Home Dog Foods Is Pulses Good For Dogs – Can Dogs Eat Dal?

Is Pulses Good For Dogs – Can Dogs Eat Dal?

Is Pulses Good For Dogs – Can Dogs Eat Dal?
Can I give pulses to my dogs?

Are Pulses good for dogs or not. We always heard things about pulses from our elders or parents that pulses are very good for you and If you don’t eat pulses then your height will not grow and so on.

Our Mother used to say that you can’t get proper nutrition without pulses in your diet and pulses contains high fibre, and protein for your daily requirements. But this applies to dogs also?

So we all know that pulses or dal is our primary source of nutrients. But we are not talking about humans’ diet we are talking about Dog’s nutrition health.

Most dog owners don’t know exactly that pulses or dal are good for dogs or not and they feed them dal or pulses without any second thoughts.

Because pulses or dal is easily available and accessible. Pulses is a cheap source of nutrition and not very expensive as compared to dog foods.

And every other household used to cook pulses or dal regularly so they feed their dog pulses or dal to minimize their efforts or not to waste the remaining food.

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Can Dogs Eat Dal? Can I give pulses to my dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Dal
Can Dogs Eat Dal

Yes, you can give pulses to your dogs and dogs can eat Dal or pulses. But in moderation and properly cooked. Dogs can be fed any dal or pulses as long as it is properly cooked.

Now cooking daal for dogs can be a little different as it requires only washing and boiling the daal.

You do not have to add any spices like salt, chilly, etc. Those are the things that can upset your dog’s stomach.

And remember not to overfeed your dog just because dogs seem to enjoy it.

It can cause gas sometimes or any other digestion issues. Because excessive of everything is dangerous.

Some popular pulses or dal like Chana Dal, Masoor Dal can be fed very easily if your dog enjoys it.

I would not give my dog daals like daal makhani or any other spices and fats dense foods which are quite hard to digest. Also, rajma in daal makhani can also trouble their stomach.

It is ok to give your dog dal or pulses as long as it is cooked and has no spices/tadka. You can add just a pinch of turmeric/haldi (that too once in a while) for medicinal purposes.

Treat dal as a snack or an occasional thing for your dog and not a complete meal for your dog.

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Which Indian dal Should I feed my Dog?

You can feed any pulses to your dogs in a moderate amount like as a treat or a side meal not as a main meal.

And soaking them properly to feed your dog and boiled the pulses completely and don’t use any kind of spices in dal.

Is Pulses good for Dogs – Types of Pulses you can feed your Dog.

  • Masoor Dal
  • Arhar Dal
  • Chana Dal
  • Moong Dal
  • Urad Dal

Is Dal Good for Dogs- Best and worst legumes for your Dog

Can Dogs Eat Dal
Can Dogs Eat Dal

Pulses is Good for Dogs but We will show you which Dal is good for your Dog and which Pulses is Bad for your Dog.

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What kind of beans OK for Dogs? Best Pulses or Dal for Dogs

  • Black Beans
  • Green Beans
  • Chick Peas
  • Kidney Beans
  • And other Pulses showed above

These are the best pulses or dal for your dog you can feed your dog and after that, you don’t have to worry about Is pulses Good for Dogs or not?

Black Beans for Dogs

Black bean is a great source of protein and fiber for dogs and it almost completes dogs’ daily requirements and needs easily.

And if you don’t like the taste of black beans then you can add up some veggies to make them tasty and nutritional.

Green Beans for Dogs

As I said earlier all kind of beans is filled up with nutrition and protein and won’t bloat your dogs at all. Green Beans are not different from Black beans.

Its Nutritional value is quite impressive but not many dogs like the taste of green beans but you should give it a try.

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Chick Peas for dogs

Chickpeas are one of the most popular and most used peas in Indian society, Because of their taste and nutritional value.

No one in the country who doesn’t love or hasn’t eaten “Chole Bhature” at least once in their life.

And I am not saying to feed your dog Chick Peas exactly how you eat them you have to be careful and not to add any kind of spices in it.

And I am sure with a little bit of salad your dog will love the chick peas in their daily meals.

Kidney Beans For Dogs

Kidney beans or as Indians call them “Rajmah” is very popular in Indian society and why not it has all twists and tastes we need.

Beans specially Kidney beans are healthy and tasty and dogs love them also. It won’t bloat your dog’s stomach and will be digested easily.

If you are finding something healthy and tasty meal for your dog then Kidney beans are best for your dog.

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What beans are not good for dogs?

Is Pulses Good For Dogs
Is Pulses Good For Dogs

Don’t feed any kind of baked beans to your dog and any kind of beans that contain any spices, oil, garlic, and onion. Try to avoid feeding raw beans to your dog. And also avoid using coffee beans.

Worst pulses avoid to feed your Dogs

  • Baked Beans
  • Refried beans
  • Broad Beans

As I said earlier if you want to feed your dog pulses then you have to be careful and have to feed them in a moderate amount for a good healthy stomach of your dog.

Don’t use any kind of oils and spices in cooking and avoid any artificial chemicals to keep the food healthy.

Can I give Dal or Roti to my dog?

Remember Don’t feed only Dal to your Dog as a Main Meal.

Always prefer to add Dal to make meal compatible and healthy like add dal with Rice or add pulses with Roti fir your Dog.

  • Mix dal with any other ready-made dog foods.
  • Mix pulses with vegetables or meat to feed your Dog
  • And as a treat or snacks.

Is Pulses good for dogs- Can Dogs eat Masoor Dal

Yes, You can feed Masoor Dal to your dog. You have to make sure that the pulses are properly soaked, cooked, and without any spices.

With rice or any other foods like meat, or ready-made Dog foods. Will make a great, healthy, and tasty combination for your dog.

Masoor dal is not that popular as compared to beans or chickpeas because dogs don’t like the taste much but you can give it try, Maybe your dog will love the taste of Masoor Dal.

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Can Dogs eats pulses and Beans?

Yes, definitely dogs can eat pulses and beans without any second thought. And it can be a great partner of your dog’s healthy meal and have a high amount of fiber and protein in it.

Can we give moong dal to dogs?

Yes, you can give Moong Dal to your dog. As I said Before you have to make sure that the pulses are properly soaked, cooked, and no added spices that’s all.

And if your dog has any kind of digestion issue or feels bloated after eating meals then Moong dal is the perfect meal for them.

It won’t bloat your dog’s stomach and work as a medicine for your dog’s stomach.

Can we gave urad Dal to Dogs?

Yes you can feed any Pulses to your dog which I mentioned before and Urad Dal is a great source of fiber and protein and make sure to change the diet of your dogs constantly.

And Urad dal is a heavy dal and we suggest you use them in moderate quantity and don’t feed your dog Urad dal as the main meal.

Instead of this use them as a taste enhancer.

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Don’t feed Urad dal to your dog every day and keep them as an alternative or a kind of snack. Use them as a taste changer to make your dog’s diet more healthy and tasty.

Conclusion- Is pulses Good for Dogs

Is Pulses Good For Dogs
Is Pulses Good For Dogs

Yes, Pulses or Dal will be Good for your Dog if you feed them with remembering few things to keep your dog healthy and active.

And I suggest not to feed dal to your dog if they have any kind of pulses tolerance and allergies.

  1. Feed Dal with some other food items like Rice, nonveg, or readymade food products like pedigree.
  2. Always prefer Dal as a treat or snack for your Dog.
  3. Don’t overfeed pulses or Dal to your Dog.
  4. Feed Dal or Pulses to your dog once or twice a week.
  5. Soak and cook pulses property before feeding your Dog.
  6. Don’t use any spices while cooking pulses.

This is all I know about the best and the worst pulses for dogs and If you have any questions related to this topic you can definitely comment down below.

We will try to answer your query as soon as possible.

And if you have any tasty and nutritional recipes for dogs you can comment down below your thoughts. We will definitely add this up to our list.

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