cost in India
Golden Retriever Price In India

Golden Retriever Price In India. Golden Retriever is one of the finest dog breeds in India and the most lovable dog breed in India. I am not saying that the majority of people say that.

The way they look the way they behave they are just adorable and everybody can’t resist loving them.

There are more than 350 dog breeds in the world but most of you prefer the top 5 dog breeds. Labrador retriever, Golden retriever, German Shepherd, Pug, and Mastiff Dog breeds.

The golden retriever has some specific and important qualities that make them one of the lovely dog breeds. check this – 11 best dog breeds in India

You can say that Golden retriever is one of his kind. And Golden retriever price is also one of his kind.

Golden Retriever Price in India

The Price of Golden Retriever in India may depend on the quality of Breed and Place from where you are buying the Golden Retriever puppy.

For instance, a golden retriever price in Delhi might be different than the price of a golden retriever in Mumbai and Vary From Place to place a lot.

But on an average a golden retriever price in India is somewhere between 15,000-25,000 INR.

We would suggest you do proper research regarding the price and the pet shop before you buy a Golden Retriever for yourself. Because you are not just buying a puppy you are getting a new family member.

Golden Retriever Price In India
Golden Retriever Price In India

Golden Retriever Price in Different Cities in India

CitiesGolden Retriever Price
Golden Retriever in Different Places in India

Golden Retriever Dog Breed Features

Golden RetrieverFeatures
Height56 cm-61 cm (Male), 51 cm – 56 cm (Female)
Weight29 kg – 34 kg (Male), 27 kg – 32 kg (Female)
Lifespan12-14 Years
TemperamentFriendly, Confident, & Trustworthy
Puupy Price₹20,000-₹25,000
GroomingFrequently Required
Common Health IssuesHip Dysplasia, Skin Allergy, Separation Anxiety
Golden Retriever Price In India
Golden Retriever Price In India

Golden Retriever Physical Features

AgeMale Golden Retriever WeightFemale Golden Retriever weight
2 Months2.5-11 Kg3-7 Kg
4 Months6.5-21 Kg9-18 Kg
6 Months16- 33 Kg14-26 Kg
8 Months18-34 Kg17- 29.5 Kg
10 Months23- 38 Kg21-33 Kg
12 Months29.5- 38 Kg23-41 Kg
Golden Retriever Physical Features

Why you should buy Golden Retriever & Interesting Facts about them

  • Golden Retrievers are natural swimmers.
  • They are not only known to care for their humans, but also for other animals!
  • You don’t want to leave these breeds alone for long- they tend to get depressed when left alone.
  • They are the fourth most smart dog breeds in the world.
  • In addition to being smart, Golden Retrievers have an exceptional sense of smell and tracking, which largely qualifies them to be a part of various search/rescue teams

Things that affect Golden retriever Price

  • Area
  • Breeder
  • Quality of breed
  • Age of Golden retriever
  • The health of Golden retriever Puppy

1. Area or City

Cities Play a very important role while you going to buy a Golden retriever puppy in India. In some places, the price may be very different and in some places, the price of a Golden retriever puppy is almost the same.

If you buy the Golden retriever puppy from tier 1 city like Mumbai, Hyderabad, or Bangalore then the price will be much more as compared to tier 2 cities like Delhi and many more.

2. Breeder

If you want to buy an affordable Golden Retriever Puppies then you should go to the best and the good breeder in your locality.

Because you will find the difference of at least 5’000-10’000 INR from breeder to breeder.

So make sure you will find the perfect breeder and a perfect Golden Retriever Puppy.

3. Quality of Breed

This is the most important thing you need to remind when you are finding a Golden Retriever for sale.

Quality of Golden Retriever matters the most you don’t want to becomes a fool.

In the first initial days you will not find out but after some time you will realize that you bought a mixed breed golden Retriever or it was not a pure breed as you think it was.

4. Age of Golden retriever

The age of a golden retriever is one of the important factors you should worry about and you so go for an early age puppy.

The price of golden retriever puppy is quite high as compared to a grown dog.

So if you follow these steps then you will end up with a decent puppy in your life.

4. Health of Golden retriever Puppy

If you’re going to buy a Golden retriever puppy or want to know the cost or price of a Golden retriever then don’t compromise on the health of a Golden retriever.

You don’t want to have an unhealthy Golden retriever for less price. So it’s good to pay a little bit more than paying less and get an unhealthy Golden retriever.

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How to care of Golden Retriever in India

After knowing the Golden Retriever price in India. This is the main query of most people after buying a Golden Retriever puppy in India. I will tell you about

  • Grooming
  • Feeding
  • Sleeping

1. Grooming of Golden Retriever

Grooming is one of the main point and most crutial factor of dog health. If you can’t gave your dog enough time then you should think about this again.

Thing you need for Golden Retriever Grooming

  • High-quality brush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Dog nail clippers
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Towels

2. Feeding of Golden Retriever

The puppy needs proper nutrition for its healthy growth. You can’t just give any food to your puppy. There should be proper research beforehand.

If you want to know more regarding this, you can check out an article written about the best dog food in India on this website

These are the list of best dog food in India in terms of quality and nutrition

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3. Sleeping

Providing a Good space for the puppy: Before you bring your puppy home, the first thing that you need to make sure is that you’re providing a cozy and comfortable space for the puppy where it can eat, sleep and have fun around.

The puppy may take some time to be familiar with the new environment and your people so be patient with them.

Giving a cozy place for the puppy to sleep: Sleep is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. You can provide a sleeping bed for the pup where it can have a sound and cozy sleep.

Best Pick Sleeping Bed for Golden Retriever

Toys for Golden Retriever Puppy

  • Antiseptic spray
  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Clicker, if you prefer clicker training

How to choose a Pure Golden Retriever Puppy in India

  • Learn about the Golden Retriever breed before buying a puppy.
  • Buy only from a reputable breeder. Check if the breeder has links to the Golden Retriever Club of India.
  • Also, a Golden Retriever will look similar to a Labrador Retriever when they are young. Check before you buy it.
  • Never buy from a pet store directly. Ask the pet shop owner to take you to the breeder and insist on seeing the puppy’s parents.
  • Pet shops use terms like English Golden Retriever or English Cream Golden Retriever or White Golden Retriever.
  • As a dog lover, you must know about the Golden Retriever breed before you buy a puppy.

Types of dog breeders

  • Breeders of profit
  • Regular Pet store
  • Brokers or the middlemen
  • Reputable breeders
  • Regular breeders

1. Breeders of profit

You have to stay away from these types of sellers. these are the Puppies sellers whose first priority is Profit nothing else.

Because their main motive is profit so they don’t focus on service and quality of breed.

Some puppy mills operate by buying inferior quality and crossbred Golden Retrievers from owners and selling these pups for profit. They use terms such as top quality, dog show winner, pure lineage, etc. to lure buyers.

They also charge as little as ₹5,000 fee for a Golden Retriever puppy.

2. Regular Pet Store

Never buy your puppy directly from a pet shop. Never buy from anyone but the Golden Retriever breeder. Pet shops look at only margins and can never guarantee their litter’s purity or give you a healthy pup. 

Some pet shops even claim to have KCI certificates, don’t fall into that trap. They buy KCI papers of a deceased Golden puppy from breeders and use it on their litter. Buy your Golden Retriever from a pet shop only after ensuring the following.

  • Insist on meeting the breeder. If the pet shop owner does not allow or claims that he is the breeder, stay away.  
  • If he takes you to the breeder, ask to meet the puppy’s parents along with the puppy.
  • Verify facts. Most pet shops will claim that they have show winner puppies. Ask them for proof.

3. Middleman or Broker

You have to keep aware of these kinds of people or they have to be your last choice. I will tell you why?

Price of Golden Retriever

The middle man who sells Dogs in India is not good. Because their main motive or aim is to get profit as much as they can by selling Dogs.

Reliable of Breeder

Suppose you bought a Golden retriever puppy or any other dog breed and you got the mix breed so who will you blame.

Most of the time middle man denies their responsibility and leaves you alone with the issue. So keep aware of them because they are not reliable and trustworthy at all.

4. Reputable Breeder

They are the most trustworthy and reliable breeder they took full responsibility for the dog which they sold to you. And gave you what are they said to you a proper health Golden Retriever in India.


  • They will provide you the best breed.
  • you will get you a healthy puppy.
  • They gave you the KCI papers of the puppy and their parent’s KCI Papers with it.
  • So you can check that the puppy is a pure Golden retriever puppy or not.
  • They gave you the diet chart of the puppy.
  • And will teach you some basic dog behavior and requirements.


  • They are not many reputable Breeder in each city of India.
  • You cannot compare the prices because of fewer competitors.
  • Sometimes you won’t get the breed which you want and you have to wait for some time.
  • Charge a little bit more fee because of the quality they provide and their responsibility for puppy quality.
  • But you can get a puppy for less price if you don’t want the KCI papers.

5. Regular Breeders

Regular Breeders who breed dogs in. India had captured most of the Dog market and growing rapidly in Dog breeding in India.

Regular breeders are serious dog lovers who love their dogs, love to breed them, and enjoy sharing them with others. These are people who breed their dogs as their love and passion.

If you are looking for a household pet, we recommend finding a regular breeder and getting their pup. It is easy to spot a regular breeder.

Golden Retriever Health Issues

  • Cancer tops the list of commonly found health problems in Golden Retrievers.
  • About 50 percent of the breed is surveyed to develop cancer.
  • Some kinds of skin diseases are also found commonly occurring among the breed, including chronic skin allergies, tumors, or cysts.
  • Further, joint and leg problems including Elbow and Hip Dysplasia, tearing leg ligaments,  etc. are largely noticed among Golden retrievers.
  • Other major health concerns in Golden Retrievers include Cataract, heart diseases, Epilepsy, etc.
  • There can be multiple reasons leading to the bad health of your pup.
  • Many times, diseases are purely genetic or inherited. Getting your puppy from a reliable breeder is the best solution you have here.
  • Other major causes of bad puppy health include inappropriate diet or inadequate nutritional supplies, over-exercising or over-exercising, or poor physical activities
Can Golden Retriever survive in India?

Yes, Golden Retriever can easily survive in India. And many people breeding Golden retriever for a very long time and the Puppy is always healthy.

Is Golden Retriever expensive?

Yes, Golden Retriever is little bit expensive as compared to other popular dog breeds. But they are not that much expensive like Imported dog breeds.

How much dogs cost in India?

around 8000-80000 INR

Golden retriever price range in India

Golden retriever price range in India is around 20’000 – 40’000 INR approx.

Golden retriever price in India bangalore.

Golden retriever price in bangalore India around 15,000-25,000.

Golden retriever price in Delhi

Golden retriever price in Delhi is around 15,000-40,000.

Golden retriever price in India 2020

Golden retriever price in India 2020 is around 20’000 – 40’000 INR approx.

Golden retriever puppy price

Golden retriever puppy price is around 20’000 – 40’000 INR approx.

Golden retriever price in Punjab

Golden retriever price in Punjab is around 18,000-24,000

Can golden retriever be a guard dog ?

Golden retrievers are very kind and trusting with both family and strangers which make them a poor guard dog.

How much golden retriever shed ?

Golden retrievers shed a lot and they mostly shed during spring and fall.
If you are planning to get a retriever puppy then you will have to get used to dog hair in your house.

Where are golden retrievers from ?

Golden retrievers are originally from Scotland.

Can Golden retrievers live in Mumbai?

Yes Golden retrievers can live in Mumbai.


As mentioned earlier the golden retriever price in India differs from place to place and the quality of the breed.

And if you have read the whole article we pretty much cleared everything.

Living with a Golden Retriever in India is fun and joyous. These dogs are excellent companions and family pets that your entire family will cherish.

Understanding the total cost of ownership before you buy a puppy should give an idea about all the costs involved in owning a Golden in India.

As mentioned earlier, golden retriever is not native to India but they do well in Indian households.

And as per the cost is concerned you regularly need to spend some of your time and money on grooming because they shed a lot.

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