So if you want to shoot good pictures with your pug and you don’t have any idea how to shoot good pictures. So these are a few tips for How do I take good pictures with my pug?

How do I take good pictures with my pug? So these are the 15 tips and tricks for taking good pictures with your pug to create the best memories with a pug.

We have a huge collection of tips and tricks for shooting dog pictures after that we sort out a few best 15 dog photography tips to help you with good memories.

How do I take good pictures with my pug? So these are the 15 pet photography tips.

How do I take good pictures with my pug?
How do I take good pictures with my pug?

The pros make it look easy, but anyone who has ever tried to photograph an unpredictable creature like a cat or a dog knows it is anything but. Here are some pet photography tips that the pros use to help you ‘get the perfect shot’.

1. Focus on their eyes

The eyes are the most expressive part of a pet face, so if you want to create really charming portraits, focus on the eyes and facial expressions. perfect timing and some a bit of luck then whistle you can get perfect pictures because the camera click is fast than dog reaction.

2. Shoot from above about How do I take good pictures with my pug?

The chances of getting good pictures are mostly depending on the angle a few changes in angles will change the whole picture and make your picture best to worst. How do I take good pictures with my pug?

How do I take good pictures with my pug?
How do I take good pictures with my pug?

3. Capture gestures

Photographs, where the subject is framed within some natural or artificial frames, are very much pleasing to the eye. You can apply the same concept while photographing dogs. Find some openings and place the dog in there to get a visually pleasing photograph. Small bushes work equally well.

4. Get rid of a distracting environment

Before you even pull your camera out of your bag, take a look around at your shooting location and get rid of clutter and distracting objects first.

Do you really want to see the empty cups on your table in the photos of your dog? Is the lawn snaking through the grass where you are capturing your dog, adding a magical element to your photos?

If an element in your background doesn’t serve to enhance your images in some way, either remove it first or move to a different location. An uncluttered environment produces more aesthetically pleasing images and reduces post-processing work.

Nobody needs to see photos of your puppy with an overflowing garbage can in the background.

pugs photography tips
pugs photography tips

5. Be calm

Pugs are like little emotional children and if you are stressed and anxious, they will sense it and become stressed and anxious too because they are a little moody and your loved ones too.

A stressed animal will give you ‘ears flattened’, and ‘saggy eyes’ looks, which gives a negative impact on the image. Take a deep breath and remember to have fun with it and enjoy the movement.

6. Make your pug to corporate

There are many tips but in the end, it comes down to patience and being ready for that special moment when it happens and then you press click In a perfect time” to keep the pet looking at you, but oftentimes the dog will just look at the different direction, so it helps if the pet can stand next to you or lead the animal’s vision to where you are located.

If you don’t have an assistant, try using squeaky toy apps on your phone to draw the animal’s attention to you – I use Human-to-Cat Translator and Dog Toy on my Phone, which is both free.

The only hard part is holding the phone and the camera at the same time it needs more strength and balance. Making a strange noise will sometimes be enough to get the dog to look at you for a few seconds – this is where it pays to be ready.

pugs photography tips
pugs photography tips

7. Be flexible and energetic

If you have ever watched a professional pet photographer ever, you will see that they bend and twist and turn and crouch and crawl – whatever it takes to get the shot. Be prepared to get those muscles working in order to capture the perfect movement.

Sometimes all it takes for a dog to break its sit-stay is for you to go from sitting to standing, and it’s better to reach and lean than make a large movement that will cause the pet to move from its perfect pose.

8. Move Slowly and Deliberately

Some of the best dog photography experts out there can capture perfect moments even when a pup is constantly jumping around. To make life far simpler, however, you should remain slow and deliberate with your movements. This will help avoid confusion much like using nonverbal communication.

Whenever a dog sees you moving around, they’ll instinctively want to follow to see what’s going on. When you do need to reposition yourself, do so calmly and slowly to avoid the issue. Dodge any eye contact when doing this as well since they may see it as an invitation to come along.

9. Go where is natural light available

Good light is very important, especially in dog photography, where it’s critical to be able to see the catchlights in the pet’s eyes (the white reflective parts). Avoid photographing in dark rooms or under heavily overcast days.

Bright yet diffused light is the easiest to create flattering pet portraits under, so before you even start shooting, take a look around your subject’s environment and determine where the best bright, yet diffused light is; then move to that location. And try to get more natural light than artificial light.

10. Pay your pet on How do I take good pictures with my pug?

Every animal needs to have some sort of bribe to pay attention to you during the shoot. Because firstly they are animals after that they are pets. otherwise, they will wander off and become disinterested.

Determine what they are motivated by and provide it to them throughout your shoot. For dogs, it may be treats or toys, or simply getting love and affection. For cats, it may be a feather toy, a paper bag, tuna fish, catnip or even their favorite blanket.

Get creative when it comes to ‘rewarding’ your models, and they will reward you with great shots and be more cooperative too. Plus the shoot will be more fun, and dog photography is supposed to be amazing.

How do I take good pictures with my pug?
How do I take good pictures with my pug?

11. Create a concept and a shot list

The most appealing animal imagery shows them in context. It may be a cat looking up at an owner opening a bag of food in the kitchen (concept: desire), a dog looking longingly through a front door expecting his or her buddy to come home.

If you can say something with your images, they will speak to your viewers on a deeper emotional level. And relate with them more.

12. Be quiet

There is no quicker way to confuse a dog or freak out a cat than to bark commands at them repeatedly. Cats will disengage or even leave the room, and dogs will become confused and concerned. 

13. Take patience about How do I take good pictures with my pug?

Pets photography is not like your friend’s photoshoot in which you said them to pose and you took a picture. You need to be more patient than ever you took. Because your dog will not start giving pose after you said ‘cheese’.

So take a deep breath and wait for the best moment and then press the shutter button.

14. Took Good Equipment

There is plenty of camera and lenses out there to choose from when selecting equipment. There is a difference between mirrorless and DSLR cameras. It depends on you what you will choose so I chose to go with DSLR because the cameras are much denser and have almost as much energy as the mirrorless cameras.15.

15. Get your dog to smile.

An easy way to get them to give you that big smile is to take them for a quick run or draw on a toy with them. Have them chase you around your living room or have a quick 10-minute play session. An active dog is a happy dog and will likely flash you a huge smile after calming down.

So I think now you don’t have any doubts about How do I take good pictures with my pug?


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