Pug maintenance cost in India – Are Pugs High Maintenance


Most of the people ask about Pug price in India or How much Pug dog maintenance cost in India. Like if you want to adopt a pug dog in India and you are not very rich. Because no one wants to spend his whole income in Pug care in India. So how much Pug maintenance … Read more

Pugs Anal Glands Issue – Problem with Anal Glands in Pugs

Pugs anal Glands

Unfortunately, lots of dog breeds face many problems, especially pugs, face much health issues like Problem with Anal Glands in Pugs in their adult age or old age but I didn’t mean that Pugs didn’t face these problems in the initial age but most of them the time Pugs face these problems in adult age. … Read more

Vodafone Dog or Pug

Vodafone dog

About Vodafone Dog or Pug-like the real name, Vodafone dog price, health issues, origin, Vodafone dog names, etc. Vodafone Dog or Pug is the large round head, the big, sparkling eyes, and the wrinkled brow give Pugs a range of human-like expressions—surprise, happiness, curiosity—that have delighted owners for centuries. Vodafone dog Origin China Vodafone dog … Read more

150 best Vodafone dog name 2020

best Vodafone dog names

Hey, I am Sudhanshu and If you are finding 150 best Vodafone dog name then you are at the right place. I know it’s very hard to find the perfect name for your loveable pug. So let’s get started. If you are an owner of a pug (Vodafone) or want to adopt a pug (Vodafone) … Read more

How much food should I feed my pug?

How much food should I feed my pug?

How much food should I feed my pug? This is a good question but its not the full question this is incomplete. This depends on many thanks things as the size of the pug and the age of pug. Different age needs a different amount of protein and carbs and fats also. so how much … Read more