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Top 12 Lazy Dog Breeds in India – Laziest Dog Breeds In India


Some dogs are lazy, some are active, and some are very active. So today we are focusing on Top 9 lazy Dog breeds in India.

And if we talk about lazy dog breeds in India they sleep a lot and obviously they will snore so you have to get used to your dog snoring habits or you can avoid that if you have a large house where you can sit way away from your lazy dog.

So lazy dog breeds require a little number of physical activities and they don’t need much food as compared to active or aesthetic dog breeds in India. So they don’t need a physical workout to stay healthy and happy.

Obviously, every dog needs to exercise some basic moving work to stay fit and healthy but if you don’t have much time or you a kind of a lazy person you should go for lazy dog breeds in India because that will suits you well.

So like you spend most of your time traveling or a very busy schedule or kind of working life like you are a busy person so lazy dog breeds in India will be the best companion for you.

Because they need legs exercise they can live happily in a compact or a small house.

Reason why dogs become Lazy

Top 12 Lazy Dog Breeds In India

So before I show you the top 12 lazy dog breeds in India you have to make sure which one you want to have a lazy dog breed or active dog breeds it all depends on you or your lifestyle.

Like some parks are meant to be lazy but I have seen some pics a very active because it all depends on how you raise them how you treat them they will copy your lifestyle.

You should also add it’s important to take dogs in for vet checkups regularly. Lethargy could be a sign of illness, especially in athletic dogs who usually prefer being active.

However, if you’re looking for a place to start on your lackadaisical quest for a lazy dog breeds in India is here.

So these are the 12 lazy dog breeds in India in terms of behavior, habits, and activity level.

12. Pug

lazy dog breed in India
lazy dog breed in India

Features of Pug

  • Small
  • Lap Dog
  • Loyal
  • Charming
  • Playful
  • Intelligent

Everyone knows pug. Because pig is one of the most popular and different dog breeds in India and it’s quite popular in China and India and their origin is also from China.

Pugs are short dogs with short and flat faces a versatile personalities. They can entertain you while you sit on your couch all day.

They love cuddling, sitting on the lap, and can lay with you all day in the bed. They are low-maintenance dog breeds and very friendly with outsiders.

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11. Beagle

lazy dog breed in India
lazy dog breed in India

Features of Beagle

  • Loyal
  • Loveable
  • Muscular
  • Cuddle partner

The Beagle dog breed is very popular in the US and it’s started becoming more popular in India also. Because they are small and a kind of lazy dog who prefer to sit and relax instead of moving from corner to corner of the house.

And it’s not hard to take care of them and due to their long ears, they are prone to infections.

So you have taken a little bit more precautions while having a beagle and It can be avoided with a weekly cleaning of wax from their ears. They love to sit on the lap and being cuddled. They are a perfect choice for a first-time dog owner.

And you can say they are the Lazy dog breeds in India but that’s doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise you have to give them a little bit of physical routine.

10. Bull dog

lazy dog breed in India
Lazy dog breed in India

Features of Bull Dog

  • Dependable
  • Watchdog
  • Strong and muscular
  • Loyal

So bulldog is one of the most lazy dog breed in India they are usually recognised as a lazy dog breeds. But they are very good as a watch or guard dog and they are very comfortable with outsiders also.

So they are relative li more different than other dog breeds because of their size their face and their stretchy skin you can recognise a bulldog from 100 of dog breeds.

9. Bull Mastiff

laziest dog breed in India
Laziest dog breed in India

Features of Bull Mastiff

  • Loving & Caring
  • Great Watch Dogs
  • Family Dogs
  • Loyal

Mastiff is a huge dog breed you can called him a beast because of its size and its strength. So they don’t require a asthetic dog breed lifestyle and they can do very well in a big family.

The only cons of having a bull mastiff is they eat a lot and they need a little bit more space as compared to other dog breeds.

And they can very good at watch or guard Dogs but they are not very friendly with strangers so you can say bullmastiff is one of the lazy dog breed in India.

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8. Maltese

maltese lazy dog breed in India
Maltese dog breed in India

Features of Maltese

  • Brave
  • They never shed
  • Great Sense of Smell
  • Easy to train

As you can see this is one of the smallest amd energetic dog breeds but their energy is for a short span and they like to rest and relax more than moving around.

This gentle breed featured in Animal Planet’s list of top 10 best lap dogs. Need I say more?

This little dog is well mannered and extremely loving. Maltese are laid-back, but they are more than eager to play and indulge in some fun.

Lazy dogs are the ideal choice if you’re looking for a less active dog breed which is not bad.

These dog breeds are on the list since they tend to be inactive, stubborn, and exceedingly lazy.

7. Great Dane

lazy dog breed in India
Lazy dog breed in India

The Great Dane is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. 

What makes them so well-liked so There are some excellent reasons for their popularity.

Features of Great Dane

  • Extremely smart
  • Friendly
  • Sociable
  • Polite
  • Best for families with children

Hearing of these delightful traits makes us wonder, how come they’ve ended up on a list of some of the laziest dog breeds out there?

However, many large dog breeds have lower energy levels when compared to smaller ones.

That also applies to the Great Dane. Although puppies can be incredibly energetic,

Great Danes tend to become quite lazy when they reach adulthood. One more interesting fact: they usually sleep for 14-16 hours a day!

You wouldn’t be wrong to say that Great Danes are complete couch potatoes.

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6. The French Bulldog

Laziest dog breed in India
Laziest dog breed in India

The French Bulldog is a kinda unique and remarkable dog with a big heart.

Frenchies adore and obey their owners and that’s the great thing and they are very friendly to everyone.

So, what they used to do the whole day? Lying around and sleeping, and being lazy.

If you are a person who loves an active lifestyle or planned to go for a long walk with your dog, then these dogs may not be the best choice for you.

French Bulldogs enjoy cuddles, and they can spend hours lying on the floor with their owners.

Features of French Mastiff

  • Likable
  • Smart
  • Loyal
  • Very Tolerant

And that’s why this dog breed is one of the first choices of every family that have small babies.

They are also very suitable for families who don’t have much time to keep dogs active.

5. Newfoundland Dog

low energy dogs in India
low energy dogs

The Newfoundland is just like a big, lovable dog whom you can cuddle.

Highly intelligent and great sense of smell. Newfoundland adores children and their owners, and their main desire is to please you.

They feel happiest in the company of their families, their behavior is quite similar to pugs so you shouldn’t leave them alone in the yard for too long.

The Newfoundland might be a big and huge breed, but they are actually among the
most sensitive ones regarding.

Features of Newfoundland

  • Very tolerant
  • Loyal
  • Calm
  • Intelligent

If you like taking your dog on long walks, or for some kind of exercise then Newfoundland is probably not the right choice.

But no matter what, Newfoundland will unquestionably win over your heart.

4. Saint Bernard

Low energy big dogs in India
Low energy big dogs in India

Saint Bernards are a very loyal and big dog breed. At first impression, you will recognize them like bears.

While they do love attention, they’re not as demanding as some other dog breeds they can spend time without constant attention.

They require daily walks, more to keep their minds awake, rather than their bodies. and they eat a lot.

Features of Saint Bernard

  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Strong
  • Huge

Saint Bernards prefer to sleep anywhere in the house all they wanted is a place that is quiet and chilled.
Owners usually have to nudge them to be more active so they can keep fit and healthy.

They are remarkably gentle, patient dogs. And while they make for energetic puppies, they become more timid and calm with age.

3. The Shih Tzu

lazy dog breed in India
lazy dog breed in India

The Shih Tzu is a gorgeous, beautiful, smart, polite, kind, and loyal dog that also happens
to be generally low-maintenance.

Getting along with children and even other animals are in their nature.

Do you have a small apartment?
No worries; Shih Tzus are excellent for smaller spaces, and they require a minimum of activity. A
a daily walk, of course, is still necessary.

Even with less space, given enough love, these dogs will be your best friends through thick and thin.

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2. The Chow Chow

lazy dog breeds
Lazy dog breeds

Chow Chows are not very friendly dogs they don’t like strangers much. They can show great aggression towards other dog breeds.

but they are faithful protectors of their families and they obey their owners much.

Chow Chows have low activity levels and you can say them a lazy dog and they can happily live in any sort of home, including houses, apartments.

Naturally, a couple of minutes of a walk are great and a necessity to satisfy their exercise requirements.

Are Chow Chows as harmless as they look?
Even though they look like teddy bears, who is very angry but Chow Chows have a strong personality and are fiercely independent.

They often form a strong bond with the owner, but they remain distrustful of strangers.

What are they like with children?

If you have children at home and you are thinking of getting a Chow Chow, I would advise you to look up information on their personality and temperament and make sure they are the right fit for you.

1. English Bulldog

lazy bull dog
lazy bull dog

English Bulldogs are stubborn and lazy dogs who love a good rest.

Not the most favorable combination, wouldn’t you say? Due to their numerous health issues,
they tend to need more rest than usual.

Does that mean they don’t require any physical exercise?

It’s advisable to take your Bulldog on at least a 15-minute walk every day.

It’s vital to understand your Bulldog’s limitations. If you are to help them live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

So, what can you do to help your English Bulldog become more active?

Bulldogs are smart little dogs When they do something, they fully invest themselves in it. They are lost in the moment.

Training them from an early age and planning some fun activities can help your little Bulldog improve their quality of life.

It will also help you evolve as a person.

Conclusion- Lazy Dog Breeds in India

So, lazy dogs; yes or no?

No matter how lazy your breed of choice is, it’s essential to understand that dogs aren’t toys; they are living beings.

If you have a dog, taking care of their specific needs will ensure they get to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Every dog no matter how lazy desires your attention.

And every dog likes at least a little bit of physical activity every day, even if they don’t know it! Regular walks and exercise is an excellent way to keep

both yourself and your dog healthy while spending a great time together.

Sounds good, right? If you know of other lazy dogs I haven’t mentioned, or you have any thoughts or suggestions, leave a comment down below!

Lazy Dog VS Active Dog Breed

So there are pros and cons with both types of dog breeds like with active or with lazy dog breeds.

If you don’t give an active dog breed a proper workout routine then they will release their excessive energy on aggression.

or after sometime they will adapt this routine and become as lazy as the lazy dog breeds.

so if you don’t have much time to spend with your dog then lazy dog breed is the best choice for you.

And if you don’t have much space or a nearby ground then the lazy dog breeds is for you

But if you have a large area to play with your dog and time to spend with dogs then the active dog breeds is the best choice for you.

If you have any query related to the top 12 Lazy dog breeds in India comment below I will definitely answer this.



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